It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 147, you think are you qualified?

"What? Mu Chen put the five uncle, Give it?"

"It's too sinister, saying that, is he ruined Mu Bingling?"

"Is there a fake? Otherwise, I will hear the summon, fly back?"

The children are all staring at the dust, and a face is surprised.

Unexpectedly, they respectd the road, the means were so desperate.

"Haha ..."

"Mu Ice, you didn't think!"

"Now, your mother is in my hand, honestly, don't mess, or if they die, can't blame me!"

"Let me put my mother, put the role!"

"Finally, I am in this, I put them!"

"Otherwise, tomorrow's today, it is their sacrifice!"

"Are you not very filial? Today, let me see you?"

Speaking here, the dust is laughing, and if it is crazy.

" ..."

Mu Ice parents, call.

Obviously, there is a ban on the body, the sound is sealed.

Mu Ice looks at this scene, the joint is fried.

Killing on the body, getting on the sky.

this moment.

With her centered, the square is 10 miles, the ice is cold.

Ice cold, spread the whole body.

The next child, at this moment, such as standing in the ice and snow.

More tells, at this moment, the dust and others in the frost center.


The color of the dust changed, and the sound is .

Just a moment, he found that his arm was stiff, the whole body was cold.

"You ... you are looking for it!"

Mu Chen bite anger, cut the long sword to Mu Ice Parents.


However, his arm should be broken, dropped in the ground, broken into several pieces.

"I don't want to kill you!"

"And you, dare to move my parents!"

"I can take you a root, I can let you go!"

"Collecting the Magic, I can give you a living!"

"Today, you actually hurt my parents, this enemy does not share the sky!"

"You ... you must die today!"

Muchi is air and shaped, and there is a blossoming ice.

The calm sound contains a heil of angry.

Her fingers face forward.


A brown sword, quickly form it.

"call out……"

Ice cold sword, fleeting.

Instantly returned to the ice of the ice.

"! ..."

A few fried sounds sounded.

Several men who raise Mu Ice parents, the body collapsed, and died in the scene.

"It's impossible, this is absolutely ... it is impossible!"

Dust blood, is being quickly solidified, consciousness dissipates.

The happeak of the arm is broken.

disappear completely.

His eye beads slightly turned slightly, and the face was exposed.


A ice of the ice rings.

A cold sword, rapidly talented.

"Do not……"

There is a shout in the heart of Pu Chen.


The ice swing passes through his eyebrow.

His body, directly frozen into ice sculptures, frozen the horror and unwilling.

" ..."

A fried.

The dust is blown, splashed into 10,000 pieces.

this moment.

Mu Hong wakes up, just seeing his son is tragic.

"Do not……"

Mu Hong was shouting in a hous.


The sound roaring, it is quiet.

"Mu Ice, this is your forced me!"

"Old ancestors, save!"

Mu Hongzhong Broken Communications.

"Oh, even if the old ancestors come out, what is it?"

"You, let's die!"

Mu Ice right hand one finger, two ice cold swords, directly through two people.

"Do not……"

It is not a sweet to stop.

" ..."

Both people, blown directly.

This moment, surrounded by a dead.

Whether it is the elders around Mu Ice.

Still the next child.

At this moment, they all looked at this scene and did not respond for a long time.

"Kill? Does the owner die?"

"It's good, this kind of scum, I will die, by him, Mu Jia, can Mu Jiao?"

"Yes, selfishness, actually deprive him, the roots of others, the thousand knives!"

The children began to discuss.

More than a dozen elders are in the same place, and there is no left right.

Look down, the old man is not as it.

If you don't put it, do you look for it?

"Oh, do you want to block me?" Mu Bing sounds cold.


The old old look is hysteresis.

"Hey, don't divide the green saponis, etc., do not match the old!"

After finishing, Mu Ice right hand.

"Do not……"

In the ban, a servant man is not controlled, and it is falling in the hand.

"Let this seat, otherwise, !"

"This is the blood magic general - the first disciple under the sky!"

"Dare to kill this seat, there will be no doubt!"

The sputum man figure rapidly, incarnes nine heads, and constantly struggles.

In this way, seeing in the eyes of a child, scalp, cold sweat.

"What, the blood magic? Damn! The master really colluded the magic!"

"Digging people, collike the magic, kidnapped people ... Which one is dead!"

"This is waiting for blood, dare to threate us, kill him!"

Many children have grown their fists and have an angry.

The elders looked at the blood of the roaring, ashamed low.


A little drinking.

Mu Ice is right-handed.

" ..."

The whole blood magic, fried into a powder, disappeared.

After doing these, Mu II looks down.

"From today, I will do anyone with Mujia again!"

The sound roared, and returned back and forth in the manus of Mujia.

This sound, like the fried thunder sounds in the mind.

Every disciple is a look.

"Mu Bingjie wants to leave the Mujia? This is the genius to leave, how can I rise in Mujia? Shocking the Xuanyuan home in the day?"

"Mu Ice sister, don't leave Mujia, the family needs you!"

"The family needs you!"

Many people shouted.

For this scene, there is no expression of Mu.

"The family needs me? However, I don't need a family!"

After that, Mu Bing took his parents and rushed.

Seeing it, you must leave Mujia family.

At this time.


A sound.

Then, a white-haired old man falls from the sky, standing in front of Mu.

His face is covered with gully, and the double eye wooden is unconscious, it looks like a zombie.

He is the Mujia Laozu.

"Do you want to stop me?" Mu Bing said.

"Do not!"

White-haired old people shake their heads, "Everything happens, I am clear, it is indeed that I can't help you!"

"However, please give Mujia a chance to compensate, how do you see?" White haired old man said.

"make up?"

Mu Ice is very happy, if it is crazy.

"I have always doubted that the roots were taken, but never complained about the family!"

"Even, I also made it to God, I want to change the family to the holy place, and I will fight against Xuanyuan!"

This is out.


A fried thunder, bombarded in the mind.


Turn the family into a holy place?

Or is it for God's fascinating people?

I heard that Xuanyuan poems have also seen the gods, Xuanyuan family turned into a holy place.

Many people go to inquire, Xuanyuan family is three silence, and it will not pass it.

Mu Ice is for the family, and it has also been simultaneous.

These characters, the owner is treated this?


"And I returned, how is the family to me?"

"Take the sugar coating, to poison me, then, force the son where you are!

"I tried the ancestor, what are you doing?"

"You said it!"

Mu II looks at the old man and loudly.

"I ..." The old chest is hysterested, ashamed low.

"Since you don't say, I will tell you!"

"In fact, you have long known that the owner collike the magic, he is doing everything I do, you have a look!"

"And you, there is no use, no different is afraid of the source of the source, how long!"

"For a little life, you don't care about the family's safety, you are the ancestor!"

"You now, there is still a face to tell me, give me compensation?"

"You think, are you qualified?"

Mu ice sound is rolling out, in each child's ear.

Everyone bively bossard, looked at this scene.

That kind of don't believe it.

That kind of shock.

That kind of grievance.

Write over everyone's face.

As they became Mu Ice, I was wronged.

After a while.

"What? The old ancestor is this self-private person? Let the owner have no evil, no matter what?"

"It's too disappointed, it's really disappointing, don't say Mu Ice, even if it is me, you have to leave Mujia!"

"This family can't stay, I have to leave Mujia!"

The sound of the sound is constantly sounding.

Many children have cleaned the fists and expose a disturbed expression.

Mujia old ancestors headed down, secretly sighed.

"You are good, I am selfish, no face is in Mujia!"

"It should be me, not you!"

"They are innocent! They, like you, have a kind of authentic blood, they need you to lead!"

"I will take the old bones, I have no face, let me leave Mujia!"

This is finished here.

"And us!"

The three movements appeared around Mujia old ancestors.