It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 155th chapter of the dragon

"Let's take a breakfast knife, can you send out the horror?"

The crude man picks up the firewood, and the face is obvious.

The way is used, and it cannot be seen from the firewood.

It seems that it is just a common ordinary soldier, not enough to do it.

Next second.

The crude man scalpered a hemp, and quickly took the firewood from his hand.

However, the firewood is like growing in his hand, how can you not get it.

The power in the body is rapidly lost, and in the firewood.


The rough man is shrinking, the reaction is extremely fast, in a moment, I cut my hand claws.

"What is this, can you swallow my strength?"

"This is only one interest, it is turned to be swallowed by it, damn!"

The crude man looked at the firewood on the ground, and his face was angry.

"Deliberately let me take the firewood, it is actually to swallow me the power, swallow you, but also make up for it!"

The crude man stepped into Chen Xiu.

In his body, it is emitted from the dragon and drain, and the Chen Kao sounds the fire.

"come back!"

Chen knife looked at the firewood and looked lighted.


The firewood crazy shock, turned into a stream, and appeared in the hands of Chen Xiu.

"Hey ..."

Surrounded, the response is split.

Chen Xu Ming recovered freedom.

Without any hesitation, Chen Xu Ming fills the whole body and insert the firewood.

Subsequently, the crude man was given to break the sky.


Around, instantly fell dark.

A bright, rapidly, and gratifying the crude man's eyebrow, flying over.

The speed is fast, and there is no reaction to the rough man.

" ..."

A knife sword tied into the blood.

The crude man is eyebrow, and the blood is joined.

He wipes with hand, looks at the scarlet, calm face, and distort it.

"Can you hurt me?"

"You dare to hurt me!"

The crude man stepped out stepped out and slammed the layer.

I appeared in front of Chen Xiu, a punch.


A loud noise, Chen Xiu's body flew out.

"! ..."

Where you have, the house is cracked and dust is rushing.

Fly out of thousands of meters, hit on the wall.


The city wall should be split and collapsed.


Chen Xiu Ming spit a few mouthfuls of blood, struggling, and can't get up.

He looked at the rough man, and he was a full face.

The strongest trick, just let him flow a few blood.

This dragon will be too strong!

This is troublesome!

The crude man looked at Chen Xiu, and the face is slightly changed, "Didn't die ?!"

"The flesh is really strong enough, it can be compared with our family!"

"However, today, it is a nine fairy, and you will not save you!"

I just finished this.

"is it?"

A sound.


A coldness of ice, falling from the sky, shrouded in a rough man.

Mu snail is blue, like fairy usually falls from the sky.

After her, Mujia Fourth Azu followed.

She stands half the air and looks at the rough man, and it is calm.

That look, like a goddess of the world.

"Dragon will?"

the other side.

Three figure and slowly came.

They are three, which is Luo Liu smoke, Su Yi Ling and Wenren Troost.

Looking at Chen Xiu's injury, Luo Liu smashed, "Chen Daoyou, you will take a break, next, give us!"

"it is good!"

Chen Kao Ming struggled to stand up and retired.

The crude man looked at these people, and her face revealed.

"I will rely on you ..."

Didn't finish it.

The Luosi smoke and Su Yi Ling simultaneously flew at the same time.


A sound shock.

Terrorist road rhyme, like a tsunami, squatting in all directions.

See this scene, the crude man has a big face.

"It's impossible, this is absolutely impossible!"

"A small family, how can there be so many treasures?"

The crude man makes the law, crazy and escaping.

It's just wherever you come.


The shock is roaring.

The rings are covered between the rhyme.


The rough man biting his teeth, but he fell into the quagmire, and the root finger was extremely difficult.

"If you want to trap this seat, give it to me!"

The rough man has skyrockery and licks.

In the blink of an eye, it turns into a talented dragon.

Every scales, there is a roof size, and that is indeses, running.

"Hey ..."

A sound sounded like a egg shell.

Cage rhyme in the dragon, instantly cracked.


Dragon is long-awaited.

Dragon is shocked for nine days, spread throughout the four parties.


A group of white mango, Zhu Xing, spit out from the giant dragon.

Among the white mounts, there is a Willow that destroys the land of the earth, and the two women who are quasi-Sui Ling will hit it.

See this scene, the scalp of two people in Luosi smoked, and quickly made the law.

Just, where is it.


A shocking loud sound, shocking the whole West House, Xiancheng is .

Attaches have cracked.


A shock wave, swept the quarter.

It is hereby, the dust is launched.

The dust is covered with the dust and shrouded.

Waiting to be exhausted.

A hundred meters deep giant pit is presented on the ground.

Among the giant pits, a dragon is there, there is a scales on the body, falling a lot.

Dragon struggled to stand up, looked up at the sky, and could not be constructed by the pupil.

I saw it.

On the sky, Luo Cow and other people stand next to Mu Bing, intact.

A trace of injury has not left.

On the higher sky, a Shenlong imaginary shadow is around, and it is cold and looked at the dragon.

"Shenlong ..."

The dragon scalp is fried, full of shocking.

"I don't know what the predecessor is here, what is the so-called?"

Dragon squatted his head to show respect.


The sky god did not look at him, and the gesture is proud.

The dragon died in the eyes of the gods, and they were angry.

"It turned out to be a deetel, in this case, this is swallowedant!"

"See you still dare!"

After that, the dragon opened his mouth and spit hard.


A white bead is a sky.

At this moment, heaven and earth discolored.

The whole sky, see, only this white bead.

"Dragon Ball!"

A excited sound.

"What? He actually cultivated Dragon Ball, which is troublesome!"

"We have to shoot!"

At this time, Mu Youfang stood up and cheered.


Mu Ice right hand, the sky god dragon vain is rapidly changed, and it is a statue, returning to the hand.

" , I am so thankful for you, give me a dragon soul!"

"As long as you swallow it, I can break through the fairyland!"

"When I arrived, I also used it to fear who?"

"Haha ..."


Running in the world.

The dragon is big in the giant dragon.

A stone, in the mouth, flock to Dragon Ball.


Dragon Ball exudes all the power, and hits the people.


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