It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 156 Dragon Ball Explosion, Destroying the Earth


Mu You waved, with Mujia Lao Zu, straight to the Dragon Ball.


Each hands have a word, and there is a word in your mouth.

An ancient imprint, emerging in their hands.

Red-yellow blue three-color intertwined, rapid rotation in Muzy hands, and the more it is.

Finally, it forms a colorful quarter of the sky.


The ancient big array, keeps oscillating, and the waves whistle.

Surrounded by air, it seems that this pressure cannot be oscillated.

" ..."

Surprise burst sound, constantly sound.


A loud life is destroyed.

The dragon routine cage enveloped over the West House, instantly collapsed.

On the sky, hundreds of fire dragons, the body cracked into a powder, disappearing on the spot.

"go with……"

Mu You right hand one finger.

The large array is downstream from the sky.

Between the blink, pressed on the dragon ball.

" ..."

Dragon Ball crazy trembled, it seems to be exploded.


The dragon bite your teeth and is crazy.

White mango, like exploding, flying across the dragon ball.


Dragon Ball seems to be can't stand the big array, crazy tremble!

Big array is like a tsunami, layered layer stacked, not stopped.

Every shock, the pressure will be doubled.


The dragon body is not controlled by the ground, blowing a dust.

Dragon Ball also followed it to the ground, did not enter the soil.


A dull sound, came from the bottom.

Take the dragon as the center, the ground is exploded by a row, spread to around.

The dust is dust, and it will rise up.

The impact wave spread, everything surrounded, all of which were bombed.

The whole West House is directly moved to flat.

Even if you look at the star building, it is also blown and disappeared on the spot.

Dragon Ball, horror.

Waiting for everything calm down.

A giant pit that depends on a few hundred meters, presented in front of everyone.

The big pit is big enough to cover the entire West House, like an anhydrous lake.

The giant pit.

A white dragon, lying inside.

It's scales and disappeared.

Under the body, it is scar, it looks, it is terrible.


It widened his eyes, looked at Mu You and others, "Western Western?"


Mu You is awkward, "old husband Mu You!"

"what are you?"

In the Julong's eyes, it is said to be a taboo.

Obviously, I have heard of Mu You 's name.

"Hey, Xiao Dilong, dare to come to my guy, the city, the kill!"

Mujia four azu looked at the dragon, the cold and killing, without any conception.

"What to kill?"

In the giant dragon, revealing a contempt, "Just you, dare?"

Mu arrogant did not speak, and the right hand grabbed.


Endless spirit, hurried to his hand.


A white spear, fast aggregation forming.

"The spear of the Dragon? You ... you dare!"

The dragon pupil contraction, the face is giant.

The body is crazy, and the injury is too heavy, it can't be moved.


The heavens and the earth are trembled, the white light spears, and the rapid throws down.

Seeing it, you have to take the giant dragon eye.

At this time.


Three figure, instantly appeared in front of the dragon.

The person headed is that it is late.

They three, while reaching out of the right hand, mobilizing the fairy, looking forward.

The three light beams, gathered together, giving the white light spear, hit the past.


The air is immersed, the low calm sound sounds.

"Hey ..."

White light spears, a little split.

Finally, the collapse is a powder.

"Three dragons ?!"

Muo's face is slightly changed.

The other three ancestors are also bigger,

Just now, dealing with a dragon, has consumed nearly half strength.

Then deal with one, barely do it.

Also deal with three, it is impossible.

Moreover, these three dragons will be significant.

Just one, you can't deal with it.


"You, run!"

Mu You looks at Luo Liu and other people, sending a gods.

Luo Liu and other people nodded, there is no hesitation, and retreat quickly.


" ..."

They hit on a layer of transparent barrier, almost fell to the ground.

"This ... this is a dragon trap!"

"Well, we are trapped!"

"We are all powerful, all over!"

"This is trouble!"

Mujia four ancestors face, be afraid.

"The ancestors, don't worry, the son is everything, I just need to go all out!" Mu Bing said.

"Everything is everything? Go all out?"

Like said this, I almost laughed.

It's not good if you are?

When he learned that there was a gods of the dragon, he would secretly bundled the fairy array with the other two dragons.

Don't say they, even if it is a real cactus, it is necessary to be trapped here, can't escape.

For this, the fifth brother Dragon Dan exploded, and it could not become Xianlong for a lifetime.

However, you can get the soul of Shenlong, worth it!

"Second brother, it is four, put me into this, you have to revenge for me!"

"Also, the anthony has the antique soul, must take over!"

The dragon roared, and kept roaring.

I heard these, and the horned angle is too rare.

"Five brothers rest assured!"

After finishing, he took two dragons and went straight to Magistan.


Mujia four ancestors snorted and rushed to them.

For a time, both are you come to me, no one is.


The air bursts, and the deaf is screaming.

Bothless air waves, sprinkling to the world.

The ground is set off again.

Dust rushing, envelopes the entire West House.

"Zi ..."

Smoke friction, arc explosion, and nourishment.

Seven movies, do not stop in the dust.

This battle, there is a half time to last.


A shocking loud noise.

Two people immediately divided.

They stand on high altitude and oppose each other.

Mujia four ancestors face, be afraid.

"What can I do? They have not changed their own body, and they pressed us!"

"There is no way, I can only fight! Don't kill them, can't break!"

"it is good!"

After some discussion, Mujia Fourth Azu made a decision.

the other side.

"Second brother, let's change the body, so as not to accident!"

"it is good!"

Trink Dragon changes the body rapidly.

Between the blink of an eye, it will become a three-legged dragon.

Arou, the body exudes an unsabricated breath.

Let people see, the heart is afraid.


Three dragons sent a dragon, and the earth was shaken, horrible.


Three dragons, the four ancestors of Zhigang, will come over.

Terrorist, spread around the dragon, and pressed the huge face of Mujia Fourth Ancestral.

"We have not recovered in the end, it is not an opponent!"

"After it, you can't complete the god of you!"

Mujia's four ancestors face, all unsolved.


They sent a roar, crazy to transfer Dantian fairy, form a shield, parcel wear

"Oh, depending on this, I also want to stop our dragon?"


Laughing on the face, it is a clear.

Seeing, three dragons, it is on the four ancestors of Mujia.

At this time, the transition protrusions.


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