It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 136 "Xuan Tianzi" is my life!

Time flies, turning into an eye is another day.

On this day, Sun Hao and the Phoenix were finished with breakfast, and they were preparing to play the piano.


The sky is shocked, a huge flying boat is horizontal in the sky.

"Dream, this is?"

Sun Hao looked at the boat and asked.

"The son, is Zhou Peng, they are coming." Huangru dreams.

"It's him?!"

Sun Hao double eyes light.

He remembers, giving them a few different drawings, and each person only got 50 franchise.

I don't know if they come here, give them something, how many blessings can you get?

So thinking, Sun Hao nodded.

After a while.

Zhou Peng took Mohao Stone, and the two old people flew down to the courtyard.



"Come in!" Huangru dreams.

"Thank you for your wife!"

Zhibao Peng hugged a gift.

The phoenix is ​​like a dream, his face is red, and the corner is a happiness smile.

She did not explain, but with four people, walk in the hospital.

"Sure enough is a mortal!"

Mo Hao looked at the Phoenix dream back, and a smile smiled, fleeting.

Worship the mortal?

In order to see this mortal, there is still a space to jump!

Zhou Peng This guy is sick?

Thinking of this, Mo Hao has laughed.

Although I thought about it, my face didn't dare to reveal half.

He followed a few people and walked in.


Mo Hao's eyebrows pick, look up, not contracting pupils.

I saw it, a Wanqi Lotus shakes in the wind.

The lotus is large, and it occupies the entire pond.

If there is a lot of fairy, you are floating from the lotus.


Mohao's face is slightly changed, and quickly recovered.

This place, there is a deiest, really is not general.

Is there a peerless cactus?

Mohashi drums, carefully follows a few people.

" ..."

At this time, a duck called the sound.

Mohao Shi's consciousness: "Duck?"

This start.


A stolen pressure, swept, and wrap Mohao stone in an instant.

At this moment, Mo Hao is like a jumbo, and the whole body is cold.

It is extremely difficult to interrupted root fingers.

"Dare to call the old man, you are the second! Even the master, just call this seat as a chicken! You are too arrogant!"

Such as rolling the thunder, in Mohao Shi Brain Sea.

Bombarded his skinny, and the back is cold.

Look at it,

Body tremble.

"This ... this is nine days of God, I can see this kind of beast? This ... this is a dream!"

"What is exported, is it?"

At this time, Mohao Stone quickly showed weakness, "Sorry, seniors!"

"Hey, if you are not worth it? You don't ..." today. "

The words are not falling.

"Small blunt, you fried hair, I will absolutely stew you!"

This start.

Mohao stone is exhausted instantly.

He looked up and contracted pupils.

I saw that nine days of gods were around a mortal, and they kept their trousers.

That look, just like a dog!

The gods become a dog?

Old days, this is a dream?

By the way, the owner that it just said, is it mortal?

One thought here.


Mohashi pumped a few mouthfuls of cold.

This mortal, I am only afraid that it is not as simple as the surface.

Look, Shi Tian Peng said right.

However, what is it?

Let me have honest "Xuan Tianzhu", when a dog?

"Xuan Tianzi" is my life!

Let me hand in life?

I want!

Thinking of this, Mohashi is exposed to a strong color.

Even if it is dead, it will not be weak, and you can't hand over "Xuan Tianzi"!

He carefully followed the Tian Peng.

I saw that in front of him, the three people who showed Tian Peng also shocked.

One time, I can't calm.

For a long time.

Zhou Peng calmed down, went to Sun Yanyu, respectfully, "I saw the son!"

"You are polite, let's take a break!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, I ..."

Zhen Peng Wang Wang Mohashi, a face is ashamed.

This guy looks like it doesn't have the meaning of "Xuan Tianzi" at all.

How to do?

What is this good if you can't complete the task of the son?

"Exhibition, if you have something, please don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, I want to buy you the boat!" Said Tian Peng said.

Sun Haoyi.

I really can make a boat core, this guy really?

I don't know if I sell it, I can get the franchise value.

I didn't seem to sell him, and I also got 50 franchise.

Just think about what you want to give them.

It seems that I don't have to think about it.

"Bonkee, you will be able to come up with the boat nucleus, I am willing to have 1,000 kinds of Xianjing. How do you see?" Asian Peng asked.

1000 ? Is this high price?

There is no problem!

I am afraid that I will give myself a piece of fairy crystal, and I will not hesitate to promise.

"no problem!"

Sun Yi nodded, "But now I don't have finished products, you will take it first, I will come!"

"Gong, etc.!"

Zhibu Peng called Sun Wei.


"Bonology, this is Mohao Stone, he heard that you are out of charge, want to observe you in liner, do you see it?"

Speaking of this, Zhibao is low, and looks extremely nervous.

I should not ask this request.

Oh, blame you to complete the master task too much.

"of course can!"

Without any hesitation, Sun Hao nodded and promised.

"Several people sitting in the gazebo, I will take the tool!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

After Sun Hao left, several people walked into the pavilion and stood there.

Mohashi is clear.

"Carving the boat? Oh!"

"I have to look at it, how can a mortal engraved the boat?"

Mo Hao is so hidden, it is difficult to cover a contempt.


Sun Hao took a trick and walked out several wood.

Mohao Shi looked at the knife, how to see, all the engrave used by the mortal.

Generally used to make carpent, don't say a pattern, even if you are on all iron, it is difficult to leave a mark.

Use wood to make a boat core?

Is this guy to make funny?

After sweeping your eyes, Mohashi received his eyes and no longer went.

"Several one, wait a moment, very good!"

After that, Sun Hao took the knife and moved it quickly.

The knife is in his hand, like the flying phoenix, very fast, will be carved in a wooden ball.

Then, Sun Hao continued to move.

An ancient pattern was carried on the wooden ball by him.

Mohashi was attracted by Sun Hao.

He opened his mouth and gave up and down, and he did not spit a word for a long time.

That kind of shock.

That kind of don't believe it.

That kind of admiration.

Write over the face.

His eye beads followed by Sun Hao's hand, turning.

Until Sun Hao was complete, he did not recover from the shock.

He is stupid to stand in place, open his mouth.

The whole person is shaking slightly.