It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 166 Mujia to Bao - Jingyi Ding

"Mon, you call me a little pride!"

"Gong, please call me Xiao Tiger!"


Sun Hao listened, the look is hysteresis.

The stronger, the more modest.

However, this is still not very good.

"That is your old proud, call you tiger ..."

"Yes, the son!"

Mujia Fourth ancestors secretly w each other cold sweat, secret road.

Seniors in front of the son?

What is it looking for?

You don't have to do it, and you can use your eyes with your eyes!

"so close!"

Mu You Long Shu Yiqi, sticking out the right hand, grasping the void.


The sky is shocked.

Then, Mu arrogant is a piece of soul, placed on the palm.

This thing is out.

Instantly attract people's attention.

"Refining God Ding ?!"

Everyone's looks.

Even if it is Mu Ice, it is also a color change.

This thing, that is, Mujia to Bao, compared with Xuanyuan family Xuanyuan, but it is weak.

I am preparing to open an exit to find the ancestor, I didn't expect that the old ancestoredly took it in advance.


"The son, come to rush, a little gift, please don't mind!"

Mu Ao right hand


The refining Shen Ding is flying out of him.

Falling in front of the main hall.

Ding heights 2 meters, there are four feet, drawing a complicated pattern.

Looking at it, it makes people brain, dazzling.

This Ding compared to ordinary Ding, there is no two ear, and there are four holes on the corner.

It looks very strange.

Sun Yu looked at the thrilling, and there was a feeling of recognition.

I can't think of it.

He is scanned to his face, nodding.

This thing is never simple.

It is a treasure.

Although you can't see it now, you can see it after you can practice.

This kind of good thing, isn't the words of the cold, Mujia four ancestors?

"Thank you!"

Sun Yizhen is rising, giving a message to the Phoenix.


If the Phoenix is ​​played, the refining god is harvested.

"The son, what is this?"

Luo Liu is looking at Mo Hao, asked.

"My name is Mohao!"

This is out.


A riots.

The five people of Luo will looked at it, but they didn't believe it.

Unexpectedly, the paletick cabinet, even came here.

Look at it, it is very good with the relationship with the son.

Lifting is definitely unparalleled!

I have to come on!

You must pay attention to each sentence, each action, but put a trace.

Luo Liu smoke and Chen Xiu Yumei look at it, secretly nod.

"It turned out to be Master, there is a gift!"

"Luo Lord, polite!"

Several people introduced each other, a break.

Sun Yu looked at Luo Liu and other people, nodded, and finally hoped you.

I have to eat some!

There are four big jars, they have not been able to eat.

Just waiting for them.

"Dear, since today, you will go!" Sun Hao said.

This is said, and Su Ying suddenly puts light. "Too good! Mon, what are we eat today? Is it eating radish?"

When I thought of radish, Su Yiling couldn't help but lick your lips.

"No, I have to eat today!"

Sun Yizhen is awkward, "You can have fun!"

"The son, did you eat jaundice?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Not bad!"

This is out.


A riped thunder, bombarded a few people in Luo.

Others don't know, they are clear.

The son is a dragon!

Is this time, a dragon is caught?

So thinking, Luo Cows asked: "Gong, you go out to fish?"

"No!" Sun Hao shook his head.

I heard this, Luo Liu smashed nodded.

It looks like this, this dragon is not a son fishing.

It is sent by the nine elderly people.

Jiugelong people, you can really lick!

You can learn more later!

"I have a few days ago, I went out to catch a fish, caught a few big guys!"


It is a hunt.

Boom in the soul.

Luo Liu smashed my eyes, I can't believe it.

So, the root is not a nine elderly to save the West Fairy City?

But the son personally shot?

"Come, take you to see, I temporarily raise the backyard!"

"These braques can be really big, guarantees you to open your eyes!"

Sun Hao faces, showing a lot of arrogance.

There is no fishing, and it is not covered.

"Okay, son!"

A few faces are calm, and the inner heart has been astonished.

If the body hits by the tsunami, it will not calmly.

Cross the big temple and open the door of the backyard.


A fresh breath, come.

In front of you is printed, it is a garden who is looking for it.

On a fruit tree, there is a seductive fruit.

The fragrance spoke, smells, and makes people like thunder.

"That ... that is a fairy fruit, all fairy fruit!"

"Big Brother, you see, then ... that is a fairy tea, that is ... What? Mah! That is a proud tea tree!"

"So many tender buds, at least 100,000 pieces! Big brother, I can't stand it, I want to grab!"

"Grab? That try, guarantee that you instantly become flying ash."

Mujia Fourth Ancestral is surprised, I have never returned to God.

The backyard is completely a huge treasure house.

Don't say anything else, single is those fairyans, every one gets the outside world, enough to make the immortal to break blood flow.

More don't say, that one has no tea, that is not dead, then the fairy tea ...


Look at the son, I didn't take these treasures.

In his eyes, these things are like a flatone.

What is your child?

Even if it is five people in Luo, it is also shocked.

That's stunned, words can't be described.

Especially Su Yi Ling, nozzle Zhangcheng O-shaped, not closed for a long time.

Finally, everyone was returned and stared at the boat chassis.

"Bono, you are building a boating?" Luo cigarette asked.

"Not a son, I am!"

"The son taught me to make the boat!"

I didn't wait for Sun Hao to open, Mohashi said first.

I heard this, everyone gang.

Looking at Sun Yizhi, full of worship.

Unexpectedly, the son can also make a boating!

Isn't the son not a Master?

Monster, are you all-round?

"Everyone, don't be stunned, come with me!"

Sun Hao voice, awakened everyone.

"Yes, the son!"

Everyone followed the sun.

"Bono, do you like fishing?" Asked Luo.


Sun Yi nodded, "fishing can be a pleasure, but, people are fishing together, it is fun! Have the opportunity, we are fishing together!"

This is out.

Luo Liu smoke looks.

The son is indicated!

This sentence must be firm!

Among them, there is deep!

Luo Cows nodded and put this in my heart.

"Okay, son!"

Everyone nodded.

"Just in front, immediately!"

Sun Hao pointed to the front and smiled.

I saw it, not far, there is a few hundred square meters of pool.

When I went to the pool, a few have a big face, and it was shocked for a long time.