It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 151, Long Yan, Cage, Cage 4

"It's so comfortable!"

Sun Hao stretched a lazy waist and opened his eyes.

But I looked at him as a dream smile, "the son, get up, the sun is sunny!"

"If you dream, you are around, I found that I am getting lazy!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, you will really speak!" Huangru dreams smile, "first getting up!"

"it is good!"

Sun Hao got up.

Wash, after eating, the two came to the pavilion.

"Six days, how can someone come?"

Sun Hao frowned slightly, revealing a thinking color.

Even if Mohashi, I didn't appear in the past few days, I don't know where it is.

"How can I be a girl? Is it because I often eat it in me?"

"It is this! In this case, then you should prepare a little!"

"Anyway, there is fine now, then I have to go to Ghost Longtan fishing!"

I think so, Sun Yizhen blooms so far.

I have finally found interesting things.

"Dream, today we go fishing, how?" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

"If you dream, I see you won't say it!" Sun Hao said.

"Bonkee, you don't have fun! If your dreams are with the son, what is willing to do, I am very happy!" The Phoenix is ​​a dream.

When I heard this, Sun Hao nodded.

Can there be such a wife to accompany, what is the husband?

"That line, let's go!" Sun Hao said.


If the phoenix is ​​finished, call the purple electricity directly.

The two people walk into the boat and came to the control room.

"Gong, where are we going?" Asked the Phoenix.

"Ghost Longtan!" Sun Hao said.

"it is good!"

The phoenix is ​​nodded, driving a boating.


The boat shock is ripple, and it is turned into a stream of streams in the sky.



West House is over.

It's like a rain, and the boat is like a shuttle.

In the city, the pedestrian Sichuan flows.

, shout, discuss the sound, bragging ...

Sound interleaving, like a pot of porridge, noisy.

Whole look, everything is normal.

This day is early.


Suddenly, an earthquake.

The first layer of transparent waves, between the blink of the whole West House, Xiancheng.


A layer of flames, such as igniting hot oil, followed by this layer of transparent waves, rapid ignition.

Look, like a huge fireball out of the ground.

The flame cage, instant shape, cover West House, Xiancheng.

Everyone in Xifang Xiancheng stayed at this scene, and his face changed.

"This ... what happened?"

"What is going on, what is this?"

The sound was treated in the sound.

"This is the dragon's dragon routine!"

Among the cultivators, there is no shortage of people who see excellence, and they shouted so.

This sound, like a stone, exciting thousands of waves.

"What, Dragon is coming? Is this what I will take me?"

"It's over, I'm finished, the dragon is full, this time, I will never let anyone!"

"Look, the dragon is coming to Tutue! What can I do?"

"The death of the Dragon, since ancient times, we have done in our compatriots, wealth, now, come to Tug, the death, the you!"

"I hate, I hate! I hate my strength is not enough! Otherwise, I must destroy them!"

Sound is constant, can't stop at all.

Soon, Xianfu Xicheng will confuse.

"I don't want to die, I have to leave here!"

Many repaired people rushed to the sky, sacrificed all kinds of magic weapons, and walked to the dragon flame.


"Zi ..."

These magic weapons have not been close to those flames, and they are melted into iron water and drip down.

"no no……"

Seeing your magicization, these consonsions are very shocked.

Hurry and escape from the law.

Just, where is it.

"Zi ..."

A drop of iron water, directly through a cultivator, ignited his entire body.


The screaming sound just sounded, and it turned it out.

After a few seconds, these cultivators burned into fly ash and disappeared.

Falling iron water, with the power of burning everything, as the raindrops are generally fallen.

"Zi ..."

On the ground, I burned a huge hole.

When a cultivator saw this scene, the scalp was blown, and he fled everywhere.

They looked at the sky to fall in the iron and kept dodging.

However, there are always some lucky people to contact the iron water.


The scream continues to ring.

The worker's body, crisp, not stopped.

Between the blink of an eye, they killed nearly a thousand revisions.

However, this number is, for two million people, it can be ignored at all.

The birds have died, others do not dare to move, and can only seek other laws.

Hidden in the attic, hiding in the secret room ...


Under the prisoner of the dragon flame.


The temperature is around, the higher the rise.

"Good heat, can't stand it, give me water!"

"Uncomfortable, it is so uncomfortable, I have to become roast chicken!"

"Who will save us!"

Ordinary mortals, at this moment, it has become extremely difficult to endure.

Even in the attic, it is the same.

The whole city is like a giant oven.


The house, it seems that this high temperature has not been heard, and the black smoke is tied.

Between the blink of an eye, the whole West Fairy City is covered with black smoke.

"Cough ..."

Cough, constantly sound.


As the temperature rises, the big fire will wrap the entire city.

Whole look, just like flame hell, horror.


Screaming, constantly sounding.

Even the cultivar, not everyone can get this temperature.

"Help, save!"

"There is no God, please save us!"

"There is a fart, it is better to seek God!"

"Yes, seeking God!"

This is over.

"There is a murderer, you are very compassion, save you, ask you to save us!"

"God attacked, I am your most devout believers, please seek spirit!"

"My believing God, you can do everything, I will know that I am suffering from this! If you can, please save us!"

Such a sound continues to ring.

The person who worships, more and more.

Whether it is mortal, or a trief, they are called the name of God.

I look at it, I am dense, all people.

Devotion, words can't be described.


The Master Vanlo is looking at the sky, and the face is cold-sweating.


A flame, falling from the sky, falling on the family in the big array, and a loud noise.

The whole family is .

The family is a child, and he fell in the ground, and the liver and gentle.

"Is this the sky who is going to die?"! "

Van Luo muttered, full of bitterness.

I just got back all the children, and this major event happened.

Dragon strikes, it is dead without a bone.

"Do not……"

Vanwall is unwilling!

"There must be hope!"

"Yes, can God not do everything?"

"He will send people to save us!"

So thinking, Vanlo is screaming: "Everyone listened, prayed to God with me!"

This sound, the earthquake is in the ear, and suddenly wakes them.

One of them, begging, start praying.

Such a scene, staged at the West of Xiancheng.

When everyone is in despair.


A sound.

A coldness of ice, the center of Wang Xinglou, shocked four weeks.

This ice is cold, extinguishing the flame directly, sweeping the heat wave.

The whole West House is fast and cool.


In the chilly, there is also a sputum, and repairs the scars of everyone.

The trim people stay in the same place, and they are all do not believe.

Looking up, it is not contracted by pupil.

That kind of shock.

That kind of devout.

That kind of movement.

Write over everyone's face.


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