It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 141 It turns out that the son is this!

The old man is a thrilling energy.


In his four parties, the air kept shaking, it seems to be a collapse.

There is no accident, the old man fists above the big array.


A loud noise, .

The big quarterly slightly slightly fuse, producing an unparalleled anti-shock, hitting the old man.

See this scene, the old face has changed.

"not good!"

The old man has retire.

However, where is it.


A loud noise.

The old man is like a broken kite, flying out, sprinkling blood in the sky.

Finally, he will fall on the ground.

Fang Bo! "

Zong Tian Peng's god change, rapidly run, and support the old people.

"Less Lord, I am fine, just suffering from small injuries!"

The old man swayed, indicating that you are fine.

Then, stopped.

Three people, returned to the place again.

The newspaper disciple saw this scene and his face was changed.

It did not be killed by the array?

This must be reported to the Palace.

I think so, the communication disciples go quickly.

"Fang Bo, you are fine?" Asked Tian Peng asked.

"Leight, I am fine, everything is over, I have a meal, the flesh is enhanced!"

"Otherwise, just the power of anti-shock, will let me lose my body!" Said the old man.

When I heard this, I showed Tian Peng Changshu.

He looked at the direction of the big Mountain, gratitude, "Mon, thank you!"

"You can rest assured, what you want, even if you die, Tianpeng is final!"

Zhou Peng clenched the fist, looking at the big array, the battle Tengsheng.


He rushed to the sky, quietly standing on the sky, is preparing to shoot.

At this time.


A coming.

I saw a few people in Luosius smoked.

"Are you Luo Cow?" Asked Tian Peng asked.

"Yes! What are you looking for?"

"If you are taking the gods, please go back!" Luo Liu asked.

"Of course not, do we talk about it?" Shi Tian Peng said.


Luo Liu smashed confident, but did not think about a few people.

Come to the main hall, everyone landed.

"Luo Lord, I heard that you have established a town evil alliance. It is very admirable. Today, there is a treasure to send, so the powerful force!" Said Tian Peng said.

"Oh? What is the treasure?" Luo cigarette.

"A pair of peerless paintings!"

After that, Zhou Peng took a pair of scrolls and said.

Peerless painting?

Is this guy funny?

When today, who the painting can be compared with the son?

This kind of customs, it is also because of the shame of being shameful?

For a contemptuous smile on the face of Luosius smoke, Shi Peng did not care.

Will see it, you will be bright and your eyes!

"Please see!"

After saying, Zhibu Peng opened the scroll.

This is a "appreciation map", in the painting, a family reunited, strong and rhyme, whistling.

Seeing this painting, a few people in Luo, and the Teng stood up.

Familiar taste!

This painting is the master!

Does this person have a relationship with the bean?

This is the case.

If so, then you can't sin.

I think so, Luo Liu smoked, it was calm.

"You really show Tian Peng?" Luo Liu asked.

"If the fake package is changed!" Shi Tianpeng nodded.

"This pair, from where to come?" Luo smoke said.

When I heard this, I showed an arrogant, "is a peerless fairy!"

Luousow smoke slightly, look, no mistake!

"Speaking of you true?" Luo cigarette.

Zhou Peng smiled slightly, "Luo Palace owner, I know that you are close to God, this time, it is based on the demands of peerless cactors!"

This is out.

Luo Liu smoke and Chen Xu Ming look at it, stunned.

Be son to explore your own news?

"I want to inquire about God's fascia people. However, I have encountered the peerless cactus to talk to me, don't have a half hidden, otherwise, I will not tell you!" Luosi smoke said .


Then, the Exhibition Tiande said.

There is no reservation with Sun Yizhen.

Waiting for Tian Peng.


Luo Liu smoke and Chen Xu were long.

After calm, Luo Cow is open: "In fact, you have already seen God!"


Have you seen God?


I don't know what I do.


Zhou Peng didn't seem to think about anything.

It is not compromised by the pupil, and the face is slightly changed.

"Roman Lord, you are ... It is said that the peerless cactus I have seen is God's enrichment?" Astro Peng asked.

"Yes!" Luo Cow nodded.


Zhou Peng three people, pour a breath.

Unexpectedly, I saw that I saw it.

That why do he want to see himself?

What is this, what else?

Zhibao Peng's whole person is.

"The Lord of the Luo Palace, that is to see himself for the son?" Asked Tian Peng asked.

Luo Liu smiled slightly, revealing a high-profile smile.

"The reasons are two, first, the son is mortal, naturally can't smash yourself!"

"Second, then it is more complicated!" Luo cigarette said.

"I also ask the Lord of the Luo Palace to finish the one or two, Tianpeng is grateful!" Shi Tianpeng hugged.

"Good to say!"

"How is I changed a pair of paintings?" Luo cigarette asked.

"Of course, even if this painting is given to Rooli, there is no problem!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"That is not!"

After saying, Luo Cow has taken out a pair of "immersing the picture" and gives Exhibition Tianpeng.

Zhou Peng pupil is shrunk, full face, "this ... this is also the master!"

"Not bad!"

Rosow smoke nodded.

"Thank Xie Luo Lord, please refer to me!" Zhu Tian Peng hugged.

"You don't have to polite, exhibit, I ask you, the son is doing, can you hear it?" Luo Liu asked.


"The son is everything, the layout in advance, destroy the evil magic, the blood of the blood ... It is also a savior!"

"This is a model of learning!" Shi Tian Peng said.

Luo Cow nodded, "If you are the Lord of the Evil, what would you do?"

"Naturally hate the bones to the son, I want to find a way to remove it!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"It's good!"

Luo Cow Tobi stood up, a caution, "Now, the evil magic family, want to kill the son, everything is extreme!"

"The son naturally can count this, and he is now clearer, it is not advisable."

"The Bonus said this, in fact, I want to find someone, become a godmor!"

"This way, the son can be better layout behind the scenes!"

"I mean, can you understand?" Luosi smoke said.

When I heard this, I showed a few mouthfuls of cold.

It turns out that the son is what it means!

I am stupid, I don't know at all.

If you come to the Yaochi Palace today, it will always mean!

At that time, the trouble is big!

If the evil magic family finds the son, do not hesitate to destroy every cost, how is it?

Thinking of these, Shi Peng's body trembled.

For a long time, he calm down.

He looked at Luosius and exposed a color of gratitude.

"The Lord of the Lord, I really let me open!"


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