It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 153 1 knife breaks 0 dragons

Chen Kao said that he looked at these silver guards, and his face revealed.

Just taking the knife, if it faces the three-step half of the family, I am afraid that I have already lost my bones.

And they, the shields did not make it, they actually be slightly injured.

Dragon flesh, really not covered.

What is most excused to be afraid, not far from the rough man.

Just pulling the knife, he actually stood in the same place, the silk was not moving.

Don't think, this is the dragon strong!

Be careful.

Chen Xu Ming wants to make a decision.


Sound down.

In addition to the rough man, all silver nails are moved together.


Each silver armored silver gun, and the earthquake layer is ripple.

The sound of the blank is constantly ringing.

They live in hand and move in an orderly manner.

In the blink of an eye, it formed a binding array and smoked Chen knife.

"Want to trap me?"

Chen knife sounded his mouth, waving long knife.

This knife is extremely ordinary, there is no half a short.

It seems that there is no power.


"Hey ..."

Bind the large array, instant crack.

On the long knife, a layer of ripples.

" ..."

The sound is clear and very light, and it is in a silver armored ears, but they are shocked.

One of them, all fell to the ground, screaming.

This hit, they were hurt.

"Don't be stunned, all make it out!"

This start.

" ..."

Roaring, don't stop.

Each silver sideware is acutely expanded.

A strip of 100 meters silver dragon, flourishing towards the quarter.

Layered scales are shine in the dragon flames and exudes dazzling.


A silver dragon, the Chen knife did not respond, and he was right to spit out a dragon.

Like the wind swept, Chen Xiu Ming is unstable, and the body will go back.

With lots of strength, they have stabilized.

He looked at hundreds of silver dragons and showed a fear.

"How can this be?"

A silver dragon, it is also a strong eyes, and a face does not believe.

Just a hit, it is five steps and half fairy, and it has already fly to smoke.

He, actually only shocked, and it was not affected.

When the dragon is powerful, when is this weak?


Yinlong led a roar.

All Yinlong is moving, they use hard.


The belly of the dragon, lit up the silver white light, and flock it straight.

Nearly 100 dragons, giving the Chen knife, and spit.

Chen Xu Ming faces a micro-change.

Don't say two words, long knives are waving.

A knife, broke the space, shrouded the Chen knife.


Dragon is falling, exploding a sound of vibration.

The entire ground layer has set off and a thousand-meter smoke.

Such as the atomic bomb exploded, destroying the earth.

After a while.

The four weeks are gradually quiet.

Bailong's eyes stared at Chen Xu Ming, and it did not move.

Wait until dust disappears.

Chen Xu Ming gray his face, full of blood marks.

"What? Didn't die?"

"He ... what monster he is, just being slightly injured?"

"He did not make it, it is harder than us,"

"How is this possible, how can the people like this!"

"Hurry out of him, don't let him escape!"

A group of silver dragons discussed each other, and the sound was obedient.

"Ha ha……"

Chen Xiu Ming wiped his mouth blood and used hand compulsion.

"You hurt me!"

"Now I am going to hurt you!"

"This is hurting each other!"

After finishing, Chen Xu Ming took out a broken firewood.

This thing is out, all silver dragons are not hysterested by God.

Looking at Chen knife in the hands of the knife.

The contest is as waves, and sweeps to the firewood.

After a while.

"Haha ..."

The laughter sounded.

"I thought he took out what a peerless fairy, it turned out to be a firewood used in the mortal!"

"It's too funny, even if you have to take the firewood, you have to take it complete."

"This little child is really cute, I am a bit reluctant to kill him!"

"Yes, he is really a fashionable baby!"

Chen knife sounds, and slowly waves the firewood.

He draws a circle in the original place.

This circle has just been drawn.

"Booming ..."

Low sound.

With Chen Xiu Ming as the center, within a thousand meters, it is falling in a dark.

When the silver dragon saw, only the round white light.

This white light seems to be slow, and it is very fast.

Just instantly, I went to the silver dragon.

"what is this?"

"How can this be?"

Such an idea is ringing in each Yinlong Brain.

They, widened their eyes and roar.

However, there is no sound.

It is the rough man who stands in the dark, standing in the same place.

Around all Yinlong, all in the ground.

Silver dragon, deeply visible knife, all over the body.

White scales, scattered around.

That looks like a thousand knives, it is very miserable.

" ..."

Blood flowing, gather together, forming a blood river, integrating with dust, looking like a Senlo Hell.

In the air, the strong bloody smell came.

The crude man is looked at this scene, the mouth is slight.

He looked up his right hand and looked at the secret of the secret on the arm, a surprise.

A flying race, can you leave a mark on your own?

Is this still a general flying?

This kid, or the talent, it is a surprise.

However, what is it?

In front of the absolute strength, let you have thousands of means and it is also hit.

" ..."

The rough man smiled, handshed hands, joint fried.

He opened his footsteps, step by step toward Chen Xiu.

Looking at the rough man, Chen Kao's face is afraid.

Just one hit.

It is the strongest trick now!

It is aware from the firewood, named breaking.

This trick, directly consumed nearly five% of fairy!

The strongest trick, didn't you cause the crude man?

Then he has more horrible.

It's hard, he is Xianlong?


Chen Kao Ming directly denied this idea.

Who is he?

Can be unable to hurt anything, then his strength is definitely eight steps over the fairyland.

How to do?

Now, you can make a break blow.

What about this trick?


Footsteps, getting closer and closer.

Chen Xu Weimen Heart, and the more fierce it.

He secretly took out the communication, and quickly wrote: I am afraid that there is a dragon here!

In this way, I was completely seen in my eyes, and my face was on the face. There was no half-point change.

"Oh, there is still a salvation, that's a bit mean!"

He smiled slightly, his figure flashed, and he appeared in front of Chen knife.


Chen Xu Ming's god change, only glanced at the rough man's fist, could not force.


A loud noise.

Chen Kao Ming is like a broken kite and fly.

His hands were half a firewood, and he was taken in his hand.

"If this is broken, can you send out the horror?"


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