It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 162th chapter of God is God!

West House Xiancheng has disappeared.

On the ground, thick dust, full of tens of meters deep.

One is incomparable to the huge deep pit, strongly stimulating a few people in the Luosi smoke.


After everyone is so many breath, this calm down.

This battle is too thrilling.

Xianlong just descending a shadow and embraced this terrorist strength.

Inner, I can't live a little resistance!

Fortunately, the son is perfect, and the layout in advance.

This talent insurance is made.

"Everything is everything, thanks to the son!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Yeah, the son means, it is really unimaginable!" Luo Cow nodded.

Mujia four ancestors heard this, full of confusion.

"Luo Zhibo, killing Dragon, is not a nine elderly people? How do you talk to the son?"

Mujia four ancestors face, doubt.

When you hear these words, Luo Cow smiled and shook his head.

"Four predecessors, you are wrong!" Said Luo Cai.

"Wrong? Is it not a means of nine elderly people?" Mu You asked.

"In fact, all everything, the son has long been there!" Luo cigarette said.

"Luo Lord, as you say, today is the nine elderly people, but also a pace of play?" Mu You asked.

"Yes!" Luo cigarette is a face.

This is out.


Mu family four ancestors turned pumping, his face was shocked.

Even the immortal, just a sight of the gods?

That god,

What exactly is it strong?

There is no way to imagine at all.

It's terrible!

For a long time, a few people calm came over.

"The son is actually awesome!"

"These characters, I really want to meet, but I am afraid to bother to bonus!"

"Yeah, I don't know if we can go to see the son?"

Luo Cow smoked eyebrows, after thinking, nodded slightly, "Of course!"


Mujia four ancestors face, exhausted.

"Then let us start now?"

"Wait, the son has experienced the mortal body, you can have you know?" Luo cigarette said.

"Nature know!" Mujia four ancestors nodded.

"In this case, let's go!"

Just when everyone is ready to leave.

"Luo Lord!"

At this time, the sky is long, and the speed is flying.

These people are all cultivators in Xiancheng West.

The person headed is the Wang Xinglou Wangwang cabinet.

He took the two owners of Qin Zheng and Vanwen, and I came forward.

Behind them, it is also a cultivator.

Everyone, bow down.

"Thank Xie Luo Lord's life-saving!"

"Thank Xie Luo Lord's life-saving!"


The sound is neat, and the earthquake is echoing.

When I heard this, Luo Culi smoke has a big change, and it is lined up.

"Everyone is getting up, this matter is not waiting for me!"

Luo Liu smoke sound, shocking everyone's mind.

"Luo Lord, you don't have a joke, the ground channel is dug according to your request, not preparing in advance, I have been dead!"

"It's, Luo Lord, you are too modest, of course, this work, in addition to you, there is your town evil alliance!"

"Yes, yes!"

Everyone looks at Luosi smoke and other people, full of gratitude.

Luo cigarette shook his head.

This is a big work, it belongs to the son!

I dare to have it!

"Everyone is really wrong, all this, I have been active according to God's fascinating people!"

"Save everyone, not me, but God's enrich!"

This is out.

Everyone stood in the same place and shocked his face.

"God attache people? It is really a god of the Lord, and they will save us!"

"This is what we pray,"

"That is also used! God's fascinates are God!"

"God is more than God, and it is a Buddha who has a rescue!"

Many repairers worshiped.

They all worked together and began to pray.

That look, like a devout believer.

"Lord, can you take us to visit the gods?"

"Yeah, Luo Lord! I have only one wish in this life, that is, I will see God!"

Looking at a pair of hot eyes, Luo cigarette shook his head.

If you let you go, the son's road will be broken.

"Dear, listen to me first!"

"God's migrant can calculate everything, but currently in the body of mortal, it is not convenient to shoot directly, otherwise, the heart will be damaged!"

"Today, the gods are also borrowed by the hand of the dragon!"

"You need to remember that God can't be disturbed!"

Rosow smoke sounds, and the earth is in the mind of everyone.

When everyone heard, nodded.

This is the case.

"In this case, this is a little bit, and I hope that I will turn to God."

"Luo Lord, this thing, please ask you to turn to God!"

Many cultivators took out their own peers and handed them to Luo Cow.

"Everyone is quiet!"

"If you do this, don't talk about God, even if it is me, I am afraid that I can't see it!"

"Since God's migrant is committed to the people, they will not understand the famous liberation, and there will be all!"

Luousi smoke sound is like a thunder, bombard in everyone's mind.

I heard these, a cultivator is like a headstick.

That's it.

God's great people, can you see these things!

Not name, don't benefit, just for the world.

This kind of big public is selfless, it is worth learning!

God's fascinates, you are the most rooted God!

Many cultivators move their tears.

"Dear, I have some things, I will leave first!"

"I will give you all the games!"

After that, Luo Liu smoked and other personalized Changhong, and went to the big mountain direction.

Everyone looked at their back and took a long time.



Ziyang Star is on a island.

A head wearing a fight, the old man, who is close to the eyes, sitting on a stone, sitting on a stone, shape wood carving.

A fish basket, a fish.

A bending and boiling water rays a white smoke, just like a fairyland.


The old man is white and white slightly, and the whole mouth slowly opened.

A cleaning, straight into the chest.

"Ah ... hample ..."

The old man is hit hard, and a few sneeze are played.

Sound waves out.

The whole island is slightly tremor.

A bending water, like boiling, the bubble is rolling.

"call out……"

The fish is rapidly recovered.

The old man stands up, and his eyes shot two highlights.


The whole world is a shock.

His eyes look to the sky, it seems to penetrate thousands of miles.

After a while, he received his attention.

"Who is ?"

The old man is slightly frown, the right thumb is quickly in other fingers.

Look at the calculation in the finger.

"It can't be found, there is a layer of mysterious breath!"

"The old man will not be born for millions of years. The whole world has changed? It turned out to have this person?"

"I have to see, why is it to stir the wind!"

"The nine elderly people are going out!"

"The world will not forget the old man?"

The old man is muttered, and the right hand is paid, and the fish basket is accepted with the fishing rod.

Follow it.

He has a big step, goes in the sky, every step, all the earthquake in the feet.

It seems slow, it is very fast.

Just step by step, it disappears over the island.


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