It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 158 Fishing Avenue, horror

"Oh, ants, die!"

Chi Rong mouth spit, control three dragon balls, go straight to the two women.

Everything around, if it is imprisoned.

Mu Ice two women, I can't move.

"Do not!"

Mujia Fourth Azu saw this scene and sent a unwilling.

Four people have consumed clean and unable to struggle.

Mu family is not easy to make a enchanting, it is necessary to break it here.

Not sweet.

If you can, I would rather die!

Seeing that Dragon Balls have to smash the two women in Mu.

At this time.


On the sky, the layers are ripple.

A hook falls from the sky and falls to the sleepy fairy array.

"Hey ..."

Sleepy fairy in an instant cracking.

"what is this?"

Looking back at the sky, a face is puzzled.

He stared at the fish hook, so that he made a secret method.

What is the way is exhausted, and it is impossible to see any clues.

"this is?"

Three dragons were confused, and they looked at this scene.

"The son will save us?"

Two women in Mu Ice, looking at this fish hook, and the eyes are flashing.

Now, bondage has been solved.

Their two people looked at the four dragons on the ground, and the face was scornful.


The speed of the fish is not reduced.

Quick down.

In the case, it fell on three dragon boys.


Dragon Ball shake.



The sound of the egg shell is ringing.

Dragon Ball is polymerized together, instantly cracking.

Three dragon boys are light, all exhausted.

In this way, the four dragons were scared directly.

They are eye-catching, and their mouths are not convulsted, as seen in the world's most terror.

"This ... How is this possible?"

The four dragons are born, cold sweat DC.

"Who is it? Who is it? Give old money!"

"Put the ghost, what hero! There is a kind of positive battle!"

Chi Rong made a roaring, as rushing, rolling out.

The kind of unwillingness and anger.

However, responding to him, but it is quiet.

In addition, it is the hook that does not stop moving down.

"Second ... Er brother, I wait for Dragon Balls that are changing the edge!"

At this time, a late rid of the reality.


If the chest is hit by a heavy blow, it is too late to spit a blood.

Dragon Ball, is the source of the dragon, no dragon ball, never become Xianlong.

Moreover, the strength will also drop nearly 90%.

I saw my Dragon Ball in the crazy tremble, and I became a giant.

"Do not……"

I don't want to shout.

Follow it.

"! ! !"

The three fried sounds sounded.

Three dragon balls, snoring, fried into a powder.

"Do not!"

Three roar, shocking, full of unwillingness.

Three dragon strengths, flying back.

The fish hook is not stopped, continue to go down.

The four dragons gradually resumed calm, "Different brothers, have there be here?"

I heard this sound, the late scalp, the whole body scaly roots vertically.

"Is it the existence of that made Qin Yu becomes a unplearantan teacher? He is still here?"

Chi Rong recovered anger, a frightened.


"Two brother, what should I do?"

"Hurry to contact the handsome, only he can save us!"

"it is good!"


A figure, instantly appeared after laterring.

It is a punch for a boxing.


A loud noise.

Chi Rong's head will hit the ground, stepping.

It's proud of it.

Chi Rong stared at the sky, and his eyes took out some eyes.

"The damn ant ants are so despicable, when I am waiting, I don't want my face!"

Late my face, myger is resentful.

When I heard this, Mu You went a few steps forward.

"Hey, Lu Za, the city of our family, there is still a face to tell me despicable?"

"When I really deceive my people?"

Mu arrogant is all, nine steps half of the fairy, even until the three dragons are difficult to move.

"Today, you must kill, etc.!"

Mu Ao right hand, with Mujia Laozu, each to take out the magic weapon, and inject fairy.


On top of the magic weapon, lit up the eyes.

Avenue breath, spread from the magic weapon.

"The death of the dead, there must be died!"

Chi Rong Zhang opened his mouth, a sound, spit out from his mouth.

Form a channel corrugation and spread out.

" !"


Lys in the face, but the cruel smile.

"Ha ha……"

Mu You is cold and smile, the right hand is finger, four magic treasures, rapidly rushing.

Seeing it, I have to blame the four dragons.

At this time.


A vain, falling from the sky.


A light drinking and contains the power of the avenue.

Four magic weapons, directly collapsed, bursting with powder.

Then, Mujia's four ancestors flew out, and he hit the ground.


A blood, sprayed from their mouth.

Just a sentence, Mujia four ancestors were seriously injured.

This power is boundless.

"Meet Jin Shuai!"

See this vain, four dragons worshiped.

The vain looked at the four dragons and frowned.

" ?"

The vain is slowly opened, and the sky is angry.

Infinitely cold, focusing on vain, spread around.

At this moment, everyone is cold in the back of the ridge, the body is cold, and the whole person is invisible.

"Shuai, where there!"

Liked by the fish hook, his face is taboo.

The shadow looks up, and it is not unclear.

"Fish hook? What is this?"

The vivid shadow reached the right hand and bombed it.


A loud noise, all over the world is trending.


The vivid body is retreating, and there is a lot of strength to steadily.

He looked at the fish hook, and his face is not believed.

I saw that the fish hook was not moved and continued to fall.


The fish hook accelerates, and it fell in front of the world.

After reading this scene, there is nothing hesitant, and it is a bit bit.


After the dragon bites, it is too sharp to narrow, struggling.

"Shuai, save me!"

"Save me ..."

The sound gradually went away.

The fish hook disappears in the void, no trace.

This scene, strongly stimulating everyone's attention.

I actually fished up a dragon as a fish.

This horror means, in addition to the control of the fishing avenue, who can do?

"I have never heard of the son. Is it not a son?"

"No matter whether it is a son, at least all this is the bureau of the master!"

Luo Liu smokes in the sky, and it is worship.


The immersive looks at the sky, the whole stupid stands in the same place, but it can't believe it.

"Fishing Avenue? Who is it ?!"

"Is it a nine elderly?"

"How is this possible, is he died early?"

"Second brother!"

The vain is a roaring.

Subsequently, staring at the Luosi smoke and others.

Kill, there is no obscure.

"Wait, you will die!"