It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 137, hands, "Xuan Tianzi"

The trick is not everything at all!

But I can't see it!

The wood is not a wild, not a spirit.

That is only one possibility, that is the fairy!

I used Xianmu, this ... this ... Is this too rich?

Mohashi is like a huge wave collision.

The entire heart was hit four-point five cracked and it was difficult to heal.

Everything is everything today, it is completely unimaginable.

What makes him shocked, that is, Sun Yizhen is so high.

It seems that it is natural, automatic road rhyme, simply picks up a half of the problem.

Who can do this level in the history of the entire refiner?

Ask, who else?

This is a dream!

This is definitely fake!

Harland is open!

Mo Hao stunned himself, hurting his mouth.

Suddenly, his eyebrows were picking up.

The eyes are closely eyeing on Sun Hao's hand on the wooden ball.

Why are you so familiar?

No, this is the method of imitating "Xuan Tianzhu"!

How did you reach this situation in his hand?

Perfect and innocent, simply picked up half of the problem.

It is also perfect than the "Xuan Tianzi".

In this life, there is still this unparalleled master?

This ... this is God who cares about the old man?

Mo Hao's eyes, not from the autonomous shed tears.

Sun Hao took a good boat core, and bowed up and down.

"What is going on? Is it not bright?" Sun Hao did not understand.

"Mon, need this!"

The Phoenix has taken out the fairy crystal and handed it to Sun Hao.

"Xian Jing?"

Sun Hao picked up a piece of Xianjing and put it on the sampling.


Xianjing is a blue light, pouring into the boat core.

The boat core, hundreds of patches, fast illumination.

"not enough?"

Sun Wei directly put the boat on the pile of Xianjing.


A block of Xianjing, melting with the naked eye, becoming the rays, integrating into the nucleus.

It is activated with a feet to take a hundred pieces of Xianjing.

Light blue rays, like a treasure, extremely bright.

"What? Devouring the fairy, this ... this is a fairy boat core!"

"This is more than 100 times, no, no longer, thousands of times, not only!"

"It's not a grade at all!"

"My Mohashi, I still have to see these characters!"

Then there is anything to hesitate.


A sound.

Directly scare Sun Wei.

I saw that Mohashi fell in front of himself, and she hugged her feet.

"Master is on, please be worshiped by the disciple!"

After finishing, I will carry out three spirits.

In this way, it is not only to adenect Sun Hao.

It is also a few people in the original place.

Mohao Stone is old stubborn, but there is no exercise this?

Is this a dream?

Next second, it is even more amazed.

I saw that Mo Hao's row, she took out an ancient book, and she was written above: "Xuan Tianzi".

These words strongly stimulate a few people.

"The Master is on, this is a little gift, please accept it!"

Mo Hao put the "Xuan Tianzi" hands, and it was very respectful.

For a long time, Sun Hao came back to God.

What is this?

Ok, how do you say it?

Call yourself for Master?

Do you have promised?

This person just still scorn, don't think I didn't see it.

How to change your face between blinking?

Is it because I spent the boat nucleation?

Thinking of this, Sun Hao quickly understood.

He picked up "Xuan Tianzhu" to start looking.

"Xuan Tianzi?" Sun Hao muttered.

Then, I started to read it.

Every pattern, Sun Wei looked at the mind, remembered in the mind, I wanted to forget can't forget.

Moreover, it can find out the shortcomings in it, modify itself.

"... ..."

One page is turned over.

Mohu Shi Yu Guang sweats, the whole person is dramatic.

"32 pages, the master has turned to 32 pages, the scorpion!"

Mohashi inner heart, was impacted by the huge waves.

This "Xuan Tianzi" is on the top of the earth.

Without the talent, the strength is strong, and it is impossible to read.

I exhausted all the strength and I can't turn it on page 4.

Unexpectedly, the Master was so easy to turn to 32 pages.

Too strong!


Too great!

After a while.

"58 pages!"

"80 pages!"

"120 pages!"


"The first half turned over?"

Mo Hao stupid land, I can't calm for a long time.

The first half is all ancient array.

So, the teacher is awkward, incredible, can't imagine!

The lower half is about rune.

This is used in the car, and there is no writing, and it is impossible to read.

It's hard to finish, your teacher is going to read it?

"What? Open?"

"The teacher is still a master?"

"Old ancestors!"

"Turn 12 pages?"

"25 pages."

"63 pages."


"After reading?"

Mohashi looked at Sun Hao, stayed with wooden chicken.

This "Xuan Tianzi" is over, and the pressure is increased.

There is a lot of power in the last page, and there is no way to imagine.

Only there is no talent to read it.

The Master is even easily?

Moreover, there is nothing to do.

What kind of enchanting is the teacher? It turned out to be terrible!

Master, you are in the heart of the disciple, that is God!

Mo Hao's face is filled with worship and hot eyes.

"This figure is good, you receive it!"

After that, Sun Wei handed "Xuan Tianzi" back to Mohashi.


Like a hunt.

Mohua's head is blank.

Master is not willing to accept himself?

How is this better?

It's hard to find a teacher, I am not willing to accept myself.

Do not!

Even if you die, you have to pay a high person as a teacher!

I think so, Mohao stone knees, come forward.

Directly in front of Sun Hao, killing his thighs.

"Master, ask you, accept me!"

"Master, no you, people can't live!"

"You are the bright lights in my heart, illuminate my way forward!"

"Master, you will pick up this gift!"


Mo Hao is crying and crying, it doesn't mean it.

Sun Hao saw this scene, showing three black lines on the forehead.

This old man, you can notice it.

Naturally, it is not easy to close.

I didn't dare to ask yourself.

Unexpectedly, under the appearance of majesty was this.

This is really difficult to describe words.

the other side.

Zhou Peng three people, almost shocked the chin.

Say good death, I don't want to hand over "Xuan Tianzi"?

Why, between blinking, crying and going to send it?

And, it also became a licking?

Gay this high!

It's really good!

This old guy is too embarrassed.

"First!" Sun Hao said.

"I don't, I don't, Master, if you don't charge me, I can't get up!"

"Even if you kill me, I can't afford it!"

Mo Hao sturred his head and did not mean.

See this scene, Sun Hao reveals a helpless color.

This is really a piece of toilet stone, stinky.

However, how can you make an audience?

Teach him iron? Teach him to engrave? Teach him to paint ...

Does he are the piece?

"This" Xuan Tianzhu "I have all recorded it. I use it, you will take it back, maybe it is helpful!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.


Like nine days of God, fried in a few people.

That kind of shock, words can't be described.

I thought it was highlighted by the Master.

It seems that it is not enough.

I can remember such an old line with runes. When today, I can't find the second person.

Master is definitely unparalleled! And, still there is no Shangri Wen Zongshi!

Be sure to be a teacher's apprentice!

for sure!

Mohao stone clenched the fist, and he was firm.

He hugged Sun Hao at all, and did not release the meaning.

"Master, your gift can not be received, but the apprentice can't pay!"

This is an out, surrounded by air.

Infinitely percentage, sweeping around, straight toward Mohao stone.