It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 152th chapter of God is fascinating!

West House is over.


A phoenix, the earthquake direction.

A blue ice phoenix, cover over it.

The coldness of the ice, like the silk lines are generally sprinkled, and they have passed throughout the West House.

Finally, in the body of the construct, drive the heat, repair the injury.

this moment.

There is a kind of touchless feeling full of everyone's body.

All cultivators are excited to have the body microvement, revealing a lot of rumors after robbery.

Look up and look up.

I saw it.

Ice Phoenix is ​​below.

A blue woman standing there and keeps waving hands.

The fairy is like a silk, from her body, pouring into the ice cream.

Looking far away, just like a fairy that falls from the sky, beauty suffocating.

She, it is Mu Ice.

Everyone stayed at Mu Ice, between the time, staying in place.

After a while.

"Plop! Plop ..."

The sound of worship, not stopping.

They all have ten, and they respect.

"God is fascinating, he sent fairy to save us!"

"God's fascia, you are really a big sadness!"

Touched the sound, constantly sound.



West House Xiancheng surrounded by the ground.

The ground fissure road mouth, one strip is present in front of everyone.

"This ... What is this?"

"Where is this in the end?"

When a conspire, stand up and stand around the bottom of the ground, start onlookers.

"Everyone listened, quickly entered the ground, the dragon is going to attack!"

Mu ice sound, such as thunder, passing into everyone's ear.

"The fairy is spoken, fast ... Quick!"

"I didn't expect that fairy considered such a thoughtful, and even the authenticity!"

A group of repaired people, like a torrent, flooding into each base channel.

The channel leads to the depths of the ground.

In a thousand-meter-deep place, collection into a huge channel, leading to West House.

Shortly after.

West House Xiancheng, in addition to Mu Ice and others, other repairs have left.

Outside the dragon flame.


A floral is around the four squares, and from time to time, it spurts the flames, such as the fire snake, whizes the dragon's flames.

Horror high temperature, burning air distortion deformation.

Outside the dragon, the Western sky, standing nearly 100 silver armor.

Each, it is distributed with half a fairyland.

A majestic, sinister, shocking.

It looks like a military in a War War.

These silver armor are all dragons.

Among the silver kanwu, there is a rough man looking at the West House, and the mouth is ridiculous.

"Call it, shout!"

"I am dragon, what can I be deceived?"

"Only tune you million, it is the biggest kindness of our family!"

"I really hope that you will die less, otherwise, this time I can't add addiction!"

The rough man muttered his own words, the eyes of the eyes, the flashes were ignorant.


Suddenly, a Changhong, flying quickly.

"Say!" Silk Awands said.

"The leadership, the West Municipality has not been screaming!" The Communicator said.

This is out.


Many silver sideware handed over, whispered.

"No, there is no screaming? It's hard, all burn it?"

"The people are too weak? How can this use us?"


Silk Awands gathered a little frowned, and a face was puzzled.

It is reasonable that the family should be able to stick to it for a while.

Is there a weak person, it is no longer the courage of the year?


Ziyang Stars Nine Fairy, has not been present in millions of years, and it will have fallen.

For those men, a fairy has not been born, it looks like it is true!

"Hey, four generals, where to send the army Tutor, there is a dragon, enough to slaughter them!"

The silver armor is shaking his head.

"All commanders!"

"Target, West House Xiancheng! From West Gate attack, one can't let go!"



Under the leadership leaders, Shangbai Silver David, rushed to the West House.

In the crowd, the crude man was first in front of the front.

His eyes bloom excited, from time to time.


Soon, he was rushing into the dragon prisoner with nearly 100 silver.

These flames, for them, there is no injury.

Entering the dragon prisoners, the crude man is instantaneous.

With him a general look, there is also a silver armor.

"How is this cool?"

"There is a breath of ice and phoenix!"

"Damn, is it that Ice Feng is doing it with us? Have everyone saved?"

"How is it possible, Ice Feng family has already died, can only be hosted by the people in the form of the root, and the giving!"


At this time, a silver armored guard pointed to the ground.

"Not good, they all fled to the bottom, we quickly reported this to the general!"

"Report a fart, this kind of small thing, still find the general? Directly chasing the past!"

"All listen, with the fastest, chasing the group of ants!"


Hundreds of silver nails fly down.

They just landed.

At this time.

"Ha ha……"

A laughter sounded.

Search, all Silver Dish can not be constructed from the pupil.

The look is different.

Excited, there is shock, do not believe ...

I saw it, in front of them, a man came step by step.

His shoulders pied up the big knife, the mouth was soaring, and I used it to hand in the hands of the hands and arrogant.

He is Chen Xu Ming.

"There is still a timeless, look, it is behind!"

"Congratulations, this is given to me, you will chase those ants!"

"it is good!"

The division is completed.

A silver armor is coming to the bottom, then rushing to the ground.

However, their footsteps have just taken it.

But see Chen Xiu Ming took a long knife and slowly took out.


A shock, heaven and earth.

this moment.

All silver armor is stripped as bright and falls into the dark.

A curved knife light is lit in the dark.

People can't open their eyes.

"call out……"

The knife looks far away, just instantly, horing in a silver armor.

" ..."

The explosion continues to ring.

"! ..."

Surrounded by houses, they can't afford this pressure.

In the first time bursts.

Shock waves, layers stacked, whistling four parties.

The ground was pulled up, and the gravel rushed.

The silver armored body, followed by impact wave, hit the quarter.


After struggling to get up, blood is flying.

"Damn, give me!"

Leading the right hand, waxing, heroes, soon, soon.

Each face is exposed.

Just pull out a knife, I have hurt myself, how is this possible? !

This power, no matter what, you must kill the cradle, you must not let him rise.

Otherwise, the family will born a terrible cactus!

Small anthrace, can let them stand in their equivalent!

They looked at Chen Xiu Ming, killing Tengteng.


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