It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 149th chapter of the son is the fairy king

Sun Hao residence in front of the home.

"Is it still outside?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, son! These days, he did not move!" Huangru dreams.

Is it stubborn?

It's really unresolved, you don't want to pay!

It has this perseverance, it is really difficult.

However, he wants to worship himself.

It seems that there is no good education?

I will not cultivate myself.

"Let's take a look!"

"Okay, son!"

The two came to the courtyard.

But see Mohao stone to the ground and moved.

That look, like a wood carving.

In your mouth, you murmured from time to time: "Gong, I am wrong! Ask you to collect me!"

Whole look, the old is a few years old.

Sun Hao looked at Mo Hao, said: "I will accept you as a person? What do you want to learn?"

This is out.

Mohashi is trembled.

Slowly looked up, when he saw Sun Hao, his eyes bloom out of the stylism.


"I want to study with you!"

Mo Hao is in the eyes of the eyes and keeps hoe.

"Learning to engrave is not can't, but ..." Sun Hao wants to say.

"Bonkee, you have any told me," Mo Hao said.

"First, I will not accept you as a disciple, but you can watch it when I was carved!"

"Second, I don't provide accommodation, where you live, you can solve it!"

"Third, one day can only come once, stay up to two hours! If I don't engrave it, please return now!" Sun Hao said.

"Bono, no problem, absolutely no problem!"

Mo Hao stained himself.

"Well, get up!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

Mohashi stands up and respects to stand on the side.

"Come with me!"


Mo Hao is behind him and comes to the pavilion.

"You haven't eaten yet? Do you want to eat?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, this ... how is this?"

Mohashi looked at the two dishes and looked at the eyes.

In the past few days, I smented the smell every day, I have already coveted three times.

The belly doesn't know how many times they rang.

"Nothing, eat it!"

"Thank you gong!"

Mohao Stone hugged the box, walked to the table, let go of it.

Sun Hao looked at Mo Hao, secretly nodded.

These two dishes are ourselves to leave him.

These days, deliberately happened for a few days, it was grinding his sex.

This old guy, so old, the skin is so thick, not changed.

Seeing him now, it is extremely obvious.

Such a good margin value leeks,

Don't harvest a few, can you get yourself?

"The son, this dish is too delicious! Is it a lady?" Mohashi asked.


Have you been a lady?

Sun Yu's light swept into the Pho, but saw her shy and low.

I didn't explain!

Look like, is she default?

Is there such a good thing?

Since the Phoenix is ​​not explained, why do you want to explain?

"Yes!" Sun Yizhen nodded.

"Lady kitchen, no ancient people, then there is no one! Every dish is like an art, let people give the chopsticks!"

"Eat in your mouth, full of fragrance, endless, it is a taste!"

Mo Hao is generally eating, while praising.

The phoenix is ​​like a dream, the face is red, "Where, I am far away with the son!"


Mo Hao is shocked, looking at Sun Hao, his face is not worshiping, "Gong, are you a cooking master?"

"The past prize, if the dream is now compared with me, it is not the same!" Sun Hao said.

"It turned out to be a famous man!"

Mohashi nodded and kept praise.

After a meal.

Mo Hao looked at Sun Hao, said: "Mon, are you ready to engrave today?"

Looking at the look of Mohao Stone, Sun Hao smiled slightly, "Well, you come with me!"

"Yes, the son!"

The two came to the engraving room.

Sun Hao sat down, took the wood left hand, and took the knife right.

"Engraving, need to pay attention to ..."

Sun Hao is explained, while starting engraving.

Each line is all completed, and it is perfect to don't make it.

Mo Hao stared in his eyes and looked down.

The more you look, the more sweat on the forehead.

The son's technique, seemingly ordinary, in fact, there is no road with no road.

This is like looking at the son evolution avenue, horrible.

The longer it, your head is down.

I have a dullness, it is difficult to see the trajectory.

"Gong this ... What is this trick!"

"The son is the fairy king!"

Mohao stone opened his mouth and shocked.

He is on the rain, and the clothes are wet.

An difficult to describe vertigo.

Mo Hao is closer to the eyes, do not dare to look again.

He secretly wiped a few cold sweats, and his face was awkward.

"The understanding is too low!"

"Sure enough, I am here to become the apprentice of the son!"

Mo Hao secretly shook his head, full of bitterness.

Shortly after.


Sun Hao put down the knife and took the boat to the hand.

Subsequently, take out the fairy crystal.

In the absence of meat pain, take 200 Xianjing, released on the boat core.


A earthquake, the boat core, the blue light flows, extremely dazzling.

"The son of this boat, I saw that before, at least a few thousand times!"

"Activate it, just as long as 200 cases!"

Mo Hao stunned, his eyes, his eyes, not worship.

"The fairy is only so much, I can only engrave an arcline!"

Sun Yu looked at the remaining more than 300 packages, and sighed.

This is out.

Mohashi is trembled.

Without any hesitation, Mohashi took a pack of Xianjing from the soul space.

A total of more than 500 pieces are his savings for hundreds of years, almost all his houses.

"Bonology, I have Xianjing here, please don't be less, accept it!"

Mohashi presented Xianjing in front of Sun Hao, a respectful model.

"give me?"

Sun Hao is slightly smashed, putting Xianjing in hand, not from the eyes.

This can buy 5 Jiangyang City!

He actually said to give himself?

This Mohao stone is really rich.

One shot is a five hundred fairy crystals.

Do you want to accept it?

"How is this good thing!" Sun Hao said.

"Bono, as long as you are not too abandon!" Mo Hao said.

"That line, I accept it!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you grate!" Mo Hao's face is touched.

I heard this, Sun Haoyi.

Shouldn't you say it yourself?

However, this guy seems to be a teacher.

Delivery to fairy crystal, not blame.

"You are Welcome!"

After saying, Sun Wei handed the boat to Mohashi, "I hold it!"

"Mon, this is?"

Mo Hao has both eyes and dares.

"Give you!"

This is out.

Mo Hao's chest is hit by a hit, and the whole stay.

That kind of unbelievable, words can't be described.

This boat core, but the Xianzhou core!

Its value cannot be estimated.

If you are used to auction, conservative estimates, you can take a few thousand thousandxini.

The son actually said to me?

This feels like dreaming.

"Master, I can't accept this!" Mo Hao said.

"How? Can you see it?"

"No, the son! This is too expensive, you spent so many fairyland!" Mohashi said.

"Nothing, accept it! You can make this extent, when can you be my apprentice!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.


Like Tianlei in his head, Mohao Stone is screaming.

Happiness is too sudden!

The son actually agreed to collect me as a person?

"Thank you gong!"

"Gong, you can rest assured, there will be one day, I will finish it!"

Mohashi is firmly nodded.

Sun Yizhen is a smile.

This blessing value, a lot of harvest.

You must also harvest one!

"I am here today, drink tea time, go!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

Come to the pavilion.

Sun Hao took out the big red robe and put it into a teapot.


Mo Hao stones were fried, and the face was revealed.

"Enlighten ... Wu Dao Tea?"

"Is this a proven company?"

Mo Hao said.

The whole stupid stands in place.

You are very precious, he is very clear.

Is the son be a big hand? !

"Old Mo, drink, don't cool!"

Sun Hao voice, wakes Mohao Stone.

"Yes ... Yes, son!"

Mo Hao said with a cup, slightly shaking.

Open your mouth, drink it.


A cold breath, from the meridians into the mind.

Soul, like immersed in the hot spring, is very comfortable.

At this moment, his soul is growing rapidly.

For a long time, he opened his eyes and looked at Sun Hao.

"Continued Cup!"

Sun Hao immediately gave Mohao Stone.

"Thank you gong!"

Mohashi is like a thierled person, has been drinking five cups, which stopped.

"Continued Cup?"

"The son, already drunk!"

Mo Hao stalls, and touched back to the belly, revealing a color.

I am too weak, and I can't completely digest it.

Now, you can only digest a cup of tea, other four cups, take a while to digest.

In that time, I talented, I will become 100 times, a thousand times increase!

Become a son, it is late and later!

"Bonology, I will go back to practice first!"

Mo Hao stood up and bleached.