It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 140 I will go back to ask the ancestor

Yao Chi Palace, a secret room.


The five people in Luo will open their eyes from the cultivation.

Every face is full of surprises.

"The flesh is doubled! This should be able to compete with the five-step half-fairy dragon flesh!" Said Luo Cow.

"Not bad!"

Wen people smiled slightly, "our flesh, enough to tear four steps and half fairy dragon!"

"This three days spending money!"

"However, in the face of the Dragon of the six-step half-fairyland, as well as Xianlong, I am afraid that I am not going to deal with!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Whole Ziyang Star, Xianlong only one of the Lord of Dragon, he can't appear!"

"However, the dragon of the six-step half-fairyland, there is a lot, it is really hard to deal with!"

On a few faces, it is difficult to expose.

"Willow smoke, I have a note!"

At this time, Mu Ice stationed.

"You said!" Said Luo Cow.

"Otherwise, I will go back first asked the old ancestors to help?" Mu Bing said.

"Lao Zu?"

Luo Cow smoke slightly, "that it is a person who is in the source of Shenyuan, will not come out easily!"

"Yes, I don't know the family crisis, they will not move!" Wen people said.

"I have this!"

After saying, Mu Bing took it from Sun Hao.

"Last, Xuanyuan can become a holy place, all the couples gave to her!"

"I heard that the Xuanyuan family ancestors alarm, as if the old life is also increased!"

"This time I go back, the family will become a holy place, I will think about the ancestor, please help, I have no problem!" Mu In said.

A few people listened, nodded together.

Each is unlimited to the existence of immortality.

There are them to take the town, that deal with the dragon, there should be no problem.

"Don't be suggested, little ice, then you will go back! Within ten days, everyone must pay in West House!" Luo Cai said.

"it is good!"

Mu Ice noodles, hurry out.

After Mu Ice leaving, the Wen Art Stone also stood up, "Everyone, then I will go back to the Cang West, do a preparation!"

"it is good!"

Wen people will go quickly.

After two of them left, Luo Liu smashed the map, said: "Chen Daoyou, what do you think is the dragon?"

"I think they will shoot from all sides!"

"Dragon, has been from the high, the family is in their eyes, like the antite!"

"This time, the son kills the two dragons, and the dragon family will be angry, with their personality, they will destroy the whole West House in Xiancheng!"

"So, they have to attack from all sides, prevent the fish from leaking!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"It's reasonable!"

Luo Liu smashed nodded, "How should we defend?"

"We are five people, naturally defend the four sides, the other person, the station city, ready to make any time!"

"I don't know if this is good?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Yes, Chen Daoyou tactics is quite high, then this tactics!"

The two people said that Su Yi Ling stood in the same place, and forth to catch their heads from time to time.

"I am really stupid!"

"I thought that the son just made a complaint, I didn't expect to have this unlikely!"

"Gong Child test, why is it getting harder? Is it more and more stupid?"

Su Yi Ling sighed, and the look was sluggish.


"The palace master, the big array has three people, saying is the young master of Wang Xinglou!"

At this time, there was a sound outside the room.


Luo Cow opened the door and said: "Don't see it, let them go back!"

"The palace master, we have said this, but they didn't mean, saying that there is a treasure to give us!"

"No, let him receive it!" Said Luo Cow.

"Yes, the palace master!"

After seeing the disciple, there is a laughter on the face of Luo.

Give treasures? Gift?

There is only one reason, that is, taking the news of the gods.

The son is cleaned, can you tell other people?

In case it is, it is absolutely unable to forgive yourself.

"Luo Dou, someone wants to explore the son message?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Not bad!"

Luo Cow nodded, "These people are really trouble!"

"In case this person is the young owner of Wang Xinglou?" Chen Xu Ming asked.


Luo Liu smashed his head, "these days, playing the Lord of Wang Xinglou, no five waves!"

"That line, let's continue to discuss!"

"it is good!"



Yaochi Palace Guild Big Front.

Zhou Peng took two old people, standing outside the array, quietly waiting.

In front of the array, many Yaochi palace disciples pointed with their fingers, and a smile.

"You see, and some people play the Lord of Wang Xinglou - Zhibao Peng!"

"Dress up really like, but, just rely on this trick to see the palace owner? Dream!"

"That is, these people are really unsatisfied in order to see God."

I heard these sounds, and Tian Peng screamed.

Some people dare to dress their own identity?

Do you want to die?

Do you really want to look at the Star Building? Is it a soft persimmon?

Zhou Peng clenched the fist, and he did a sound.

"Less Lord, I am bombing the array!" Asked an old man.

"Don't worry, wait until the signal!" Said Tian Peng.

"If Luo Cow is not willing to see us?" The old man asked.

"If you have to enter the Yaochi Palace, you will be intimidated by a little frustration. Isn't a gustraptone? He is afraid of a ball!" Said Tian Peng.

"Since the Lord is firm, I will spend my life!"

The two old people secretly nodded, showing a strong color.

After a while.

Communication disciples come quickly.

Standing in front of the sky, slightly hugged.

They have a mapping between them.

"This son is really embarrassed!"

"The palace master is inconvenient, please ask the son to recover the treasure, take it!"

After the disciple of the disciples, he stood aside.

Watching the front, no longer paying attention to the Tianpeng.


The old man is like the body, and it is anger.

I have been with the young owner so many years, how many people have seen it, why have you been treated like this?

A seven-class zone, actually embedded the leading door?

Don't forgive, can't forgive!

Thinking of this, the old man rushed to the sky, the right hand arrested, and heaven and earth.


Infinite spirit, swarming, gather in the hands of the old man.

The silk beam of the silk is, the more it is more.

After a while, it became a light ball.

The glare, bright, can't open your eyes.

"Hey, a small seven-class zone, even looks like this, and seeing me to break the big battle!"

After finishing, the old man holds the light ball, and the big array is alive.

In the big array, a disciple saw this scene and his face was changed.

However, it quickly recovered.

"It's another half!"

"I don't want to die, huh, huh!"


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