It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 135 is ready to west

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Sun Hao resident, in the front yard.

"Safeizes like the rhamis, it is a big curse, it is a big curse, there is no curse, it is a curse, which can do everything ..."

Sun Hao is sitting in front of a long table, opening ahead.

In front of him, Ning Ming wisdom sits there, listening to it, and exposes it from time to time.

After Ning Ming, he sat in four models.

Three of them are porcine, monkey demon, and horse demon.

Another person is the degree of drought.

Drought compared to the previous appearance than before.

It looks like a diamond.

During the devout model, there are a few points stupid.

After these days, I came to listen to Sun Yanyi, now, the evil spirits in his body are completely cleared.

After a while.

Sun Hao was in the book.

Seeing nearly 50,000 franchised values ​​on the Fuyuan panel, the eyes of the eyes flashes.

Still staying at home, getting a franchise speed, a few times faster.

In this way, it will soon get a unpleasant body and open cultivation.

"Thank you gong!"

Several people stand up, hands with ten, bending the waist.

"You don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said smiling.


Ning Mingzhi stepped forward and said.

"What?" Sun Hao said.

"The son, I am looking at the time, preparing to west, go to the world!" Ning Ming said.

I heard this, Sun Hao's looks.


When you really want to go west?

I said I said that I said.

Are you still true?

You don't know how this world monster is rampant, and is there a demon?

The crisis is heavy, are you not afraid?

I stayed with me, I am not good to listen to me.

"You confirm?" Sun Hao asked.

"Gong, I have already decided!"

Ning Ming worsen, and it is firm.

When I heard this, Sun Hao did not say much.

"That, but before, I have a few things to give you!"

Since you have to go, you will have to harvest a wave of Fuyuan.

In the future, it will be difficult to have a chance.

"Come with me!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

Then, the Ning Ming wishes a few people following Sun Yizhou and go to the iron room.

"This is the West, there is no weapon to defense? This inside, choose one!"

Sun Hao pointed to the iron room and said.

"Thank you gong!"

Ning Mingshen's five people walked into the iron room and looked around, and the look was different.

Inside the iron house, thousands of weapons are placed, and all types should be all.

Moreover, there are still many people, each, exude metal gloss, strongly attracting their eyes.


Ning Mingzhi touched one piece, love does not release.

Finally, Ning Mingzhi took a Zen stick, and his eyes became gloried.

Hold in your hand, the Zen stick echoes yourself, feeling that the Zen stick is yourself.

"Gong, I chose this, do you see it?"

Ningming asked.

Looking at this Zen stick, Sun Hao looks.

This thing, but when you use iron, it is created according to the system requirements.

Otherwise, I am too lazy to build this boring thing.

This guy, I still see it.

Look, he has put himself monk.


Seeing the franchise value increased by 500 points, Sun Hao nodded.

" ..."

The monkey demon is holding a iron rod and keeps waving.

I will jump this, I will jump it.

That is not happy.

"Gong, can I choose?" Monkey asked.

Iron stick?

See the monkey demon model, Sun Hao looks.

This feels like Sun Wukong to take a brancher.

"Of course!" Sun Yi nodded.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

The monkey demon halfway, grabbed the ear, grateful.

"This is very suitable for the old pig!"

The pigs have taken out a staple and keep do not stop.

On the spike, there is a total of eleven teeth.

The pigs on the shoulders and went to Sun Hao.

"Bonology, can I choose this?" Asked the pig.


Sun Hao looks, this is, it is used to pick up the firewood, you actually want?

Oh, I can only re-create one.

"Yes!" Sun Yi nodded.

"Old pig thank you gongzi!"

The pig demon has eleven-toothed nails, and the left and right are shaking, so hard.

"Monkey, you always bully the old pig, come over and then!"

"Hey, who is afraid of who, come!"

After that, the monkey demon rushed out.


Metal calls continue to ring.


"Hey, play old pig butt, you a dead monkey!"

"Hey, don't face my face, I am wrong, don't I still do?"

"Monkey, monkey brother ... Monkey grandfather, I am wrong, I am wrong, don't hit!"

I heard these voices, Sun Hao shook his head.

This feeling is like looking at the West Travel.

These guys, why are they all the same type?

Is this coincidence?

or other reasons?

I think so, Sun Hao is watching on the drought.

I saw that after the drought wandered a circle, I finally stared at the laden it built in a metal.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao is too self-sufficient.

It is what you think.

"Gong, I chose this!" Said the drought.

"of course can!"

"Thank you gong!"

After that, the drought went out of the iron room.

"Why don't you choose?" Sun Hao looked at the Ma Shi and asked.

The horse demon smiled and shook his head, "the son, I don't have it, I am not good at fight!"

Do not choose?

how can!

The last wave of Fuyuan, you missed!

"Do you look down on what I have inside?" Sun Hao pulled his face.

This is out.

The horse's face has changed, and he waves together, "the son, I don't!"

"No, then go in to choose one!"

"This line, dangerous, will experience the nine nineteen nine-nine!"

"There is no weapon body, how to protect Master?" Sun Hao said.

It's so serious, see you dare you!

"Yes, the son!"

The horse pem nodded, walked into the iron room, nelecting a garment armor from inside, "Gong, do you see this line?"

"of course can!"

Sun Hao saw the blessing value to the account, a smile.

"Thank you gong!"

Ning Ming wisdom came up and took four apprentices.

"You are Welcome!"

Sun Yizhen nodded, "The crisis is heavy!"

"If you don't work, then come back!" Sun Hao said.

You are back, you can harvest the franchise value again!

"The son is rest assured, even if you spend an intention, I will also protect the parents!" Said the monkey demon.

"The son, as long as you don't let the old pig hungry, as long as there is strength, I will definitely keep it around Master." The pig pendant said.

"The son is rest assured, the fight is not in the line, but the escape is no problem! With Master, I am good at!" The Maimi said.

"Mon, I have strength to protect Master!"

The drought raises the arm and showing his muscles.

"The son, then we left!"

Ning Ming wisdom comes to come, hands with the hands, bending the waist.

Other people, also follow together.


Sun Yu looked at the back of the four people and secretly shook his head.

Such a good leeks, it is won't.