It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 157th chapter of the ice phoenix, freeze-crack 1 cut

Next to Ghost Longtan.

Sun Hao and the Phoenix are like a stool, sitting directly.

Two fishing rods, a system of products, and a pair.

"Gong, how can you catch fish?" Huang asked.

"It's very simple, throws a fishing hook, waiting quietly!" Sun Hao said.

The Phoenix is ​​a dream, "the son, don't you use it?"

"That is the magic law of ordinary people, I am doing this fish, it is a special material, in the eyes of the fish, it is a delicious, will not care about all!" Sun Hao said.

"Really?" The Phoenix is ​​light in the eyes.

"Of course, don't believe, you try!" Sun Hao said.

"it is good!"

Throw a fish hook, gradually layer corruption.

The fish hook gradually went into the water and disappeared.


Waiting for half an hour, still did not catch anything.

See this scene, Sun Hao frowned.

No, according to reason, you can't get a fish for up to ten minutes.

Is there no fish below?

Then I can remove the jaundice last time?

"Bonology, this ghost Longtan has no dragon, ordinary fish is only afraid that it will not bite this hook at all!"

"Hey, you blame your own book too small, or if you help the son, you will come over!"

The Phoenix is ​​like Sun Hao, apologize.

"I will try it, I don't believe it!"

After that, Sun Hao took the fishing rod and put it into the water.

"Big guy, come to me!"

As this, the water surface shocks layer ripples.

After the fishing hook enters the water, it will disappear directly.

Enter another time and space.

See this scene, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream, and the eyes are very big.

"This ... this is a fishing avenue! The son actually fishing a road?"

Fishing Avenue, belongs to the unparalleled avenue, very difficult.

Legend has it, the fishing avenue is realized, the fish hook can enter another time and space, caught in the thing!

Even, causing causality, horror.

This kind of unparalleled, the son has already mastered to the big!

Huang is looking at Sun Wei, full face is worship.



West House is over.


Three giant dragons, spit out three dragons, and hit it on the four ancestors of Mujia.

Seeing that the dragon should be on the four people.

At this time.


A phoenix.

A ice phoenix, covered with half a sky, the wings are gently.

The cold wind is approached, all is frozen.

Three dragons, suddenly freeland, collapse into a broken ice.

"Ice Feng !?"

Three dragons looked at the ice phoenix in the sky, on his face, showing a fear.


Three giant dragons, get up, surrounded by ice phoenix, open the big mouth, and spit out the dragon.

On the ice and phoenix, Mu Bing hand holds the fairy sword, and the three giant dragons are cold.

She waves right hand.


Ice Phoenix is ​​called, and the wings have a shock.


Ice cold, flour.

The dragon of that touched, did it, and fell.

The ice phoenix is ​​surrounded by a flying shield, blocking everything.

"Two brothers, this way, I can't hurt her!"

"Let the trick!"

"it is good!"

Three dragons flashed, gather together.

Their body is wound together, and the three power is mixed, and the rapid rotation begins.

Looking far away, just like a wind diam, with a drill, all the power, rapidly bombarding the ice.


The quartz space, dramatic trembling, the explosion continues to ring.

The airless waves, swept the four squares, put the lower dust, and again to the sky.

The whole world is full of dust.

Mu family four ancestors, like being flying by the air wave, rubbing with dust, and inspiring the road scars.

" ..."

Rosow smoke and other people's body shield, in the first time, frying, the body is like a broken kite, fly.


Sprinkle the blood rain in the sky, with a lot of strength, only steadily.

See this scene, Mu Ice faces.


Mu Ice drunk.


Ice Phoenix is ​​called, a fry element is spit out, forming a ice crystal ball, standing before body.

"Hey ..."

The space seems to withstand this kind of power, the radial lines, all over the quartet.

In the ice crystal ball, the road thundered electricity, containing it, exudes the power of destroying the earth.

"go with!"

Mu Ice is low, put the power of ice crystals, integrate into the fairy sword.

"call out……"

The fairy sword flew, and it flew out.

Between the blink of an eye, I collided with three dragons.


A dull sound and implement the long river.

The sky, like the lens is generally exploded, and the cracks spread around.

I wrapped three dragons in a blink of an eye.

"! ..."

Like the serial ribbon gun on three dragons.

Their body, like a broken kite, directly into the ground.

"Boom! Boom ..."

The ground is blown again.

Dust, shrouded.

Everything is quiet.

"How is Xiaobing?" "Wen people muttered.

"That is the ice Fengling roots! When I want to get a spiritiforn, then how good!"

Su Yiwei clenched a small fist, in the eyes, it is impact.

"Great! I have to work hard!" Chen Xu Yumu is firm.

"Little ice, your talent, I can't be more than!" Luo Liu smashed nodded.

Mujia Fourth Azu whole storm, revealing the colors that cannot be confident.

Do you actually beat three dragons?

Is this a dream?

They looked at Mu Ice, and the face was shocked.

I saw that Mu Ice stands in the sky, holding the chest with hands, and the face is white.

Just a hit, I have already hollowed the body.

Now, there is no power!

Fortunately, the three dragons were defeated.

"The son, the things you have intended!"

Mu Ice looked at the direction of the big demon, and his mouth raised a smile.

Suddenly, a dizziness is angry, Mu Bing holds his head, and it seems to fall.

"Little Ice!"

Luousi smashed quickly, and helped Mu Bing.

"I am fine, just fairy exhausted!"

Mu Bing is swaying, indicating that you are fine.

"You, it's really a monster, only ten steps flying, and even the dragon will be defeated three nine-step, or I can see it." Luo Liu smashed.

I just finished this.


Three dragons, roaring through the world.

"Damn, the dead antity, you completely influence this seat!"

"Today, don't strip your soul, it is difficult to understand the hate of this seat!"

Three giant dragons, flying.

In an instant, I was surrounded by Mu Ice.


Without any hesitation, they spit out the dragon ball in the first time.

Three dragon balls, three different colors, they are wrapped around each other and hover.

Terror power, speed multiplication.


On the dragon ball, the stunned stalls like the silver river.

At this moment, everyone was trapped in the quagmire and could not move.

"Oh, a few antices, die!"

A roaring, resounding every human mind.

Mu Ice and Luo Cow Tobi Station in the same place, the mouth is slightly rising, and there is no panic.

Mu family four ancestors faced the face, crazy struggle.

However, there is no effect.

"It's over!"


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