It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 160 9 Souns, you must not die!

" ..."

The avenue of the vain makes it a lot of smoke.

The vivid shadow is like a broken kite, fly.

Hitting on the ground, using a lot of time, struggling to stand up.

Many shadows have dim.

He looked at the fish hook, his face was taboo and did not believe.


The fish hook does not stop, continue down.

Go straight to three dragons.

See this scene, the vain is yelling, "Run, run!"


Three dragons will not dare to go to Tens, crazy escape.


The fish hook is as follows, and the speed is so fast, the fish hook is near.

"Finished, finished!"

A dragon will be numb, call the avenue, and hook the past.

However, it is useless.

For the means of the avenue, the top of the fish hook will be dissipated.

This is like the avenue of the ancestors, directly in the ground.

Soon, fish hooks fly to the dragon.

this moment.

The dragon is frightened on his face. It turns into an infinite surprise.

That look, like a peerless cuisine.

Without any hesitation, the dragon will open his mouth and bite on the hook.

Just biting, the dragon will be awake.

"Do not……"


Help, save me! "

The dragon will scream loudly, crazy struggle.

The fish hook seems to ban his strength.

Let him use the way, and it is also unable to break free.

His body is visible at the naked eye and has changed rapidly.

Finally, change into a jaucus.

"Do not……"

Finally, the fish hook disappears with the dragon.

Leaving in the sky, only if you don't shout.

The vain is in the same place, holding a fist, looking at it.

"Shuai, this ... this means is not simple."

"Old four, you are good, this is a fishing road, it is the fairy!"

"What? Cactus? Cultivating the fishing Avenue, except for the Senli Temple, no other person?"

"Yes, this time, it is a Senli Temple! Moreover, it is likely to be a nine elderly people!"

As soon as this, the dragon turned his face.

"Golden Shuai, how is this possible! The nine elderly people are not going to be born for tens of thousands of people? I want to die early!"

"Nothing is Impossible!"

On the shadow face, it is afraid of a pair.

"You are two, you will escape!"

"Yes, Jin Shuai!"

The two dragons will become the dragon, sprinkled, quickly run.


They just moved.

At this time.


One earthquake in the world, a hook flew to the thunder, and once in an instant, appeared in front of a giant dragon.

"Do not……"

I don't want to shout.

The dragon body is sharp and reduced, followed by the fish hook, disappears in the sky.


The rest of the dragon body is soaked, so that it is rapid and crazy.

The virtual image is looking at the sky and resents face.

He received his eyes, looking at Mujia four ancestors, killing Tengsheng.

"He is coming again!"

Muo's face is slightly changed, and carefully retreats.

"You, all - you - Damn!"

"I have to see, can he save you?"

The vivid shadow right hand, kill the avenue, condense in his hand, rapidly toward Mujia four ancestors.

At this time.


A shock of the sky.

A hook, drilled out in the empty, slightly vibrating.

The killing avenue of vain is condensed.

" ..."

The vain is flying, I don't know how far.

His figure is a little bit more.

"Golden Shuai, Quick, you escape!"

"Do not……"

The fish hook took a giant dragon and did not enter the void.

Surrounded, only one shadow is left.

The four dragons will be the same as four brothers, so they disappeared in front of him.

In front of the fish hook, there is no chance to take roots.

"Jiu Sheng, I remember you!"

"Next time, I will definitely smoke your soul, sink into the robul, never super life!"

After the finishes, the vivid shadow is right, and the one-story transparent dragon is shocked.

He didn't think it didn't think, stepped into it, disappearing on the spot.


"Hey, it's a pity!"

"Yes! This fairy dragon, threatening very much!"

Mujia four ancestors face, secretly sigh.

"Jiu Siki? Just is the nine elderly people?"

"Not bad! This time, you will lose a nine elderly people!"

"Too good, I didn't expect the people to have a cacto!"

"If there is a chance, you must go to see the nine elderly!"

Mujia four ancestors face, face smile.

the other side.

Luo willus and other people gather together and talk about each other.

"This time, you will lose your son!" Luo Cai said.

"Yeah, the son is going to the nine elderly, so I will give us so tested!"

Speaking of this, Chen Xiu Ming sighed, "In fact, I am a bit embarrassed, I just suspicious that the son didn't count!"

When I heard this, I said that the old man was red, "Hey, I thought we were dead, this is a big disrespectful to the master! Nothing to self!"

Su Yi Lissed these words, blinking, blurred.

Her mouth rose, revealing two shallow wine nests, grabbed his head with hand, "Gong, I am stupid, still don't want to understand how you calculate it!"

The most calm, is the Luosi smoke and Mu Ice.

The two people are calm, looking at the direction of the big demon mountain, rising the corner, "the son, I know that you will do everything! We will safe!"

In the moment of everyone.


The sky is also trembled.

A fish is drilled down.

After falling to the disappearance of the vain, the layers are swayed.

The whole fish hook, I didn't get into the void again, disappeared.

Leave it on the sky, only the fish line.

"this is?"

Everyone looked at the sky and was full of confusion.

After a while.


The sky is once again shocked.

The fish line is rapidly retracted.

"Do not……"

I don't want to shout.

All people are contracted, and the face is giant.

That kind of don't believe it.

That kind of shock.

The words cannot be described.

I saw that a Jinlong was pulled out from the transparent ripple.

Jinlong crazy struggled, roaring.


It doesn't get rid of the fish line at all.

Body, shrinking quickly.

"Jiu Sheng, you must die!"

"The dragon will not let you!"

After finishing these two sentences, Jinlong followed the dragon and disappeared in the void.

Transparent ripples dissipate, everything is calm.

Just a scene, strongly stimulating everyone's attention.

All this is like dreaming, very unhappy.

Mujia Fourth ancestors secretly wrapped the cold sweat, I took a long time.


Cool, pour, body.

"This ... this is terrible, actually giving the Xianlong Benzhi!"

"What is the realm of the strength of the nine elderly people, it is too powerful!"

"The people are expected, the people are expected to be!"

"This is really a blessing, waiting for this thing, I must go to the Senli Temple, maybe I can touch the nine elderly people!"

Mujia four ancestors face, exhausting.

On the other hand, Luo Liu smoke and others are not going.

Tang Xianlong, it was a fishing line.

If you see it, who will believe?

Unexpectedly, this nine quiet elderly, horrible.

Regardless, this is a good thing for the family.

"The nine elderly people are so powerful. If he can join the town evil alliance, fight against the evil family, it is not easy?"

"Yes, wait here, we sent people to ask the nine elderly people!"

"it is good!"


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