It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 150, West House, Xiancheng Crisis

West House is over.


Five Changhong, rapid.

For the head of the head, it is Mu Ice.

After her, follow, it is the four ancestors of Mujia.

After landing.

A man immediately walked up, holding a fist, "Is it a Mu Ice girl?"

Mu Ice is doubtful, looking at the front of the man, I don't know myself.

I have passed the West Fairy City in the future, why do he recognize himself?

"You are?" Mu Bing asked.

"Mu Ice Girl, I am a buddy of the star building, it is the king of the shopkeeper to let me wait for you!"

"The Lords of Luo Zhi have arrived, please come with me!" Said the man.

I heard this, Mu Ice dull nodded.

"it is good!"

Under the leader, a few people in Mu, came to an underground room.

In the room, Luo Culi, Su Yi Ling, Chen Xu Ming, Wen Art Stone has been standing inside.

See Mu Ice coming, a few people came, "You are finally here!"

"Sorry, the family is a little delayed!" Mu Ice said.

"What are these?"

Looking at the four middle-aged men after the ice, Luo Liu smashed.

"Luo Lord, this is the four old ancestors of my family!" Mu Ice said.


A few people were shocked.

I heard that Mujia has only four ancient ancestors to self-sealing the gods, others are dead.

Others, don't want to be self-caught in the source, but look for an extremely difficult story.

Even if it is a master of Mujia, there are four gods, which is very difficult.

Does Mujia Kai Mountain ancestor - Mu You is also here?

"I have seen four seniors!"

Several people came to come, hold the boxing.

"You don't have to be polite, the things of Er, we have heard that it is a model of people!"

"You can do something for the son, it is our blessing!"

"Yes, the son is not in the case, you can become a piece of chess in his hand, it is so honored!"

Mujia four ancestors said.

"Thank you for your seniors!"

"There is a predecessor, this battle, you will win!" Luo Cow said.

"As long as you don't touch Xianlong, the old man has a battle force, but if you come to Xianlong, how is this good?" Muo's face, revealing a biller.

"Seniors, this doesn't have to worry, the son is everything, I want to have a law payable!"

"I have to do it, but I don't have to protect the West House!" Luo Cai said.


Mujia four ancestors nodded slightly, and his face revealed.

The son can transform unparalleled land and restore yourself.

This means, against the sky.

I am skeptical here, it is simply big.

This idea will never be!

I think so, Mu arrogantly nodded, and looks more and more firm.

"Dragon is Tucheng, when it is true, they will never let anyone!"

"So, I have the following claims ..."

Everyone began to discuss.



Time flies, the eye is five days.

In these five days, the West is old, there is no exception.

Outside the West House, there is a cave.

Four people sitting together with Silver men.

Their dragons, the people who brought the team, is the dragon war will - Chi Rong.

"Second brother, directly bringing people to tune, why bother?"

A rough man said.

"Five brothers, don't move!"

Chi Rong took a shot of the man's shoulder, and the look is dignified. "Everyone is a brother, since this is the team is me, then everyone is life, put it in my hand!"

"I can't sacrifice everyone for private enmity!" Said late.

"One small people, what is fearful? It is difficult to do, in this small West House Xiancheng, can you still come out a fairy?" The rough man disdain.

"Five brothers, then wait, if there is no abnormality today, I immediately sent people to shoot, how?" Said Chi Rong.

"That ... that's fine!"

Time is fast,


At this time, a big drink, awaken a few people from cultivation.

"Come in!"

A commander is rapid, and it is in front of a few people.

"The report is released, the West Hall Xiancheng, everything is normal, the number of people and the number of people, the increase or decrease!" Said the military soldier.

"Know, go on!"


Waiting to pass the belief.

The crude man stands directly, "" Two brother, what are you waiting for, or order it! "

"Don't worry, let's study first, which way you use!" Said Chi Rong.

"Second brother, study a fart, a small family, which is the same!" The rough man said.

"Since you are so powerful, that is, you can bring your team, ok?"

Lys on the face, revealing a bad.

The rough man saw this scene, grabbed his head, smiled, "Er brother, this ... this is not, I let me kill, I will never frown!"

"Since you are not in, let the second brother finish the words!"

"It's, five brothers, don't say that the four brothers don't help you, you have really changed this temper!"

"Second brother, don't care about him, let's continue to talk!"

"it is good!"

Chi Rong took the map, pointed to the top, said.

"West House Xiancheng is the center of Western Regions, naturally has its heritage, the strongest three majors, respectively, Wang Xinglou, Qin Jia, Fanjia!"

"Not long ago, I heard that Qin family had a genius - Qin Yu, from the waste became a non-Ling Dan teacher, only one day!" Said late.


A few people face, but surprised, "Two brothers, become a unpispentant teacher a day? How is it possible?"

"I have something! However, he has left the family, no one knows where he went!" Said Chi Rong.

"Two brother, a refining teacher, even if he is in the West Hall, what is it?"

"It's, two brothers, you are too careful, what is the wind and waves?"

Liker shook his head, "I am worried about him, but turned him into the person who has no Ling Dan!"

"Is there such a character in this world?"

"Not bad!"

"So, this is the reason why I am careful!" Said late.

A few people listened, nodded in one.

"After the past few days, I want to make some characters, I am not in the West Hall, we can safely!"

"Now, we need to deal with, mainly Wang Xinglou! Do you have any opinion?"

Chi Rong looked at a few people and said.

"Second brother, I heard that the boundary is deep, but all of them are dead, now they are dead, I will wait for the sale, I am afraid ..."

"Three brothers, fear of a ball! I am dragon, I am also afraid that he looks at the star building?"

I heard these, and I was slightly nodded.

"In this case, then use the first set!"

"First use the flame cage to put the city, and then send the soldiers into the city to shoot, and you can't let go!"

"My Dragon is the power of the dragon, is it a fire that ants can violate!"

Lys in the face, a fierce light, fleeting.

"Two brother, people are tuned by the hand, then?" What about us? "The rough man said.

"We? When there is a master, when you appear, you will take a suppression!" Said Chi Rong.

"That's too embarrassing?"

The crude man is sitting directly in the ground, and the look is wilting.

"Five brothers, listen to my mother!"

"It's, the city is going to shoot, isn't it too expensive!"

"Three brothers, four brothers, I am a heart itchy!" The rough man sighed.

"In this case, then you play a small soldier, go to kill someone, don't expose!" Said Chi Rong.

"Yes, two brothers!"


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