It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The first hundred and sixty-three chapter, I've done it!

Sun Hao rested at the foot of the western mountain, in the hut of the creek. This is originally a residence of Ning Ming, but now I have already occupied the nest, which is taken up by Mohashi. Housing. Mohashi sat on the stool, holding a purple metal ball left hand, holding the knife on the right hand, slowly engraving it. Every step is careful. From time to time, he looked at the boat core on the table, carefully aligned. Over time, Mohao's face, overflowing the fine sweat, and shaking the right hand slightly. The metal ball is on the line, the twisted, like a chicken feet. After a while. Mo Hao is complete. He hits the metal ball, the more you look at it. Subsequently, gently throw. Metal is a parabolic, smashed in the corner of the room. "Hey!" Turned a few turns on a bunch of metal balls, which stopped. "I have been born with the son." "I actually stayed like this, I didn't have a smooth natural natural." "" If you drink Wu Wu tea with the son, I am afraid even more than 100 times! " "Multi exercise, continue!" After that, Mohao Rite took out a metal ball again and began to engage it. His eyes smashed like a copper bell, even the eyes did not dare, the whole person got was extremely nervous, the right hand, could not be trembled by autonomy. The more nervous, the more unfamiliar it is. Seeing it, he has to carry out one. At this time. "..." a sound,

Since the mountains, they are resounding throughout the valley.

This sound, I heard Mohao's ear, the whole person's heart.

Tension at this moment, completely dispel.

If he bathed in warm yang, it is extremely relaxed.

The movement in hand, it is no longer born, it becomes smooth.

He no longer went to see the boat core on the table, but moved with his heart and started to engrave.

When I finished a piano, he was in the boat core, the engraving was completed.

He sits in the same place and moves.

In the eyes, the surprise that cannot be suppressed.

"It turned out that this is a way to engrave, the son, no, the teacher, the apprentices understand!"

"Master, your song, let me feel a few times!"

"Thank you, Master, wake up!"

Mo Hao looked at the mountain, and it was very moving.

Subsequently, he took the moment to take a good boat nucleus, secretly shook his head, "I can only draw the nine-yet line!"

"I still need to work hard!"

Mohu Rite took the boat, gently throw, the boat nucleation flew directly into the corner, hit the metal.

"carry on!"

Mohashi took out a metal ball and started a pattern.

This time, it is completely desirable, the movement is smooth, and no one is stagnant.

Each line is completed.

After two hours.

"Haha ..."

Mo Hao is long and laughs, and it is not self-ban.

"Completed, finally finished!"

"Although there is no way to compare with the son, I am at least the Xian Zhouk nucleus!"

"As long as there is a fairy crystal, you can activate it!"

"When I arrive, I am no longer a master, and it is also a fairy mark!"

Mohashi excitedly clenching his fists, I have been calming.

"This, you can make a teacher!"

I think so, Mohashi took the boat and walked out of the house.

"Master, I am coming!"



Sun Wei stood up and looked at the phoenix, smiling nodded.

This gimmick, the fishing talent is not.

But, bounce the piano, completely forget yourself.

Mang Miaoqin, melodious, jealousy, and long in the artistic conception.

Let people listen, like immersive, and will not be able to wake up.

"Bono, how do you look at me like this?" The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, and it is low.

"If you dream, you play the piano is really powerful!" Sun Hao said.

"Both is good to teach, compared to you, far away!" Huangru dreams.

"If you dream, you will really speak!"

Sun Hao is holding a small hand of the Phoenix, standing on the top of the stone tower, looking at the quarter.

"The son, so rich, so beautiful!"

"The sky is clouded, and the star river wants to turn thousands of sails."

Sun Hao nodded, out of mouth.

"Gong, you are too talented!"

The Phoenix is ​​looking at Sun Wei, and I admire.

Shame red face, like cooked apple, especially attractive.

"If a dream, the award!"

Sun Hao faces, showing an embarrassed color.

This is nothing.


At this time, a wind blowing, with a little cool.

"In autumn?"

Sun Hao looks.

Unexpectedly, this turning eye is a few months.

Half of the year with the Phoenix,

When she wants to be, she is still a little girl, fear this fear.

Half year passes, completely changed.

There is no one to make a hand and put it.

The whole person seems to have unparalleled temperament.

I have never asked myself to have the life of the Phoenix, afraid to touch her inner scars.

However, you should be able to ask now.

"If you dream, where are you from?" Asked Sun Hao.

When I heard this, the Phoenix was trembled, looking up, looking at Sun Hao, nodding.

Two people sit down.

"Bonology, I am from the demon ancestors!" Huangru dreams.

"Demon Zu Mountain? Where is this?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, the demon mountain is located in the east of Tianlo Mainland, is another mainland, where living, all the demon!"

"There are hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the mainland!"

"What? Do you do hundreds of thousands of kilometers? If we take the purple electricity, how long can it be?" Sun Hao was shocked.

Unexpectedly, as dreams came from so far.

"This is only afraid that it takes a few months!" Huangru dreams.

"So far?" Sun Hao is slightly, "Is you flying over?"

"No, it is a space transfer!" Huangru dream.

"Space Transfer?" Sun Hao is doubtful.

"There are three ways to transfer between the bonus."

"Which three?"

"First, people are transmitted, this requires the immortal of the space avenue to complete!"

"Second, send the door, need to establish a transfer big array in two different places, match!"

"Third, it is a hairdress! General Xianboat has space jump capacity!"

I heard this, Sun Hao's eyes bloomed.

If you have a hairdress with space jumping, you can't get it?

By the way, the Mohashi seems to make a boat, I don't know if he can make a hairdress?

This has not seen him many days. Where did he go?

This idea has just been formed.

"Mon, is I am at home?"

Outside the courtyard, there is a sound.

Sun Hao looks at the eyes, not from the eyes.

"If you dream, take me down, ok?"

"Okay, son!"

Two people landed.

Shortly after.

Under the Phoenix, Mohashi Station is in front of Sun Hao.

He looked at Sun Hao, and his body was excited to sputter.

Subsequently, took out a boat core, respect to the front of Sun Hao.

"Public ... Bon, I ... I am finished!"

Looking at this boat core, Sun Hao flashed.


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