It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 138 is not good, the son is angry!

"You dare to threaten the owner, do you not exist?"

The frost, straight into the Mohao's head, and the earthquake is almost the soul.

"Threat the owner, damn!"

Two loli sounds in the mind.

"When today, dare to threaten the owner, you must die!"

Such a sound, directly sounding the heart.

Mohashi was shocked, and the body trembled.

However, he did not release the meaning.

"Dear seniors, you have to kill!"

"Even if it is dead, Mo Mo also wants to worship!"

After that, Mohao Stone closed his eyes and quietly waited.

Sun Hao looked in fried it again, and called Mohao Shi, could not shook his head.

"Small and loubling!"

This sound, all the percentage instantly scattered a clean.

Mo Hao Shi Li Yiqi, Dark Road.



A waves, instantly wrapped him, throwing out of the hospital.

" ..."

The head is in the head, and it is hitting a dizzy steering.

The ground is like Xianshi, and he fell to his nose.

"Hey, dare to threaten the son? This time I will give you a lesson!"

"If there is next, die!"

The Phoenix is ​​in the same place, hegemony is full of face.

Icy kill, there is no obscure.

Zhou Peng three people saw this scene, secretly wiped cold sweat.

Just a look, there is so power.

I am afraid that the immortal can do it!

did not expect,

The lady is actually a cacto!


Sun Hao looked at the phoenix, and it was a look.

I haven't seen how to shoot, people are throwing out.

This Mohashi, the face is too thick, it is the lesson.

"Master, you don't charge, I will worship here every day, I will never get up!"

Outside the courtyard, Mohao's voice came.

"Dare to threaten?"

When the Phoenix is ​​a dream, when it is preparing to move, Sun Wei is right.

"If you dream, you can, I have seen his" Xuan Tianzi "!"

"Since he loves you, you will shield his voice!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

The Phoenix is ​​a dream right hand, and the film will cover the house.

Ren, how to shout, a sentence is not passed.

"Exhibition, need a few boat nucleation?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, the more you naturally, but now there is no Xianjing, I don't know if the son can pay it? I will take a look at the star building, bring the son next time!" Asian Peng asked.

"No problem!" Sun Yizhen is head.

"Thank you gong!"


Sun Hao continued to pick up the knife and started to engrave.

Because observed "Xuan Tianzi", there is a lot of ideas.

Sun Hao began to engrave according to the inner thoughts.

The action line is water, without a half stop.

Zhou Peng is standing, in the eyes, the essence is flashed.

"This ... these patches, I have never seen it, I've seen it, it's all ancient patty!"

"The son actually draws like intensive? If you are afraid of him to explode?"

"This method is perfect to can't describe it."

"Too ... it's terrible!"

Exhibition Tian Peng's heart has been shocked.

He opened his mouth and did not respond for a long time.

When Sun Hao retracts the engraved knife, blend two hundred of Xianjing, which is fully activated.

Pain, pain, on his face, fleeting.

"This hairdressing nucleus, the power is at least hundreds of times, not right, no longer, thousand times! But only double!"

"The child's means, it is simply unimaginable!"

Zhou Peng is full of face, and there is no movement for a long time.

For a few people, Sun Hao is clearly captured.

I have no axial surgery, just read "Xuan Tianzhu", just have a feeling.

Unexpectedly, let them surprised this level.

Look, you have no carvings, and it's not covered!

Then, Sun Hao continued to engrave.

At a few people, Sun Hao once again carved three boat kernels.

Flowers to 600 pieces of Xianjing, there is still 520 pieces of Xianjing.

"Exhibition, I sold you four, how?"

Sun Hao voice smashed the Tianpeng.

"Gong, when ... Of course!"

Shi Tian Peng head is like a chicken.

These four boats, if used to auction, it is definitely a high price.

And are all super forces must grab the thing!

However, in this purple sun, no one can afford it.

This thing is definitely not easy to take it.

In the future, the boat nuclear aurated the fairy crystal, and Jiu Cheng was given to the son.

Otherwise, the heart is dedicated.

Zhou Peng is too dark to make a decision.

"Since today, you, eat a meal!"

Sun Hao took the boat to the Exhibition Tiandeng and said.


As a cultivator, I have long been able to eat, and I have to eat?

Yes, the son is now mortal.

In this case, I will eat a little more.

So thinking, Zi Tian Peng nodded, "Then bother the son!"

"Don't bother, don't bother!"

Sun Hao looked at the increased 4000 points of the franchise, and the essence flashed.

Shortly after.

The meals are done.

Five people landed.

"Little home, don't mind, eat!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

Zhibian Peng picked up chopsticks and clip a tofu and sent it into his mouth.

Wrinkled, instantly stretched.

Golden tofu with a unique flavor, full of mouth.

Litten, tofu is tender and tender, unusually smooth.

The taste bud cells are active at this moment.

"too delicious!"

Zhibu Peng quickly bitted.

Swalling into the belly, a fairy, full of whole body.

Systemic cells, like immersed in warm yang, extra comfort.

Zhibu Peng can clearly feel that you should become stronger!

"This ... this is a fairy force that can quench the flesh!"

"This kind of thing, Wanjin is hard to seek, in the son, it is actually a vegetable vegetable?"

"I still don't have precautions? I'm a fool, the son is eating something, is it all things!"

Zuitian Peng shameful and put himself over again.

Then, let go of it.

"Exhibition, there is one thing that needs you to help!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.

Zhibu Peng's Look.

In the eyes, the essence is flashing.

The son commanded that the liver and brain were delayed!

"Bonology, you said, as long as you get it, you will do it!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"This matter is not anxious!"

"I heard that you are looking for gods?" Sun Hao asked.

God's enamel?

What is the master?

Do you mind if you are looking for?

Son, since I met you, I didn't look for it.

You are my only!

"The son, I have been looking for, but I haven't been looking for recently!" Said Tian Peng said.

"Why don't you find it?" Sun Hao frowned.

God's fascinating people, light against themselves, definitely can't find it.

If you have a hoping to help, it will be much easier.

I didn't expect that he did not look for it.

Too disappointed.

Seeing Sun Hao's face change, Zhou Peng was in the heart.

Not good, the son is angry!

How is this better?