It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 144 exits on the Cangyuan

The latest website: around, a dead. Everyone looked at the stone, just like a horror monster. Freehand to kill half of the fairy, like the slaughter chicken is generally simple. When it is today, even if it is half a fairy dragon, it will not be this simple? "He ... he is a monster, this flesh, it is too terrible!" "Seeing it, he wanted!" I don't have a complete complete. Jiang Kun, Fang Ningwangwennant, liver and gentleman. The legs are not trembled by autonomy. "Plop!" The two did not mind, and worship. "Wen ... Wen, I ... I am wrong, forgive!" "Wen's delegation, the little death, no longer hit your fairy sword!" After that, the two kept hoe. "Oh ..." Wen people were so cold and smiled coldly, reach out, and called the past. The two faces have a big change, quickly make the shield, while using weapons, blocking in front. "No ..." screaming at any time. The slap is directly slammed, the speed is not reduced, and it is directly taken on the two heads. " ..." two sounds. The shield is split with the head and the response. " ..." Headless body,

Directly fell to the ground and stop twitching.

Blood, sprayed.

Arrive around, it is dead again.

"Dead, all dead?"

"They are two, one but three-step half, one but two-step half!"

"This is too terrible!"

Onlookers, the immortal looked at the people, the face, the face, is afraid.

Wenren Stone Station is there, watching.

However, it was swept away, and it was low and didn't dare to face it.

People who live with Shang Cangyuan are full of fear.

They stood in the same place, and they trembled, they didn't dare to move.

Killing their leaders, just like a slaughter.

They rushed forward, what is it looking for?

"Who else?"

Wen people are screaming.

No one responded.

Surrounded by death.

Wen people Shi Tiguang stared at the monitor to make the group, say: "Listening!"

"Wen ... Wen Dynasty, you ... you tell me, despite the opening!"

A man trembles standing in place.

"I will tell the big dean, since I sent people to compress old people!"

"So, from today, the old man quits the Cangjiao! From then on, he and the upper garden again!"

"Yes Yes!"

The man is respectful to hold the box.

"And you, you want the old man, despite the shot!"

After finishing, I walked into the Cangxiate.

After a while, it will go out again.

"call out……"

Then, long is a long, and disappeared in the sky.

"Haha ..."

I won a big laugh, I seem to spit out my heart in my heart.

"Is this a happy joy?"

"Now, leave the Cangyuan, feel too cool!"

"It's better to be better for the son!"

"Bonkee, you only have behind the layout, I am a chessman in your hand, do you mean where I kill!"

Wen people mutters, firmly clench the fist.



Time flies, the eye is two days.

After nearly three days, Mu Ice finally came to the Shengmaster, China.

Seeing everything in the holy place, Mu Ice shook his head.

After a long time in Yaochi, it is like walking into the remote mountainous area from the big city, and it is only possible to be in front of him.

Suddenly, Mu Ice is picking up.

Looking at the direction of Xuanyuan, not from the eyes of the eyes.

The land of gas is actually turned into a substantive, like a star of the star.

Even in the day, it is extremely dazzling.

"Xuanyuan home? Don't be proud, I will make Mujia become a holy place!"

"There is not much time, you must return to the family as soon as possible!"

I think so, Mu Ice speed, flying in the crowd.

After she smashed his eyes, she widen cold and killing, and fid it.

Not long after she left, in the crowd, a man in the corner of the black robe, "You finally come back!"

Men's figure flashed and disappeared.

Shortly after.

Mu Ice came to Mu's family gate.

"Mu Ice Sister, I am beautiful!"

"I can feel a strong pressure from Mu Ice, and I will be a genius!"

I just stood to the gate, there was a group of children surrounded.

If the stars hold the moon, it is generally embodied.

Surrounded by so many children, this is the first time.

I remember myself two years old, I got a serious illness, I almost died.

Even if you live later, no one can play with yourself, and the talent is only average.

I have been in the shadow of the genius - Mu Chen.

All family resources are tilted toward dust.

And yourself, sent to Shangcang West Court, and arrogant.

Now, return to the family, watching a child's enthusiasm, a warmth, full of heart.

"I don't know how to make my mother, they know that I will come back, will it be very surprised?"

"I will give you a bigger surprise, your daughter is not a waste!"

Mu Ice clenched the fist, nodded.

"Mu Ice sister, don't be stunned, the owner is still waiting for you!"

"Master?" Mu Ice is surprised.

Look, they certainly kill the black armor knight because they know themselves.

It is also known that I am very close to the giddier.

However, want to explore the trail of God? That's not possible!

I think so, Mu Ice follows this group of children, go in the government.

Enter the Mujia Temple.

"Ice, you come back!"

"Hard work, sit in it!"

I saw that a graceful middle-aged woman came up quickly.

Smile, look at the human eye, such as Mu Chunfeng, very comfortable.

This middle-aged woman is the lady of the owner, and the mother of the bodies.

Mu Ice looks at the middle-aged woman, and the face is surprised.

What did you have seen the big laugh?

Is this a dream?

"Ice, I used to be a big mother, let you be wronged!"

"The big mother did not pay you!"

After that, the middle-aged woman owed the gift.

When Mu Bing saw, he quickly helped the middle-aged woman, "the big mother, don't! I have forgotten the previous things!"

"Ice, you are really sensible, come, rest in it!"

After that, the middle-aged woman pulled the ice and walked into the main hall.

Just enter the main hall, but I saw that Mu Hong, who came directly, smiled and smiled.

"Ice, you are back, it is so good!" Mu Hong said.

Originally majestic, will there be laughter?

Despite laughing, it is too ugly, but at least laughs.

Mu Ice gains, the face is surprised.

"Seeing family!"

Mu Ice owed to the gift.

"do not……"

Mu Hong hurriedly, "Ice, I have worked hard, take a break, drink cup of tea!"

When Mu Ice sits down, Muhong waves, and some people have tea.

"Ice, this is a spirit tea, drink hot, don't waste!" Middle-aged woman urged.

Ling Tea?

The most is just a general spirit tea.

Can you compare with the monster's fairy tea, Wu Wu Tea?

The kind of unbearable yourself drink so much, but also this point of spirit tea.

However, in the face of the face, I have only a few mouthfuls.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

After that, the mullet is a cup, when you are ready to drink, you can't help but wrinkle.

Subsequently, she swallowed, using the fairy package, and secretly excreted.

I saw that Mu Ice drunk, Mu Hong and the middle-aged woman were looking at it, and I wiped a contempt, fleeting.

"Right, my mother?" Asked Mu.

"I sent people to call, it should be very!"

"Ice, I heard that you have seen the gods?" Mu Hong said.

"Yes, homeowners, Mu Bing can have today, thanks to God!" Mu Ice said.

"Then can you tell us about the macroaches? Let's go to see!" Mu Hong said.

Mu Ice slightly shakes his head, "the master, the gods are clearer, should not be visible, forcibly, I am afraid that God will make people do not like, smashed!"

Two people listened, nodded slightly.

A touch of killing, fleeting.

"Ice, I heard that you get a fairy sword from God, is it true?" Mu Hong asked.

"Yes!" Mu Ice nodded.

After saying this, Mu Bing holds the head and exposes a sleeping picture.

Gradually, thoroughly losing awareness.



Muhong two, even called a few times, there is no reaction.


The two look at the look, and the brilliance is full of face.



Several black people ran quickly.

"Take her on secret, lock the shackles! Go!"

"Yes, the owner!"

Soon, the black man picks up the ice, and it will go quickly.

"Ahong, is it so nervous?" Middle-aged woman said.

"You know, God's scenic people can turn Xuanyuan to the place where there is no holy place!"

"Slightly scattered, let us get the smoke, or be careful!"