It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 146, no sumptuous root

"What happened? How to explode on the other side?"

"Go, go see!"

Many children of Mu's family were awakened, and they were looking for a prohibition.

They are preparing to move.

At this time.


A Changhong, rapidly.

This Changhong, is making ice.

She is standing on the Mujia Temple, watching four sweep.


Soon, some people found Mu Ice.

"Who is she? Why is it here?"

"She is a daughter of Wu Uncle - Mu Bing!"

"The person in her hand seems to be a home!"

"What? The owner and the big lady are compiled by him? How is her strength?"

"What is she doing?"

Many children's faces, revealing a panic color.

The owner is being smashed, beyond imagination.


There are a dozen stones, starting with the sky, around Mu Ice.

"Mu Ice, what are you doing? Let's let go of the owner!"

"Do you want to fight? The owner is also you can?"

"Mu Ice, there is something to say, put the master!"

More than a dozen elders, around Mu Ice, is forced to lure.

For these, Mu Ice directly ignores.

She stands in the same place, and she moves.

"Do you still do it? Mu Zounshi escape the family, not hurry to catch her!"

Mu Hong struggled and sent a sound of a sound.


" !"

Mu Bing faintly opened, and the right hand was lightly shot.

Like a hindle, in the top of Muhong.

" ..."

A loud sound, Mu Hong is dizzy.


Mu Ice is gently throw.

The two were imprisoned in half air, and they did not move.

In this way, it strongly stimulated a long and old eye.

"Let's go, dare to play the master, big reverse!"

A long old temper, straight to Bing.


Pulling the long sword, got the heart, thoroughly.

This sword is straight to Mu Ice.


Mu Bing snorted, reach out of two fingers, and bounced forward.

"court death!"

The old face is clear.

" ..."

A sound.

Long hands in the hands of the long sword, inch fragmented, bursting with powder.

"How can this be?"

The elders wide and big eyes, the whole screaming.

Next moment, he is even more pupil, and the scalp is blown.

"Do not……"


The finger speed is not reduced, and I play directly in the elder eyebrow.


Tiandi spent.

The elders start from the brains, and the body has a little bit of blood mist, and they die on the spot.

See this scene.

Everyone was scared to the original place.

One finger, bombarding?

One finger, shoot the half fairy?

Is that human being?



Pour the cold air sound, which is coming.

No matter whether it is old, it is still a disciple.

The family has such a enchanting, I don't know if it is good!

They stared at Mu Ice and did not dare to move.

Mu Ice also closed his eyes and moved.

After a while, she shoted two strings in her eyes and looked at the horizon.

"Dust, don't hide, come out!"

Sound like thunder, rolling out.

"Haha ..."

A cool laugh is ringing.

Then, a white man comes rapidly.

He faces handsome and is quite a few temperatures.

It's just a stop there, and the disciples below have a burst of exclamation.

"The road is coming!"

"It's too handsome! This temperament is unable to!"

"I heard that the road is half-step half-fairy, really fighting, you can fight with four steps and half fans, I don't know if it is true!"

"That is the strength of half a year, it is good? Daozi is now breakthrough!"

Intense discussion, constantly sound.

I heard these, and the mouth of Mu Chen is soaring, and the head is slight.

He looked at Mu Ice.

"What do you think?"

Mu Ice directly stared at the dust, seeing his heart, did not dare to face it.

"I see you is to have a traitor!" Mu Chen is increased.

"Oh, what is the traitor?"

"As a master, why did he treat me?"

"Peel my spirit root, put it on you!"

"Family resources, all!"

"Now, I have to break my soul sea, my flesh, you said, can I let him go?"

This is out.


Like the thunder, in the mind of everyone.

Everyone has a shock and do not believe it.

The body is trembled, the face is giant, and it is difficult to keep calm.

He pointed to Mu Bing and shouted: "You said! Your blood spray!"

"Oh, my blood is sprayed? You have always been a waste until the age of eight, and you said, what explains this matter?"

Mu Ice is moving forward, and it is pressed against the dust.

"That is my father walks through the monument, the unparalleled drug that is looking for, washed with me!" Mu Chen screamed.

"is it?"

Mu Bing smiles, "Some things, not yours, never you!"

"These years, every morning, if you sleep in the ice, is it endless torture? And more and more dramatic? Now, it has been an unbearable point?" Mu Bing said.

"You ... how do you know?" Mu Chen's face has changed.

"My things, I am very good!"

"Thank you for helping me get angry!"

After that, Mu Ice is right, "Let's come back, my spiritual roots!"

This start.


The body is dramatic, and Dan Tian seems to be collapsed, crazy.


Mu Chen is unbelievable.

He has a frost, the whole body, and keeps shaking.

" ..."

A knife sword tied into the blood.

Mu Dynasty Dan Tian, ​​the crack, one mouth, a slap size, ice, from it.

"Ling roots, this ... this is no tundry!"

"It's a ice pho!"

"No wonder is often screaming often, looks like the roots of the roots, it is not brought into shape!"

In the case of ice phoenix, the fried voice continues.


Ice Phoenix is ​​called, flying around Mu Ice, not stopping the circle.

That look, just as the mother and child meet, there is a kind of affection for the water.

Then, Ice Phoenix drilled into Mu Bingtian and disappeared.

Mu Ice is closed on your eyes and quietly feels.

I saw that Dantian, Ice Phoenix and Thunder and Thunder were quickly integrated, turned into a thunderous ice and phoenix.

On the ice and phoenix, the Buddhist Golden Mang and the extremely frozen blue are mixed together, and the interaction echoes.

Between the instant, the fusion is completed.


Mu Bing strength, rapid climbing, blinking, reaching the seven products flying.

However, there is no stop, just as you have just started.

Nine steps flies!

Ten steps flies!

It's up to ten steps, which is stopped.

This is just her realm.

Her flesh, under these strength, also rapidly increased.

Football has a quarter of an hour.

She opened their eyes.


Two cold, like a cold knife, sweeping the world, and people dare not look straight.

She raised her hand and she took the cold.

"You ... you actually won my spirit roots, you ... you can't die!" Mu Chen is big.

"Ha ha!"

Mu Bing smiled coldly, "You now manage yourself, revert to waste, those who have sin, can not let you!"


A , , ..

These years come, but there is no less bullies.

Now, re-return the waste.

If those people who are sin, they will not let go of them.

How is this better?

"Mu Ice, this is you forced me!"

"In this case, then fight a fish dead, come, bring her parents to come!"

This is over.

There are several long rainy, flying quickly.

Then, a man and a woman were taken up, five flowers were tied.

These two people are being Mu Ice parents.


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