It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

What is the 164th chapter, used to eat?

Sun Hao took the boat core and bowed up and down.

The boat is four weeks, and it is shrouded a layer of glorious and excluded the aura.

Tens of thousands of patterns, densely numb, engraved on the slave nucleus of the slap size.

Each pattern, there is no sense of hardness.

Although it is far from yourself, it is considered qualified.

"OK, but, I have to work hard!"

Sun Hao also returned the boat to Mohashi.

"Yes, the son!"

Mo Hao is looking back, and a face is in front of Sun Hao.

"Mon, do you sculve today?" Mo Hao asked.


Sun Yu's mouth is rising, took out a piece of fairy, handed it to Mohashi.

"I don't engrave today, but look at you!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

Mo Hao is undergoing the fairy, not by the pupil.

In the hands of the fairy, I can't see the order.

I don't make it simple!

"The son, I want to start, have anything wrong, please point out!"

Mohashi took out the knife and started to engrave.


A sound.

Carne knife is split.

Mohao Stone's entire stupid station, full of dare not believe.


This is a fairy gold that spent hundreds of fairy crystals.

It's so broken?

Then this fairy,

Isn't it the best fairy?


Mohashi pumped a breath.

If the son is lost, it is a piece of the best fairy.

The son is too rich!

"Bonology, I ... I am too bad, I can't engrave!" Mohao Shi is ashamed.

When I heard this, Sun Yizhen was raised.

I don't have a blessing value, just right.

"Nothing, I have!"

Sun Hao took a set of engraved knives and lost in front of Mohao.

These engraved knives are all handed by him.

Although it cannot be compared with the system, it is unclear that than Mohao Stone.

"This this……"

Mohashi took a trick, and the whole person was excited to be slightly trembled.

These engraved knives do not see the order.

But Mohashi can confirm that there is no fairy on them, and it will easily engrave various shapes.

"Bono, you ... you confirm it to me?"

"of course!"

"Thank you gong!"

Mohao Stone, thank you, grateful.

"Well, start engraving!"

"Yes, the son!"

Mo Hao took the engrave knife and started to engrave.

Although the whole action, although I can't say a nature, it is also a cloud.

Every pattern is all qi.

After two hours.


Mohashi took a fairy arm, and the eyes were sparkled.

This time, I have a lot of growth, than that, I am afraid that I have to be several times.

In addition to the fairy tactics, it is the growth of its own engraction.

Sun Yu looked at this boat core and secretly nodded.

This guy, the talent is not good.

I didn't expect, I have gone in a few days, I have grown to this extent.

Look, don't practice very much.

The perseverance, non-average person can.

In the future, there is a chance to catch yourself.

"Gong, you see, how?"

"There is progress, but you need more effort, you see, here you have pause a few times, it seems very hard!"

"There is still here, you don't seem to remember!"


Sun Hao pointed to the boat core and picked the body without a skin.

Mohashi heard these words and sweating DC.

I thought it was perfect, I didn't expect, there are so many problems.

The son is amazing!

"Thank you for guidance!" Mo Hao said.


Sun Hao looked at Mohashi's appearance and nodded.

He looked at the franchise panel, a face of a face.

Now, the Fuyuan value has reached more than 60,000.

I believe that in the near future, I will definitely!

"I heard that you will build a boating?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, the son!" Moho nodded.

"Is the hairdressing?"

"Bonology, this ... this!"

"It is the same as the principle of fairy boat, but the materials needed are different!"

"The most important thing in the box is the boat!"

"As long as there is a fairy chest, it is necessary to have the material that can withstand the ingoni nuclear power, then make a happiness, no problem!" Mo Hao said.

When I heard this, Sun Hao nodded.

So, just look at Mohashi to build a boating method, can you build a ship?

At that time, build a happiness, you can follow the dream back to the demon mountain.

I have been coming so long, if I want to think about home?

Who is this apprentice?

So thinking, Sun Hao smiled slightly.

"Can you make a ship?" Sun Hao said.

"Of course! May I ask the son, where is it?" Mo Hao asked.

"I will come back with me!"

"Yes, the son!"

Following Sun Hao to the backyard, Mo Hao Shiyi sweeps, suddenly scalp, one hemp, cold sweat.

"That ... that is a fairy fruit!"

"What? One of the provets, tea trees, so many leaves, there is 100,000 pieces!"

"That is a unpleasant medicine, that is? The ancestors, that is actually a no-goddess!"

Mohashi sounds, sweating DC.

What is the existence of the son, this kind of peerless treasure is made into a film?

"I am afraid that the childhood is not a fairy king, it is likely to be Xianzun!"

"This feels too dream!"

Mo Hao muttered, shocked.

Suddenly, he scanned to a pool and could not be fried by the scalp.

I saw that in the pool, I was lying down five dragons, and my look was sluggish. I didn't move.

"What? Dragon?"

"There is still one is Xianlong?"

"Is this a pet?"


In Mohao's eyes, it is panicked.

For a long time, he is calm.

"Mon, do you eat fish?" Mo Hao asked.

"Do you say that there are a few yellow ? It is not raising, it is caught!"

"I am ready to eat, since you are here today, eat one!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.


Mo Hao is like a hit, and there will be a few steps.

The face is frightened.

His lips smashed, muttered for half a day, and a word did not send it.


This is used to eat?

Monster, you have to eat dragon?

Don't you scare me?

Although the old man is not afraid of death, it is hard to learn from you.

So dead, not worth it!

"Gong, when ...... When you really want to eat?" Mo Hao asked.

"Not bad!"

Sun Yi nodded, "You don't look down on these jaundles! This taste is very good!"

"Gong, I ..."

Mohashi helpless shook his head.

Look at the son, think that it is jaundice, do not understand that Dragon.

The son is cleaned, I am not better than it!

How is this better?

Don't God say that the son is not afraid of Dragon?

Still, the son is testing your own courage?

In this case, then it will fight!

This dragon meat must be eaten!

Mohashi nodded.

"Okay, start!"

Sun Hao came.

"Yes, the son!"

Mohashi took the furnace and placed it next.

After the fire, I took out a piece of Ling Iron, placed in the furnace, and started forging.

Sun Hao stands next to it, slightly frowned.