It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 142, the son, no longer

"Master, why do you want to change the" Urban Map "?" Su Yi Ling did not understand.

"It's very simple, the son sent him to send" the moonlight map ", there must be it deeply," enjoy the moonlight "must be accepted!" Luosi smoke said.

"Master, it is good, why do you want to change?"

"Because" enjoy the moonlight "is the creation of the son, can we win?"

"Master, then you can't change it with" Shenlong Teng Yun Map "or other paintings?"

"No, this five pairs of paintings are a whole, can not be separated, I must have other deep things! As for your" Qingyu map ", it has been disabled!" Luo smoke said.

"Oh fine!"

Su Yi Ling took his mouth and nodded.



The sky is over, a boating to the holy land.

Zhou Peng three people, sitting together.

"Lear, the son let us find a substitute, who is looking for?"

"Is this still thinking, a young master, let me come!" Zheng Lao said.

I heard these, Zhibao Peng shook his head.

"No! Since the son did not name the name, I didn't work, and I can't!"

"To say, our strength is too weak, face the evil family, far is not an opponent!"

"We are small, not to complete the son, that is too big!"

"So, people who are looking for, the stronger stronger, so that there is longer time, let the master layout!" Said Tian Peng.

Two old people listened, nodded slightly.

"The Lord, the whole sky, the strength of the mainland is the strongest, that is, the three old people, let's go to them?" Asked the old.

"I can only do this! I heard that Xuanyuan's Laozu also knew the son news, I would like to agree!"

"However, I think Xuanyuan's mother is still low!" Said Tian Peng said.

"Less Lord, you want to invite immortals?" Asked Fang.

"It is best to invite a cacto!" Shi Tian Peng nodded.

"However, the nine fairy, tens of thousands of years have not been exposed, and if they can be doubtful?"

"Sincerely, Jinshi is open, I want to go to the son everything, the immortal may agree!"

"The most difficult now, it is looking for cactors!"

I just finished this.


A shock sounded.

Zhou Peng took out a letter jade from his arms and saw the news above, and his eyes bloomd.

I saw it, I wrote above: Less Lord, the probe is reported, the Yuxi Dongfu is open, and I want to come back.

It's really unintentional to Liu Ying!

I want to find a fairy in my beginning, I will do my best.

Finally, there is no way, in the cave house living in Jiu Xian, all the probes.

As long as the immortal returns, let them send a message.

Unexpectedly, there is really a cactus now.

"You see!" Zhan Peng put the passing jade to two old people.

At first glance, the two old people did not be contracted by the pupil, and the face was shocked.

"Lear, Old Tian bless, this son's business is completed!" Fang said.


"In this world, how is this coincidence?" Shi Tianpeng shook his head.

When I heard this, I was a little frowning, and it seems to think of what is not contracted by pupil.

"Less Lord, what you mean is, all this is good to be good?"

"The son countd from the birth of Yu Yu, I would like to ask him to be a gods?"

"Not bad!"

Zhou Peng's secret nodded, and the heart was dramatically jumped.

If you go to a Yaochi Palace, you can understand these.

The son is really everything, control everything!

It's totally there is no existence!

I will only be a son's hand, help the son next game.

This is really no glory!

"Leight, this jade scorpion lives for tens of thousands of years, I am afraid, please don't move!" Fang said.

"Yes, the Lord!" Zheng Lao said.

Zhou Peng smiled slightly, "I don't have to worry, I am worried about it now.

"Bono, do you have a texture?"

"Nature!" Shi Tian Peng smiled slightly.



On the Cang West.

In addition to the big array, thousands of people standing there, waiting quietly.

Among them, there is a northern part of the family of Famous Family, Fang Ning.

Fang Ning hugged his arm, standing nearly a thousand people.

Not far from them, it is the gate of the Cang West.

In addition to the big door array, there are middle-aged men's dishes in the thousands of black robes sitting on the ground.

They are embroidered with the tags of the Cang.

He is headed by a violet.

He held the knife sheath right hand, sitting on the ground, closed his eyes, and moved.

Even if I haven't opened my eyes, the kind of power is spread from him, and people don't dare to be close.

"Who is the person? Good power!"

"He doesn't know, he is the supervision of Shang Cangyuan to make - Jiang Kun!"

"What? Is that the river that has been two steps and half fairy?"

"Good, it is him!"

In the farther, there are many other people.

They looked at the Cang West, discuss each other.

I hope.

On the ground, heaven, dense numbness, all people.

There are many quantities, I am afraid that there is a hundred thousand.

"For so long, how did this ignore?"

"Is you, dare to come back? The light is half a fairy, there are several! Don't say, there is Jiang Kun, Fang Ning this second half!"

"Yeah, most of you dare not come back!"

"Don't come back, the position of the Dean of the Cang West is easy!"



A excitement is broken.

Looking at it, many cultivars pupil contractions, face, but surprises.

"That is the stone, great, he is back!"

"He dared to come back? The courage is really big!"

"It is interesting to see how he should pay it?"

"Coping? That is not honest, telling the sword, telling the fascist!"

"If we can learn the trail of God, I will be afraid to get a shocking!"

"Stunning a fart, so many people flock, God is not happy, be careful, the gods are slap in the face!"

The entire scene is getting more intense.

Many cultivators rely on the Cangyuan to seek the best observation position.

Outside the gate of the Yellow Court.

"Is it come back?" Fang Ning opened his eyes, and the corner of his mouth.

"I thought you didn't come back!"

Jiang Kun also suddenly opened his eyes, faintly opened, and it was calm.



A Changhong rapidly arrived.

He is ignorant.

He looked at this scene and couldn't help but frowned.

What is this?

Do you dare to surround the Cangyuan?

A lot of courage!

Suddenly, the people were picked up, and the eyes were directly on the gate of Shang Cangyuan.

"Shang Cangyuan Monitoring - Jiang Kun?"

"Northern Famous Family Elders - Fang Ning?"

Can't be good!

However, what is it?

No matter what is your purpose, is the old man really used you?


Wen people are slowly landed.

Going directly to Jiang Kun, holding a fist, "I don't know if the monitor has come, what is the so-called?"

Jiang Kun's mouth is soaring, saying: "Don't worry, wait for you to solve your own things first, let's talk!"

After that, Jiang Kun continued to close his eyes.

That look, like hiding in the dark, the venom, which is very uncomfortable.


Wen people smiled slightly, turned around, and stopped in front of it.

"Dear, you come to the Cang West, what is it?"


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