It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 145 is deliberately displayed

Latest Website: Mujia is secret. Mu Ice slowly opened his eyes. "This is ..." Mu Ice struggled and found that the whole body was bound by a giant iron chain. She looked up, but he saw Mu Hong and his wife and smiled coldly. "Hand, what is your meaning?" Mu Bing asked. "What is the meaning?" Mu Hong smiled coldly. "Are you not knowing? Say, where is the god?" "Oh, I want!" Mu Ice said. "It's a bit of a bone, I will see it is your bones, or the iron hook is hard!" Finished, Muhong a look. Then, I walked into a hunch, he grinned, revealing a few big yellow teeth, it appeared very nausea. He looked at Mu Bing, saying: "As you have a thin skin, or honest, so as not to be suffering from the skin!" "" Tell you, this is called a crack claw, once the peeling, it will produce a kind The pain of the soul, is not what you can endure! "" Don't want to suffer, or say it! "Said the hump. "I am!" Mu Bing directly spit out a spit. "The little girl, this is your forced me!" After that, the hump was carefully holding the cracked claw, and pierced into the ice arm. "..." The metal is sounded. Mu Ice skin, like King Kong. Can't go in at all! How can this be? The hunch forehead,

Spilled the fine pear.

Even if the dragon flesh, it is impossible to be so strong?

"Would you like to have a hurry?" Mu Hong said.

"Yes, the owner!"

The hunch is biting his teeth and exhausted.


A spurs in a bloody sound.


A bleak called.

The hunch fell to the ground and made a sharp call.

I saw it, on his finger, the cracked claws were in these.

That looks like it is extremely sentenced, the words cannot be described.

"what happened?"

"Home ... Master, she ... her flesh is too strong, this ... This crack claw is not broken!"

After that, the hood once again made a sharp call again, "Ah ..."

"Is it unrelated?"

Mu Hong frowned, took out a long sword, and it was a sword to be a sword.

" ..."

The long sword should be split, and there is no harm to Mu Bing.


Mu Hong and the middle-aged woman were dumbfounded.

This is the supreme community, but also in the fairy.

Is it so easy to break?

What exempted her flesh is strong?

The two faces are taboo.

"Ahong, what should I do? Now, I only seal her strength, but I can't seal the flesh!"

"What should she do if she breaks away, violent, then what should I do?" Middle-aged woman said.

"Hey, what is afraid!"

Mu Hong face, showing a murder.

He looked at Mu Bing, said: "Let the sword will be born, you can free you!"

"Oh, I want!" Mu Bing smiled coldly.

"Toasting, don't eat, fine wine, there is no way, I can only invite people to break your soul space!" Mu Hong said.

I heard this, the middle-aged woman's face changed, "Ahong, so that she crashed her soul space, she will die!"

"Women's benevolence, as long as we get the sword, we are afraid!"

After that, Mu Hong is going quickly.

After a while.

Muhong came in with a bodied man.

Bloodthirsty, Chinese, icy ...

Various breaths come.

Mu II looks at the blood and robes, the pupil shrinks, "Sure enough, people who follow me are him!"

"Mu Hong, you ... you actually collude the Magic? The law is as a slap!" Mu Bing said.

"Oh, colluding? When?"

Mu Hong smiled coldly, "You know a fart, you will be eligible to collide with a small Mujia."

" ..."

The blood and robes have lick the lips, just like seeing a bunch of delicious.

"Good taste, so rich blood! This, worth it!" Said the blood and robes.

"Respect, please break her soul space, she is your food!" Mu Hong said.

"it is good!"

The blood and robes were embedded, and the blood rolled.

Between the blink of an eye, the whole room is covered.

A percentage, flooding to the quarter.

These blood, fast aggregation, forming a blood claw.

The cold, the cold breath is shrouded.

This blood claw seems to catch the soul and break everything.

"Small doll, die!"

After the blood and robes were finished, the blood claws were controlled, and they cracked the past.

See this scene, in the eyes of Muhong, showing a touch of disability.

"Mu Ice, you will die, you will not think that you are a child, and I am transferred to the dust!"

"He is now this, all because you!"

"However, I didn't expect that the roots were taken, you can still grow to this extent!"

"It's really unexpected, but since now, you will not exist!"

Mu mutter muttered, and the eyes are light.

Let him not know that these sounds clear into the ice ears.

"Sure enough!"

In the eyes of Mu Ice, a murder is flying.

"I want to forget, you will remember again!"

"This is the same root, but you are a selfishness, regardless of your hand!"

"Today, you - must - must - death!"

Ice mortgage, cold killing, from the rise.

Her hair dances, the breath is clear.

" ..."

The chain of chains on her body is broken.

Between the blood claws, reach out of the right hand and gently grang.


A loud noise.

The whole room, dramatic trembling.

How is the blood and robes have not responded yet, but I saw that Mu Bing had arrived before him.

Slim jade hand, grab it on his neck.


The serum man is like a chicken that is screwed, she struggles and does not work.

"The son is good, the evil magic, there should not be this world!"

After that, Mu Ice is gently!

"Hey ..."

A fried.

The blood and robes have the neck, the head is smashed, the body is soft to the ground.

After convulsions, I didn't move.

Mu Hong looked at this scene, the whole person stupid.

How can this be?

How did she break free?

This is the best spirit!

Her strength actually reached this level?

Mu Hong is muttered, and a face does not believe.


In the moment of Mu Hong, Mu Bing has come to him, and he is gotting down on him.

"You ... what do you want to do?" Muhong spoke.

"Do you think?" Mu Bing smiled coldly.

"Do you want to kill?"

Mu Hong face, exhausted.

Suddenly, he moved.

A purple smoke, sprayed in his hands, and wrapped Mu Bing in an instant.

"Haha ..."

"Mu Ice, you are still too tender, don't you know that the enemy is talking again?"

"Now, I am a soul, you can have strength."

Mu Hong face, exhausted.

In the disappearance of the purple smoke, see Mu Ice Station in the same place, intact.

"This is impossible?!"

"You ... can you be immunized to my poison?"

For Muhong surprised, Mu Ice is completely non-destructive.

"You are very good, catch the enemy again!"

She screwed a chicken and lifted Mu Hong.

Similarly, put the middle-aged woman who was scared into place, also mentioned.


A fried.

Mu ice breaks through the ground and stands on the sky.