It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 148th chapter of the old ancestors apologize, wronged


The three movements appeared around Mujia old ancestors.

These three people have a middle-aged man with two old people.

The two old people have only sparse hair, and the face is covered with wrinkles. The skin is not half a bit of gloss, and the color of a dead gray.

It seems like an old man who is the old man who has a good year, it seems that they can blow them down.

Middle-aged man is full of red, and the temperament is extraordinary.

After these three people appeared.

The next child is not exclaimed.

"Soon, isn't that Mujia Kaishan's ancestor - Mu arrogant?"

"What, Mu You Lao Zu is still alive?"

"Everyday, I worship portrait. Today, I finally saw myself!"

Every person is watching, it is staring on Mu, a shock.

Even if it is Mu Ice, it is also a color change.

Mu arrogant in Mujia, that is a legend.

I didn't expect it, I can see it now.

Mu arrogantly took three ancestors and walked directly to Mu Bing.

Start, starting to give gifts.

"Mu Ice, I am waiting for you, give you here!"

"You are not wrong, wrong is us!"

"It's also us!"

"You see, these children, heart justice, have full blood!"

"Do you have a town evil alliance? You revenue them, lead them, and take out the evil magic!"


Mujia opened the old ancestors.

In the history of Mu, there is no such thing at all.

Mu Ice standing there, tears, stunned.

Everything is wronged and released at this moment.

"Child, boring mother is useless, let you be wronged!"

"Child, Mujia is sorry for you, but we have the same blood!"

"This Mouli, you are coming, lead them, squatting evil!"

Mu Ice parents, standing on both sides of Mu Ice, gently hugging her.

"Mu Ice, please be a master, lead us to kill the evil!"

"Mu Ice sister, you are the command of my Mujia, without you, Mujia will eventually be a plate!"

The children shouted and tears.

"Seek the ice sister as a home!"

I don't know who took the lead, the whole Mujia up and down, I worshiped, and I shouted.

The sound echoed back and forth between Mujia World.

Mu II looks at this scene and takes a deep breath.

The release of grievance, the mood improvement is much.

The town evil alliance does require people.

If the Mu family's children have added, the strength of the town evil alliance will increase many times.

For the bonus layout, there is undoubtedly a huge help.

The influence of the town evil alliance will be unprecedented.

Since the cause of the minced, it is wronged, and to do things to the son, becoming a Mu family, that is not.

"In this case,

This Mu family is the place of the owner, from me! "

"However, there are a few conditions!" Mu Bing said.

"You said!"

Mu You looks like Mu Ice and said.

"First, everyone must unconditionally obey my order!"

"no problem!"

"Second, I will lead Mujia, all join the town evil alliance, to fight against evil spirits, no one must quit!"

"no problem!"

"Third, several old ancestors, I have to promise me a condition!"

"You said!"

A few gods sounded.

"God hurts me to save the West House Xiancheng, all of you, with me, can you be willing?" Mu Bing said.

"no problem!"

"Do you have any questions?"

"Since it is the order of God's migrant, the liver brain is placed, in all!"

"I also tell you by telling this time, it is a dragon!"

This is out.


A few snorkered thunder sounded several old ancestors.

Every face is revealed.

The ancient dragon, but also to Tug City?

If you shoot, I am only afraid that the whole of the people will come into the spirit!

How is this better?

"How? I am afraid!" Mu Bing showed a brunette.

"Child, do you know what is an ancient? Do you know what is the king of ancient people?" Mu You asked.

"Ancient? Isn't it the race left behind?" Mu Bing asked.

"Yes! Every ancient family has ancient secret law, even if they are not falling, but they are not the people who can fight!"

"And this dragon, is a king of ancient people, sin, and what is it looking for it?" Mu You said.

"Oh, this is said, are you afraid?" Mu Bing said.


Muo's chest is hysterested, ashamed is low.

In the face of the dragon, there is really no war.

"It is also a bold ghost!"

"In this case, leave!"

After that, Mu Bing took his parents and rushed.

"Wait!" Mu Our front of the ice.

"How? Do you want to shoot me?" On Mu Ice, there is no fear.

"Do not!"

Mu You shook his head and sighed.

A few mouthfuls of breath, before he said: "The family is indeed silent for too long.

"Even if you die, we also recognize it!" Mu You said.

"Old ancestors, you promised?"


In the eyes of Mu Ice, I wiped the essence, fleeting.

This, against the dragon, it is easy.

"When will I start?" Mu You asked.

"Of course, the faster, but before, you will first change your family!"

After saying, Mu Ice took out a pair of couplets, looking at the direction of Xuanyuan family, "Xuanyuan poetry, I will never you will be under Xuanyuan!"

Open the interlocation.

"Xianglong Teng Zige, Xi Feng around Zhu Xuan!"

Longfei Feng dance, the artistic conception.

Terrorist road rhyme, running out.

Follow it.


A dragon, the earthquake is swallous.

Xianglong started, turned into a golden dragon.

Jinlong, the colorful brilliance, very famous.


Jinlong is headed in the sky.

Colorful songs are big, it looks endless, no marginal.

Then, Jinlong rushed to the sky, the body was rapid, and it was proud of the sky.

Colorful Xiangguang, under its body, did not enter every corner of the whole Mujia.

this moment.

Whether it is the old ancestors, the children, or the servant, this is a stupid station.

Every face is full of smile, comfortable to the extreme.

Flower and trees, there is a quiet change at this moment.

Waiting for the colorful light, Jinlong rushed into Mujiazhu, disappeared.

Everyone has not recovered from the shock.

Follow it.


A phoenix.

Golden Phoenix, from the flying.

The nine colors are rays, surrounded by Jinfeng.

Finally, in the same means, the nine-color light is sprinkled, and each corner is sprinkled.

At this moment, everyone stood in the same place again and moved.

They souls in rapid growth.

After a while.

Jinfeng also drilled into the ancestral hall, disappeared.

The whole Mujia, a dead.

Everyone is stunned, and the words cannot be described.

The most exciting, it is more than four ancestors.

Although the strength has not risen, the talent is improved, and there is also hope.

The most shocking is that the flesh is 100 times, the body machine can be completely restored, and there is no problem.

Wrinkles on the face have disappeared.

Look, red light, vibrant.

Mu arrogant is young ten years old, it looks like a 30-year-old youth, is a peak of life.

"God's hidden people have this means, it is terrible!"

"There is a god of this, etc., you can support the waist behind it, and it is afraid of a fart!"

"Yes, this is the powerful thing, it is completely unsatisfactory, you can do something for the god, it is a blessing that can be repaired in thends!"

Several old ancestors clenched the fists, unambiguous.

For a long time, a few people calm down.

They are around the ice, and they are grateful.

"Master, thank you! There is any instructions in the future, just open!" Mu You said.

I heard these, the angle of Mu Ice is soaring.

There are these four old ancestors, fight against Dragon, and ten nine stable.

It is impossible to slaughter a West Fairy City, the Lord of the Dragon is coming?

As long as you don't come to Xianlong, the four ancestors are enough to deal with!

In addition, your strength is not weak!

I think so, Mu Ice is secretly nodded.

Then, she glanced from the quarter and looked at the children below.

"You have listened, Mujia has become a holy place, you need to practice, and you can't get off!"

Mu Ice sound roared, clearly spread throughout the ears.

"Yes, the owner!"

Everyone is worshiping, respecting the ceremony.

"My mother, you stay in family cultivation, at the same time, help me supervise them, who is dare to lazy, severely punish it!" Mu Bing said.

"it is good!"

"Old ancestors, let's go!"

"Yes, the owner!"

Mu Bing took four ancient ancestors, rapidly to the West House in Xiancheng.