It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 139, doing a dog, quite fragrant!

"Because there is no news, I haven't been looking for it yet!" Said Tian Peng said.

When I heard this, Sun Hao was relieved.

Just temporarily, then it is fine.

"Exhibition, I want you to help, you are looking for God!"

"When you see it, I will tell me, after a while, introduce me to God's fascinating people!" Sun Hao said.

It turns out that the son is also looking for God.

That's good!

Then I have to work hard and complete the mission of the son as soon as possible.

"The son is rest assured, this is in me!"

Zhou Peng took the chest, and he guaranteed.

"Exhibition, thank you, come, eat vegetables!"

"Thank you gong!"

After a meal.

Zhu Tian Peng is grateful, holding a fist, "the son, I will leave!"

"Well, remember often!" Sun Hao said.

"for sure!"

Going out of the hospital door, Shi Peng looked at the land of Mo Hao, the mouth of the mouth.

One eye, there are two old people to move.

They put Mo Hao in the middle, and she came up with him.

Soon, a few people stay away from Sun Hao residence.

"You ... do you want to do?"

Mo Hao is afraid.

"Do you think?" Zi Tian Peng is like laughing.

"I am the apprentice of the son, if you dare to do it, the son will not let you!" Mo Hao said.

"Hehe? Apprentice? Do you think you are qualified?"

"Is there a promise?"

"You dare to threaten the son, put back a life, you should thank you!"

"Is it still here for fantasy?"

Zhou Peng three people, smiled at Mohashi.

"Hey, sincerely, Jinshi is open!"

"Total one day, I will become a son of the bodi, you are waiting!"

Mohao stone clenched the fist, and he was firm.

"Oh, wait for it!"

"However, the gambling before, you didn't forget it?" Said Tian Peng said.

"You ... you ... don't come over, come over, I call people!"

"Shout, shout at will! If you think about the son, you are not hitting you very simple!"

"! ..."

"Hey, don't face your face!"

"You are a big sun, it is too instructions!"

"Your group of livestock, don't understand the old and love you!"

"Ah, don't hit! I am wrong!"

"Do you have a dog?"

When Tian Peng they stop, Mo Hao is full of face, and it is terrible.

"My Mo Hao is a dog, and it is a dog, Wang Wang ..."

Seeing Mohao Stone Model, Zhou Peng's a few people smiled, and it was full of face.

"Okay, let's go! Remember, don't click on the son!" Said Tian Peng said.


Mohao stone snorted and quickly left.

After coming to no one.

"Hey, a few small dolls, don't understand things at all!"

"The son, there is such a horror existence of slaves, I have to be a dog around the son, that is also a pleasure!"

Speaking of this, Mo Hao is proud.

"Bono, I am coming, there will always be one day, I will touch you!"

After that, Mohao Rite rapidly went to the mountain.

the other side.

Some people fly quickly on the sky.

"Leight, what is we going?" Asked an old man.

"Of course, it is a matter of completing the son!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"We are looking for God's fascia people?" Asked the old man.

"Yes!" Shi Tian Peng nodded.

"Less Lord, do you have a gimmick news?" Asked the old man.

"No, however, the Yaochi Palace is the main Luowan's smoke," said Tian Peng said.

"Less Lord, I heard that Luo Liu smoke God will not see the end, and the Yaochi Palace has now become a holy place, and even half of the fairy is , will we go, are only afraid?"

The old face is revealed.

Zhou Tianpeng smiled slightly,

"Leight, now the Yaochi Palace, but who is not sold, what is your way?" Asked the old man.

"I know it!"

Zhu Peng's mysterious smile and did not answer your front.

Three Changhong, there is a blink of an eye disappeared in the sky.



Ziyang Star Cave, one of the tower covered by the bones.

A high-aspi five meter man is sitting in the master, the eyes, the two regiments of the soul flame, keep jumping.

It is the master of the evil people - a ghost candle.

Before the ghost gandard, the corpse is long - the soul of the soul is worshiping the ground, and Surse is shaking.

Beside, standing a few different students, each, is a gentle, and people don't dare to see.

"You said that the drought was sacred by God?"

The ghost candle is calm, listening to the ink ears, not from being fried, the unacceptable face is frightened.

"Yes ... Yes, the main!" The soul nodded.

"You know, don't know, how much cost I spent in order to resurrect, I said."

"On the main, I ... I know!" The soul of the soul squatted in the ground, Surse trembling.

"Since you know these, why do you let him send it before the drought strength is far from being recovered!"

"I let you raise him, not letting you send him to deal with the gods!"

"You know, don't you know, how big is your action?"


At the end, the ghost sound roared.

The sound is deafening, standing in the two sides, and it is frightened.

"... ..."

Everyone is low, and I don't dare to face the soul of the ghost candle.

"On the main, here, the wrong!"

"See you!" Please spare me! "

The soul of the ink is heavy, and it does not stop.

The ghost candles are not talking, just sitting there, always move.

On the entire field, a dead.

I can hear, only the sound of the ghosts soul flames.

After a while.

The ghost candles will continue to open.

"Then you have to look down on God?" Asked the ghost candle.

"Of course!"

The soul is looking back.

Then, he once moved.


In front of him, it slowly emerged.

As he recalled, this figure is getting more and more condensed.

This figure is as long as Ning Ming.

"On the main, this kid looks only mortal, but he is strength, it is more horrible than the fairy!"

"Drought in front of him, there is no chance to resist!"

"If I am far away, I am afraid that you can't see you now!" Said the soul.

I heard these, the ghost candles did not speak.

The two groups of soul flames, directly map Ning Ming's intelligence model.

The ghost sticks extend out of the hand claws, and the right hand is finger.

The soul flames are separated from the rays and flock on the hand claws.

"go with!"

As the ghost candle drunk, this is rays, and it blows instantly.

It is a hundred million rays, just like , rishes to the four parties, flooding into each evil soul.

"This person is God's fascinating, but they see this person, kill innocent!"

A roar, in each of the ethnic ears.

on site.


One family is growing down.

"Yes, the main!"

Everyone is greeted.

"stand up!"

"Thank you!"

"Call you got up?" The ghost candle soul flames, staring directly on the ink.


Plute, the ink soul directly worshiped.

"This matter is caused by you, give you a chance, within three months, the head of the gods or your own head, mention me!"

"Yes, the main!"


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