It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 167 When you want to die, I am!

Jin Yu is lying in the pool, there is no half of the eyes.

Four days ago, I was taken by Jauxi.

The mortal dug a pool and throwing himself into this.

What is the way to use it? It is also unable to break free.

Soon, my brothers were picking up, then, they broke themselves and broke into pieces.

Tang Dynasty, actually became an ethnic food.

Since ancient times, when did this happen?

Is can't bear it!

At that time, he rebelled.

Resist is invalid.

No means, there is no one to play.

In this pool, I am weak as a common jauco.

Even the ready-made holes can't do it, don't say in the cave.

This pool, like hell cages, can't break free.

This is, mortal dug!

If so, then it is also good.

The most terrible thing is:

These days, you will feel a terrible breath every day.

This feels like it is in ancient world, around, all the ancient beasts.

He can confirm that it will bomb yourself ash.

What is the place you come here?

What existence is that mortal?

Why is him around, followed, all this terror?

In this way, what is it?

"Shuai, no way to send a message to the dragon?"

At this time,

A sound came.

Jin Yu listened, secretly shook his head.

The face is bitter, "no!"

"Jinsheng, this way, I will wait for the mortal!"

"Mortal? You still think he is mortal? I can definitely be a terrible existence!"

"What? A mortal is extremely terrible?"

Say this from the mouth of the mouth, a dragon will be trembled by the body.

"Jincai, what should we do? Isn't we die?"

"That is inevitable!"

The golden look is clear, "I am worried about now, not us, but the whole dragon!"

"Whole Dragon? Can he still destroy our entire dragon?"

"It's hard to say!" Golden said.

This is out.


Several dragons will be calm.

Dragon, in addition to the Dragon master, there is still a no existence!

It is, but even the thunder is the existence!

Is this mortal, more than there is no?

"Golden Shuai, you don't have fun, even if Ziyang's dragon, that is also very strong, ordinary immortal, which is the dragon opponent!"

"Don't say, behind us, but the whole dragon!"

"Just, how strong, do you not know?"

"Behind the main kick, there is the no existence of our dragons!"

The golden shakes, full of face, "You didn't induce these four weeks of breath? Which one is married than Dragon?"


In an instant, the dragon four will stay in the original place.

That's it.

Every time those terrorist breath, they are like the Dragon master, extremely terrible.

These four weeks, all of this terrorist existence.

This is not weak, is it unneaked in the dragon?

So much.

Dragon is the air in the air, and the body is trembled.

Infinite chill spreads the whole body.

"So, that existence, I can't see us to eat people, thus shot?" A dragon asked.

"Yes, our dragons have been in the ancient, and they have been honored, and they can not depend on any race!"

"This is good, the family has actually existed this!" Golden Herbish.

"Golden Shuai, must find a way to report this to the dragon, let him not to be enemies with the people, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable!"

Jin Yu dark shakes his head, bitter, "Now, do not say that we have no ability to report to the dragon, even if the report, the dragon is listening to us?"

Dragon's generals heard these and instantly low.

In this reason, the dragon is distinguished, and it will change the view of the people because of the one sentence of Jin Shuai.

"With the character of the dragon, it will be an attack on the people. At that time, it will be a disaster! A disaster for me Dragon!" Golden said.

I heard these, the dragon will secretly sigh, full of bitterness.

Dragon is destroyed, that means that the family will die.

Wife and son, ......

None exceptions, all will die.

"It's, you look!"

At this time, a sound.

Jin Yu looks up, it is not compromised by the pupil, the eyes are fine, and the flash is out of date.

At this moment, he saw the life-saving straw.

He stared at Mujia four ancestors, I didn't want to think, I opened the mouth: "A few brothers, save me!"

Mujia Fourth Azure is stupid at the moment, and she woke up.

They looked at the golden, and they could not believe in front of them.

Tang Delong, actually took a prisoner, and, the point of rescue to the people.

If you see it, say it, who will believe?

Dragon is arrogant, unchanging.

In their eyes, the people are only anti antity, don't say that it is saved, even if you say something to the people, you will feel very shame.

"save you?"

Mu You smiled and smiled, "I think, can I save you in the son?"

"Big brother, beg you, open to the spot, as long as you saved me, I will send you in the future!" Golden said.

"Come on?"

Mu You shook his head, "why do the son be shot? Isn't your heart?"

"I am wrong, we are wrong! I assure that I will never take my family!"

"If you eat a human beings, you must not die, and you will be hit!"

Mu arrogant swear.

These sounds, listened to Luosi smoke, etc., could not help but DC.

A Xianlong is forced to this situation. In this life, in addition to the son, can anyone?

"Oh, it's going! Let me open it!"

"How can the son to cure you, I will wait for it?" Mu You shook his head.

I heard this, Golden Person stood.

In its eyes, it is also flashing and desirable.

"Big brother, I can't die, otherwise, the family will live the spirit!"

"Dragon Lord learned that I am dead, with the character of the dragon, will definitely slaughter all the people!"

"You don't save me, for the people, I have to consider it!" Golden said.

When I heard this, Mu You was so frowning, and I started thinking.

After a while, he looked at Sun Hao and glanced in the eyes.

"You think that in front of the son, can the dragon do you turn to a wind wave? I am afraid that the dragon will also become the food of the son!" Mu You said.


Golden is dumbfounded, nothing can be said.

"Then can you help me pass a piece of mouth to the dragon? Let him not attack the people!" Golden said.

"Oh, will you listen to me?"


The golden face is desperate.

He looked at the sky, cried, and he shared him: "Heaven, you will die!"

"Today, we will eat the biggest this!"

One sound, like a thunder.