It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 134 takes the initiative? The old man is a dog!

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The cultivar is looking at this scene, and the look is uncertain.

Many people overflow finely sweatballs on their forehead, and they are suffering.

Master, can you go to a trip?

Why bother? !

Let's see the killer under the stars, who can stop?

" ..."

At this moment, everyone can only hear their own heartbeat.

The atmosphere is extremely nervous at this moment.

Zhou Peng stood there and frowned deep thought.

Take him to see the son, it is greatly reluctant.

It's hard to let the son are more than him?

I don't dare to ask yourself!

Let him see the work of the son, it is very reluctant.

what should I do now?

If you can't get "Xuan Tianzi", how can you see the son?


At this moment, Shi Tianpeng was hard.

There is no way to deal with this guy who is not afraid of death.

"Hand, tied him!"

Zhou Peng's eyes, two old people, instantly moved.

One before, appeared in Mo Hao.

Then, let the pull-up hand and live him.

"You ... what do you want to do?"

"Killing, help!"

"Who will save me ..."

These have just sounded, and they will stop.

Surrounded by immortals stay in the original place,

It's not dare to believe.

I saw it, on the primary position, where there is Mohashi's figure!

"What? Master Master is a thousand years old, it was tied to Tianpeng ?!"

"This ... how this is this star building? This is a strong action!"

"I must pass this income!"

For a time, a cultivator is angry!

Due to the fact that Tianpeng kidnapped the Master, the Pavilion was centered, spreading around.

For these, Zi Peng naturally didn't know.

At this moment, he sat on a fairychao.

In front of him, Mohashi sat there and smiled.

"To kill, you can read it, the old man wants to be frowned, not a good Han!" Mo Hao said.

"Master, tie you, not to kill you!"

"We want, just" Xuan Tianzi "! You are hurt, so as not to hurt and gas!" Said Tian Peng.

"Less, want" Xuan Tianzi "no, want to live!"

Mohashi did not hesitate, directly refused.

"Master Master, why bother? The fairy, the means, for you, will be greatly created, miss this opportunity, you will regret life!" Said Tian Peng.


"Ha ha……"

Mo Hao smiled coldly. "If I have a little regret, I am a dog!"


Even if the Tiandeng's temper is good, it is also a good moment.

This old stubborn is really hard to deal with.

I am telling this kind of sincerity, how can he not believe?


Zhou Peng was reliably sighed.

"In this case, then I have to take you to see the immortal!" Said Tian Peng.

This is out.

He has changed his face behind him.

"Less master, can't, the son is in practice with the body of mortal, can not bring him in the past, so as not to point the heart!"

"Yeah, the little master, bow the heart, I will wait for it!"

I heard two old people, and Tian Peng smiled slightly, "I am relieved, this old guy will not believe!"

"Take again, we warned him in advance, if he dares to break the son, we don't have to do it, I naturally shoot him, and then cut it in front of the son!" Said Tian Peng.

"Less Lord, why?"

"The son is in the case, if you can't finish, I am in the throat, sitting up!"

"This" Xuan Tianzhu "must be sent to the son!" Zhu Tian Peng said.

"Less Lord, even if the son is the mastian, this old guy is only afraid that" Xuan Tianzi "will be handed out!"

"This is relieved, this old guy only combines the person than him, as long as the son is unintentional, I want this guy, and I will turn the" Xuan Tianzhu "." Shi Tian Peng said.

Three people have been discussing, secretly making decisions.

"What will I do? Any conspiracy?" Mo Hao said.

"Oh, not something conspiracy, but take you to the immortal, I will take the initiative to make" Xuan Tianzhu "!" Said Tian Peng.

When I heard this, Mohashi got a laughter.

"Hey, less! The old man will take the" Xuan Tianzi "take the initiative, the old man is a dog!" Mo Hao said.

Zhibao Peng smiled and walked forward, "Yes, then you have to remember the dog!"

"Call it! The old man talks, a saying, Jiuding!"

"No matter who you have to see who you have, you want the old man's" Xuan Tianzhu "to dream!" Mo Hao's face, a face is generous.


Zhu Peng nodded, "But, before, you have to tell you clearly!"

"First, see this cactus, can't help!"

"Second, this fairy is cultivated by mortal people, directly called the son!"

"Third, it is not unable to break the son's heart, otherwise, even if the son does not kill you, I will destroy you, then I will be self-sized in front of the son!"

"These three points, you can listen!"

I saw that Tian Peng's face was seriously appeared, Mohashi knew he didn't joking.


Mohshi nodded.

On his face, a bridging, a flashing.

Tell a mortal into a cactus?

Want to use this kind of abuse to lie to the old man?

Oh, the old man will believe?

Also actively hand over "Xuan Tianzi"?

I bother!

If you don't have a few people, Mohao Stone has blew the embarrassment, and you will get rid of it.

"I know you don't believe, remember learning dogs!"

After saying, Shi Tianpeng went out with two old people.

Standing on the fare of the boat, listening to the wind on both sides, showing Tian Peng looked at the direction of the big demon.

"Take this speed, how long we take to go to the son residence?" Asked Tian Peng asked.

One of the old people took out the map and started viewing.

After a while.

The old man opening: "Less Lord, take this speed, probably take eight days, you can reach the gongtuan!"

"What? Since so long? Isn't the son waiting to be impatient?"

"Open space jump!" Said Tian Peng said.

Two olders listened, and their faces were changed.

"Less master, so far distance, open space jump, need to consume five thousand Xianjing!" Said the old man.

"Don't say five thousand, even if you do 50,000, you must take a space!" Said Tian Peng.

The old man listens, full of face, "Less Lord, but we bring the fairy crystal, only more than 4,000 pieces!" Said the old man.


Zhou Peng's slightly frowned, "Anyway, you will finish the fairy crystal, the specific location, you will be, the closer to the son!"

"Yes, less master!"

The old man nodded and quickly ran to the control cabin.

After a while.


The whole boat is covered with a layer of white mask.


The flying boat is over, and the layers are swayed.

Then, the boat drilled into transparency and disappeared.