It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 165 is too terrible! I feel going to die.

Time flies, and it is three days.

From Ghost Longtan back, Sun Hao has returned home for five days.

For these five days, the name of the gods, resounded throughout the sky.

Even the south field and the eastern field, the god succulent people, also shocked in a sputum of the immortal.

Save Jiangyang, the town kills four, and the oblitement is old, and the blood is hung ...

This time, I have done everything, save the West House, and the dragon family, and even the dragon handshakes are killed.

This means, this strength!

It's just that I haven't seen it, I heard it.

The mouth is gold.

At the end, the godmistrians like a cultivator heart.

Fracture, countless.

There are many people, not far tens of thousands of miles, all the way, go to the Yaochi Palace to seek the gods, just for the worship.

For these, Sun Hao will not know.

this day.

He stood in the backyard, quietly watching Mohashi to build a boating, secretly remember everything in his heart.

For a few days, Mohashi is just a chassis.

This chassis is made of spirit and iron, need forging, intrinsic, intersection ...

It's too complicated.

In this way, I am only afraid of the end of the year, and I may not be able to do it.

"Old Mo, how long does it take?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bono, don't have to be used for a year, you can build it!"

Mohao's face, showing a lot of arrogance.

With the son, you will now build a speed, greatly improve!

It takes only one year to build a boating.

As before, if you are all doing yourself, it is at least three years!

"Too slow!" Sun Hao said.


Mohashi exposed a bitterness.

Bono, this is slow, this is the fastest speed.

"You come with me!"

"Yes, the son!"

Mo Hao follows Sun Hao, came to the iron room.

"Take me with iron ore!"

"Yes, the son!"

Sun Hao took the iron block and thrown into the furnace.


Blue flame, instantaneous ignition.

The iron block dropped, directly chemical into iron water, burned into a virtual.

"This ... this is a fairy!"

"No, it is a fire!"

"The son is used, it is actually this flame! There is no iron, where is it?"

Mo Hao muttered, shocked.

The longer the side of the son, the more you can't see the son.

The heart of shock, did not stop a day.

When I thought I heard the words of Zhibao, I didn't believe it.

Even, it also threatens the son, hard to collect atist!

It's a stupid shortage!

Mono these characters, is it possible to threaten?

Mono, these characters, are also equipped with the apprentice?

I want to come now, when I am, how is it!

"Gong, you can rest assured, I will work hard! Strive for this life to become your apprentice!"

Mo Haoshi clenched the fist.

"Look, what mine you are? Is it too bad!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, I ... I ..."

"Okay, use wood to create a boat!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son"

The two returned to the backyard and was preparing to move.

"Mon, is you at home?"

A sound from outside the door.

I heard this sound, Sun Hao's eyes, "Liu smoke girl?"

I finally harvested the franchise!

Mohashi followed himself, being harvested every day, but the speed is too slow.

"Gong, I am going to open the door!"

In the kitchen, the sound of the Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

"Good!" Sun Hao said.

"Gure ..."

The Phoenix is ​​open to the door, see everyone, looks at the look.

This time, there are more four people.

The four people have a half-fairy-like breath, and it is extremely extraordinary.

"Willow Sister, what are they?" Huang asked.

"If a dream sister, this is the four ancestors of Mujia!" Luo Cai said.

I heard this, the Phoenix is ​​a dream,

This kind of ancestor, general strength is unlimited to approach the existence of fairy.

They are generally self-enclosed in the source, and they will not come out.

It seems that they are actually young.

"I have seen a dream girl!"

Mu arrogantly walked up, and with Mujia old ancestors.

"Four predecessors, polite, please!"

Under the Phoenix, Mujia Fourth Azu came in.

They recovered their minds and did not dare to release them.

Come to the front of the pond, Yu Guang is sweeping, shocking.

"Lotus! Sure enough, Lianxian!"

Mujia Fourth Azu is the first to show respect.

The inner heart has been stunned, and I hit a few people.

Along the way, be careful, the atmosphere dares out.


Suddenly, a duck called.

Mujia four ancestors heard, the face changed, and I didn't want to think, I was low.

At the same time, make the gods, "have seen the seniors!"

Nine days of gods, have listened to Mu Bing many times.

The temper is very blame, and it is not guilty.

Before you come in, how much is a little.

After entering the hospital door, I know how terrible this!

Yu Guangyi sweeps, knowing that nine days of gods are not from themselves.

"Well, yes, it is a bit polite, it is always the meaning of the old!"

The frosty sound is shocked in the four people.

"Thank you for your predecessors!"

Mu Jia Si Zu once again uses the gods.

"Don't have to grasp this crash!"

"Yes, seniors!"

Mujia four ancestors followed everyone and continued to go forward.

Even if you don't use my mind, you can clearly feel that there is no terrorist atmosphere.

Every breath can crush itself into a powder.

"What existence is the bonus? The side has so much big!"

"It's terrible, I feel that I have to die by these breaths, so uncomfortable!"

"My heart doesn't seem to be my own, big brother, the son has more horrible?"

"It's not that I can speculate!"

Mujia Fourth Azu used each other to use the gods and discussed.

"Liu smoked girl, you are finally here."

At this time, a sound sounded.

Mujia four ancestors looked up, not from the pupil.

I saw it, and a man in an eager woman came out.

He raised his hand and bowed himself.

Every action, natural, no smile, look very comfortable.

His mouth smile, more warm than spring breeze.

After the man, followed by a middle-aged man, like a guard inch.

"See the son!"

"You are too polite!"

Sun Hao sang his hands, and his eyes swept away from the four men standing in the last.

"How many is it?" Sun Hao asked.

Mu Bing is coming to come, there is a gift.


Old ancestors!

Isn't the old ancestors of this world?

They are all in the end of their life, and they guard their families.

No, the family is in danger, I can't come out.

These characters, every one has a thrilling.

I heard the dream, it's all infinitely close to the existence of the cactus.

See what they look, which is like a life of life?

Do you say that they are strong, they are deeply unspeakable, and they are not imagined.

These characters, must not be guilty, be careful.

I think so, Sun Hao hugs, "I have seen four seniors ..."

This time, Mujia four ancestors have a big change.