It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

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West House Xiancheng East Gate.

Su Yi Ling stands forward, standing hundreds of silver armor.

These silver armor are all dragons.

"The fine skin tender meat, the breath is thick, this is the best people, this taste is definitely good!"

"It's just so big, it's not enough!"

"Don't think about it, she is unprepared!"

The silver armor is guarded by Su Yi Ling, and the eyes are flashing, just like seeing a delicious taste.

"You ... what do you want to do?"

Su Yi Ling is feared, not stopping.

"The big collar, let me take this delicious, dedicated to you!"

A silver armor station came out and said.

"Good! Speed ​​speed, we have to chase those ants!"

"Yes, big leaders!"

After that, the silver armored guards lick the lips, and they came straight to Su Yi Ling.


Su Yi Ling was scared, and the whole squatted on the ground, Surse trembled.

"Ha ha……"

The silver army is on the face, showing a disabled smile.

Extending the hand claw, giving the Shu Yinde's head, caught it.

A flying little doll, you can resist your own claw.

In the next second, you can see Su Yi Ling's cerebelom crack, and the scene is dead.



A metal beats sounded.

Silka Weiwei looked at his hand claws, and his face did not believe.

The hand claw bone is broken, and it is born in the heart.

He is preparing to make a miserable call.


A knife sword stunned into the blood.

The silver armored neck is directly distorted, and it is scratched by Su Yi Ling.


His body bowed down, turned into a hundred meters silver dragon, after convulsions, did not move.

A trick, dying!

This scene, strongly stimulating other silver nails.

As a dragon, there are many flesh, they are very clear.

A antity, actually killed silver dragon?

This is not to see it, who dares to believe?

This person is repaired, how strong is the flesh?

So much.

In a lot of silver, there is a brightening color.

The big collar is also a finish, and the finger Su Yi Ling, "Shang!"

Under the order, nearly 100 silver sneakers are like the mamping mountains, and they go straight to Su Yi Ling.


Su Yi Ling snorted, not flashing.

With nearly hundred silver nail fights.


Metal is moving, constantly sounding.

Silkawei hit her, as hit on the metal, did not give her any injury.

It is the injury to those silver armor.

After a while.

"All change back to the body, fully attack!"

The big collar is a big drink, and the silver armor is moved.

"Hey ..."

Bone friction continues to ring.

The silver armor has a variety of speed changes in the naked eye, and there is a silver dragon.


The tail is twisted in the sky, and the shock is shocked.

The bursting sound continues to form a shock wave sputtering quartet.

The following houses are found to withstand this kind of waves and quickly burst.


All Yinlong, a part of the Su Yuling, and spit out nearly 100 dragons.

Su Yi Ling is rising, takes out the painting, and the booth is open in the top.


Ice cold road rhyme, quickly pour.

Surrounding temperature, rapid decrease.

Extremely chill, the dragons were wrapped up, frozen into a root ice silk, splashed into the four parties.

"Dao Yun? Such a horrible road?"

"Who is this, this is terrible?"

"When does the family have this kind of immortal?"

The collisher has a huge change, and the face is not believed.

He is sweating in his head, and he has made a big scream. "Fully attacked!"

All silver dragons, rapid movements, non-discharged dragons, with frozen force to resist.

The ice trip rhyme, there is a rain, fast ice dragon.

The cold ice rhyme and the dragon form a glue state, between the time, no one.

The leaders have seen this scene, and the corner of his mouth.

He went to the Su Yinglian stepped by step, his face, his mouth is cold, "small doll, dare to kill my family, give me death!"

After finishing, unified silver dragon, growing up for 2 million meters, and the breath of five steps is half-fairy.

Five paws, exudes a metal-like shiny, and the people are happy.

A stakeholder, the self-contained lead, the Su Yi Ling breathing is not smooth.

See this scene, Su Yi Ling faces.

I don't want to think of another pair of pictures in my arms.

This thing is out.

The leader is bombed, and it is two steps.

"Is it difficult to have that kind of painting?"

"This is absolutely impossible, this kind of strong, even if it is a cactus, it also needs to be painstaking, with countless Tianwei land can draw, how can there be a pair?"

"Look, this little girl wants to lie to me, scare me!"

"I was scared by a little doll? If you say it, don't you be laughed?"

The commander secretly shook his head, stretched forward, and pressed from the sky.

Great paws, covering the sky, horror boundless.

Air cafes continue.

"very scary!"

Su Yi Ling hurriedly opened his hand.


A surprise.

In the drawing, sadness, bleak, death, blowing.

Various road rhymes, like tsunami, straightforward.

"This ... this is impossible!"

"Do not……"

The leaders have a unwillingness.

His voice just sounded, and he stepfully.

A blind man.

The flesh and blood in the belongings will disappear with the naked eye.

There is only one skeleton in the blink of an eye.

" ..."

The skeleton has no fairy support, and it will fall directly to the ground, cracking.

Finally, fry into a powder, after the wind blows, there is no rest.

At the death, I didn't make a miserable call.

This scene, strongly stimulating the nerves of other silver dragons.

Endless fear, spread the whole body.

Their body is not shaking by autonomy.

At this moment, they have born, and they have not been a little war.


Then, there is Yintong moved, and it is a silver light, which is rishes.

There is a dragon takes the lead, there is a dragon follow.

Nearly 100 silver dragons, all moved.

Every silver fashion is written, and it is flying in the sky.



A breeze broke.

The hundreds of silver dragons are imprisoned, and they can't move.

Then, they have flesh and blood in the naked eye, and the speed disappears.

Finally, they become nearly 100 bones, down from the sky.

" ..."

Falling is constant.

The skeleton has collapsed into a powder, disappearing on the spot.

See this scene, Su Yi Ling widened his eyes and shocked.

She looked at the paintings in front of him, but she couldn't believe it.

This power is too powerful!

The son means, it is impossible to imagine!

"I haven't been addicted yet, I'm dead?"

"I feel that I will play more and more play!"

Su Yi Ling revealed a smile, regard the two scrolls as a treasure general income, and keep it.


Suddenly, a vibration sounded.

Take out the jokes, see the above news, Su Yiling's eyes light, "Dragon will? Let's take a look!"


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