It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 143 hands into the sword?

"Sheriff, I heard that you are close to God's hidden people, is it true?"

"Wenren stone, the opportunity needs to share, don't swallow alone!"

"That is, you tell us the godmiaries, otherwise, today is only afraid of being good!"

Many cultivars fly came and loudly.

I heard these, I went to the corner of the people, "Is this threatening me?"

"What is the threat?"

At this time, a strong man is gallter, and it will stand in front of the words.

Seeing this person, it is not surprised by the immortal.

"Is him? God hammer!"

"What? God is expectant? He actually went out?"

"If you come, what is your homber?"

The divination of cultivars is strange to the hue.

I saw that he took the shot and walked a big belly, took out a black hammer.

Top ahead, pointing at the stone, big drink: "Wen people stone, see you is on the face of the Cangxiate, you will put you!"

"As long as you say the gods trails, and simultaneously hand in the sword, others will spare you, how do you see?"

The meaning of threat is extremely strong.

"Ha ha……"

Wen people have smiled slightly, and the look is light. "If it is?"

"You, you will die today!" The giant hammer is old gentle.

"is it?"

Wen people have a stone's mouth, and the figure disappears instantly.

The line with lightning, straightforward hammer is old.

The giant hammer saw this scene, and his face revealed a smile.

Hammer who had already accumulated power, and smashed it.


A loud noise.

The hammer in the homber is a hammer, and the people are ignorant.

At the same time, his body is like a broken kite and fly.


Drop on the ground and smashed a deep pit.

The hammer old monsters cover the chest, and the face is incomparably ugly.

Refers to the stone, "you ... you ..."

The words are not falling.


His body cracked directly in the powder, the wind blows, and disappeared.

This scene, strongly stimulating a cultivator.

The whole scene is extremely quiet.

Everyone is a wooden chicken.

A punch?

Without calling spiritual power, I am bothering the giant hammer.

Even the hammer in the hands of the hammer, but also fry into a powder?

How much is this flesh?


Call the cold air sound.

The cultivator looked at the stone, and the face was a jealous.

Fang Ning and Jiang Kun face, also flashed a slash.

a long time.

The crowd gradually recovered.

Then, the fried sound continues.

"Old days, this is a monster!"

"When do you see him so powerful ?! This is also useful, it is the creation of him getting there!"

"If you can learn about God's tract, I can also get this way of making!"

The divoration of the immortal stays in the original place, and the face is full of hot eyes.

"Who else?"

Wenren Stone Station in the square, watching the Quartet.

But when you feel, you have low, you can't do it.


At this time, Fang Ning came up with confidence.

"Shougong is old, is there something?" Wen people said.


Fang Ning came to come, said: "Our family genius - Fang Xiaoyu is seriously injured in the blood-Phone, the foundation is damaged!"

"Even the guardians are also tragic, but you have a good night! This matter, you have to give us a house!"

"Allegate?" Wenren stone smiled, "What do you want?"

"My family cultivates genius is not easy. You are the dean of Shangcang, see death! This matter, in love, you can't say it!"

"Today, we don't force you, you only need to put the fairy sword!" Fang Ning said.

"If I don't pay?" I said the stone.

"Oh, what do you think?" Fang Ning face, killing.

"If I gave you the sword, then will Jiang's supervisory will let me go?"

"I will be a sword, how can this point?" Wen people said.

"Of course, give me!"

At this time, Jiang Kun stood up.

"Why?" Fang Ning smirked.

"Relying on me is the people of Shangkang, with my strength than you!"

Jiang Kun's breath, step by step, I went back.


Fang Ning retired two steps, and he was afraid.

He pointed to Jiang Kun, "You ... you broke through?"

"Oh, do you think?" Jiang Kun faintly opened.

"You ... you broke through and how big didn't die! This fairy sword, our family is a must!" Fang Ning said.

"It's useless now, but I will take the sword before, and then allocate, how do you see?" Jiang Kun said.

"it is good!"

The two eyes are directly eye on the stone.

Jiang Kun trails straight to the front of the people, reach out, "The sword is coming!"

"Do you want?" Wen people said.

"Well!" Jiang Kun's looks, slightly nodded.

"To, you said, you don't say how do I know what you want?" Wen people said.

Jiang Kun's face is slightly changed, the breath is striped, and the people go straight.

However, it is useless.

Wenren Stone Station is there, and the silk does not move.

"I said to give you?" Wen people said smiling, directly gotting the fairy sword.

This is out.

Surrounded by air.

Everyone is writing, it is not believed, and it looks at this scene.

Wen people stone play monitoring!

Is he to rebel?

This, no one can save him!

Jiang Kun's mouth slightly smoked, his face is blue, and his fist is holding.

As a supervision, it has been humiliating in the Shang Cangyuan.

"Are you playing me?" Jiang Kun was cold.

"what do you think?"

After the words of the people, the face gradually became cold.

The meaning of the murder, from the rise.

"Don't think that I don't know if you come?"

"Monitor make? I am!"

"Everyone listened, God's scenaries are clearer, can't disturb anyone!"

"You can't fight against the evil magic, only to the same family, it is despicable!"

"Since you want to win my fairy sword and conflict, then you have to die!"

"Also, who is, if you dare to explore God's trail, die!"

Wen people stone sound, like rolling thunder, echoing in the world.

After saying, Wen people will take a big step, go to the Cangxiate.

Silly, stay, stunned ...

Everyone, all of them, all dare not believe.

The dean of a flying misery, even in front of such a half, so arrogant?

Jiang Kun looked at this scene and hated it.

He looked at each other with Fang Ning and nodded.


One waved, each brought two half fans, straight to people.

When you shoot, the six people are killing.


Tiandi trembled, and the waves whistling.

The impact wave is scattered around.

The burst sound continues.

Many cultivars flew away from the battle center.

I was induced behind him, and I walked coldly and smiled coldly.

"Since I want to die, I will blame my old man!"

He stood in the same place, and he did not show the meaning of moving.

"Boom! Boom ..."

The loud sound, whistling.

Explosion, from the rise.

The glare is not able to open your eyes.

For a long time, it is quiet to calm.

Everyone opened his eyes and saw the scene in front of him. It could not be contracted by the pupil, and they couldn't believe it.

I saw it, and I was in the same place, intact.

Fang Ning and Jiang Kun have a big double eye, and a face does not believe.

The body is not trembled by autonomy.

What monster is this?

Six people have a trick, even if it is half-step, I will be seriously injured.

And he, didn't it be a little scar?

Light against the flesh, can you be strong?

This is impossible!

The two can't move their heads, and they can't believe everything in front of them.

In their moments, I went to the thorns, and I caught it on the two half of my head.


The two sounds sound at the same time.

The two have not responded yet, and the head cracked and red and white.

" ..."

No headless body, soft soft.


The other two half fairy heads, fry, and fly.

Just, where is it.


The two people have the same blow.

Finally, like a weak chicken, soft and fell on the ground, after convulsions, there is no movement.


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