It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

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"Do not……"

Jin Yu roared, crazy struggle.

The face is not willing.

I have been in the past, I finally desserted the robbery and became Xianlong.

I didn't expect it, I haven't seen it for a few days, I have been chasing by the nine elderly people.

This is to fall in his hand, you can be good!

Do not!

Do not do this!

Golden is roaring loudly.

However, there is no effect.

His voice, only you can hear.

Soon, he felt that he entered the water and appeared inside a pool.

"That is?"

He looked at the people on the water pool, full of confusion.


Golden face is confused.

Just now, isn't a nine elderly people to deal with themselves?

Is it mortal in front of me?

Is this a dream?

Jin Yu is looking at it, but it can't believe it.


It turned out to be a mortal in fishing.

This will be much easier.

Dealing with him, casually spouting dragons, can make him bore.

It's really helping me!

Heaven is a eye, I am fine!

On the golden face, it is extremely proud of it.

", wrong, there is a modest!"

Jin Yu looks,

Then it is a full face.

"It turns out that only a ten step flying doll, it is too good to deal with!"

"A dragon can solve you!"

"I dare to use this kind of peerless fairy to deal with this seat, I can put you!"

"Waiting for me to die, then the two dozen class fairy, isn't it my own?"

"When I arrived, I still used the dragon master?"

"It's too wonderful!"

"Haha ..."

At this moment, the heart of Golden, has been refreshed to describe it.

Like super creation in front of you, tentacles can be.


It's here.

"... ..."

A burst of water sounded.

Jin Yu opened his mouth, giving the dragon to Zhun Sun Hao and spit out the dragon.


It's just a few drops of water, and it's far from the body.

"This big golden jaundice is a bit power, and it is still moving towards me!"

At this time, a voice passed into the golden ears.

Big golden ?

When did I become a jaundice?

You can be a gold dragon!

The mortal of the damn, you actually dreamed me.

Uncle can bear, can't bear it!

Then, Jin Yan made a gold dragon to sway, and they took over the past.


A very light sound sounded.

The mortal hand did not leave some injuries.

This ... how is this possible?

How can a mortal, how can you bear this standing?

How is my dragon?

This is impossible!

"Come again!"

"I don't believe it, you can resist this dragon ball!"

After finishing, Jin Yu is exhausted.

Next second.

He was frustrated, and Dragon Ball was blinded. All power could not be called.

"Don't struggle, let me take the fish first!"

A palm, it is clear, press it on the body, but there is no more power.

All means, all secrets, all power, all seal.

How can a mortal, how might be so terrible?

It's hard, he is extraordinary?

For this reason, Jin Yu's head is numb, cold sweat DC.

"This jaundice is the biggest one, enough for us to take half a month!"


Half a month?

Does this guy eat themselves? !

Do he want to eat dragons?

It's hard to be him, it is the guy who eats two brothers.

Scorpio, I actually fell to him?

Dragon Lord, help!

Jin Yu roared, crazy struggle.

However, in the hands of Sun Wei, I can't turn over some of the wind.

He was thrown into a fishing net.

In the fishing net, Chi Rong and other dragons are trapped inside.

"Golden Shuai? You ... How do you also caught?"

"Are you all?"

"Yeah, Jin Shuai, this mortal is too terrible, my son is he eaten!"

"Now, he has to eat us, how is this?"

"Golden Shuai, you send a message to the dragon, ask him to save us!"

I heard this, the golden face bitter.

Now, the whole body force is sealed and does not send a message at all.

"I now all have been sealed." Jin Yu said.

This is an out, the four dragons are trembled.

As soon as I am, I have been seal.

What kind of realm of this mortal?

No ordinary immortals!

"Shuai, the family has this kind of immortal, how is this good?"

"Yes, Jin Shuai, I am afraid that I will be a huge blow to me!"

"I am waiting for the death, the dragon is big!"

I heard these words, the golden face is bitter.

"I blame me, I don't touch it clearly. Brothers, I will give you a cow to be a horse!" Jin Yan said.

"Shuai, don't say it! I blame me. If I don't think I want to revenge for my son, we will not fall to this step!" Said Chi Rong.

In this way, several giant dragons have been complaining with each other.

Regret the color, write on the face.

"If you dream, five big jars, this is enough for us to have a long time!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, you are really too powerful!" Huangru dreams.

"If you dream, you will really speak!" Sun Hao nodded, a face.

This line is really making big.

Five big gods, bigger than before.

Fortunately, the fish nets you prepare are thick enough, and the power of the iron refining is large enough.

If an ordinary person, the root will move.

This world is really strange, even the shackles are different, it is big.

However, the taste is good, eat it is full, full of fragrance.

If you want to wait for the Liu smoke, after they have eaten, they will live forget!

"If you dream, you can help you come back!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​in front of the fishing net, one hand is mentioned.

Subsequently, with Sun Hao, he went back to the boat.

She looked at Sun Hao back, and she exposed infinite worship.

Tang Xianlong, in front of the son, there is no chance to struggle.

Then this planet, who can threaten the son?

It seems that in addition to there, the family of people, the son is absolutely invincible!

"Dream, today is really full, come, we drink some wine to celebrate!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, I don't want to eat, or don't drink it?"

The Phoenix is ​​slightly changed, and it is linked.

I remember to drink it last time, a cup of belly, I am drunk, I don't remember anything.

I only remember that the son took himself into the bed and dizzy.

This time, I am afraid.

However, the wine is really good, it is also great to grow itself.

"Nothing, get drunk, not sleeping!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix did his dreams with Sun Hao into the Zi Purple Safe.

Looking at the two left, Golden Head and four dragons were light.

"Shuai, good opportunity, we only need to escape from this flying boat, drop, there is the possibility of recovering freedom!"

"Yes, Jin Shuai, such a good opportunity, can't miss!"

"In this case, we work hard to a place!"

"it is good!"

Under the direct command, the five giant dragons, while struggling, crazy jumping.


They are like the loach in the dark barrel, and the power is exhausted. It is also unable to escape.


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