It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 159 This is the guy who eats dragon!

Ghost Longtan.

" ..."

On the water, the shock is corrugated, the whole fish line, in the rapid dive.

"Fish is coming!"

Sun Hao double eyes light.

Use force to pull.


The fish line flew out from the water and fly to the shore.

Seeing the scene, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream.


Moreover, it is not an ordinary dragon.

Look at it, like a half-fairy dragon!

"Can the son actually want to fish according to their own wish?"

"Such a strong fishing road, it is simply no one!"

Huang is looking at Sun Wei, full face is worship and admire.

"If you dream, you look, catch a big yellow squat, is it?" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, you are too powerful!" Huangru dreams.

It is crazy to struggle into the church of the jaundice.

He heard these two sounds, the look was hysterested, he looked at Sun Wei, full face, "mortal?"

"You actually dare to call this Jade, see I don't make a meat sauce!"

Lys in the face, gathered, gathered, and is a tail shot.


He was frightened to find that the mortal arm was taken, and he did not afford to react.

That big hand, seemingly flat, strength, is awesome.

Press on yourself, there is no other resistance.

Next second.

Chi Rong is a big change, and the chill is covered.

It finds that the fairy in the body is imprisoned, the avenue is powerful, and it will not call.

"This yellow squat is really big, it is bigger than before I have."

"I can eat several times!"

This sound is incoming in late ear, it is not from scalp.


Do he want to eat himself?


You don't know if the dragon is there is no existence?

You don't know the strongest of the family to see any Dragon family to bow down?

Do you dare to say to eat this seat?

Is this what to rebel?

No, he said two?

Have you ever eaten?

My son is eaten by him?

Looking at Sun Hao, careful feelings.

In the next second, he could not be fried by the scalp.

That mortal, actually has a son's breath!

Damn! This is dead!

The son is eaten by him!

"Give me death!"

Chi Rong opened his mouth and bite Sun Yizhen.

" ..."

Sound, the root of the teeth cracked.

No scars were left to Sun Hao.

"This ... this is a monster, it is harder than my teeth!"

"Finished, finished!"

"In this case, then you will go!"

After saying, it is too late to transfer the dragon ball and start detonating.

In the next second, he could not help but fall into endless despair.

Dragon Ball has already exploded!


This is a guy who eats dragon, and it is not afraid of the sky.

Falling in his hand, we will be eaten by him.

Endless fear, spread the whole body.

"Big handsome, help, come to save me!"

Choaring is crazy.

However, in Sun Hao, it is just a shakphine called, struggling before death.

"Don't call, don't struggle, you are braquise, you are born, you are eating!"

"You rest assured, I will still raise you for a few days! Cherish the next day!"

Sun Hao took the galaxy and lost it in a big network.

Let him struggle in it, and useless.

"If you dream, have you hooked on your side?" Sun Hao said.

"No, the son!" Huangru dreams shook his head, a bitterness.

"That continues to work hard! Today is good, caught in everyone, you can catch bigger! Next, continue!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.



West House is over.

A vain of a golden robe, watching the front.


Infinitely cold, focusing on vain, spread around.

At this moment, Luo willow smoke and other people's back is cold, and the body is cold, and the body is not shaking.

The kind of unrestricted feeling, full of whole body.

"This is a fairy ... Xianlong!"

"What? Xianlong! No wonder this demonstration is so terrible, this is trouble!"

"How is this good?"

Mujia four azu looked at the sky with vain, and his face was excited.

"Shuai, the second brother is giving away, you will save him!"

"Moreover, we were hurt by the hook, the dragon ball fell, and no fairy may!"

"Jinsheng, it is my fault, should not be reckless, please punish me!"

Three giant dragons are three men who are dressed in silver armor, worshiping in front of the vain, keeping hoe.

"You got up, it's not criticized!"

The vivid shadow sways, indicating that they get up.

"This is nothing to do with you, it is necessary to blame the monsters, this matter, I will deal with it!"

"Since I dare to shoot my brother, then I am ruthless!"

Speaking here, the vain is directly eye on the Luosi smoke.

This stare, mixed with infinite, shrouded in everyone.


Mujia four ancestors bite the teeth, mobilize the fairy, and confrontation.


The vivid shadow is a step in Mujia four ancestors.

Every step will make the pressure on the four people increase.

A few steps.

" ..."

Four people's body shields and blow them directly.

Their body is like a giant mountain, nothing to struggle.


A sound.

Four people fell to the ground, and they shivered.


Mu family four ancestors bite anger, there is no way.

The vain is standing in front of them, looking coldly.

"Oh, dare to fight against my family, a bit gut!"

"However, the confrontation is not enough, it still needs strength!"

"You only have this ants, let's die!"

After saying, the vivid shadow reached a palm, and the four ancestors of Mujia was pressed.

"Booming ..."

Like the thunder, the kind of powerful power is spread down.

A few people trembled, struggling on the edge of the burst.

"Old ancestors!"

Mu Ice made a heartbreaking.

"Run! Run, don't worry!"

Mu You is exhausted and shouting this sentence.

"It can still speak, look like, a little thing!"

"However, what is it? Dinn!"

After that, the vain is increased, and the palm is penetrated.


Terror power, spread down.

Seeing, I have to hit the Mujia Four Zu.

At this time.


On the sky, the earthquake layer is transparent.

A hook, falling from the sky.

The power of vain makes it, and disappeared.


The vain looks at a fish hook on the sky, full of angry.

"I want to see, who is you?"

After that, the vain makes the secret law, and looks to the sky fish hook.


If the soul is hit, it is a roaring, almost gods.

Above the fish hook seems to have some terrible power.


The vain is angry, starting with the sky.

Then, reach out of the palm, and the fish hook, it is a palm.


The avenue is condensed in the palm of your hand, emits the heillenell, and the fish hook, caught the past.

"I want to see, who is you?"

Next second.

The vain is scared, and it is amazing.


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