It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 168 Who is this domineering?

Mo Hao looked at golden, could not help but swallow a saliva.

A few days ago, I saw the son three five, and I took a dragon into a piece.

Subsequently, cook a big hot pot.

At that time, the son had to eat, scared the soul.

Later, under the request, still ate.

Now think about it, it is really a very flavor, which is coveted.

In the future, there is a son, and is afraid that there is no dragon meat?

"Since everyone is coming, we will eat the biggest one today!"

Sun Hao pointed to the golden, and said.

This sound, like a hell magic, in the golden brain sea.

"Dear, help, seek you to save me!" Jin Yu yar.

However, it did not care about him.

His voice, passing to Sun Hao's ear, just like the jaundice.

"Da Huang, don't worry, just thing!"

After this, the big hand, falling from the sky, straightforward.

It seems that it is flat, there is no power.

It is pressed in the golden body, but he does not have a little resistance.

"no no……"

Ren, how to struggle, no half of it.

He was raised by Sun Hao, press on the ground.

It is a hammer that raises the hammer and goes to his head.

"Do not……"

A heart-hearted shout is abrupt.

" ..."

The hammer falls and hits in the golden eyebrow.


Jin Yizhen stopped struggling, dincting.

Sun Hao took out the kitchen knife and quickly moved it.

Open the belly, the bone is ignited, cut into meat pieces ...

The whole action, the row, and there is no half point.

For a while.

Golden Packed in order to be a large pile of meat, put it before.

This scene, strongly stimulating everyone's attention.

That kind of shock.

That kind of don't believe it.

Write over everyone's face.

Tang Delong, in the son, even the qualifications of the struggle.

If you see it, you will not believe it yourself.

After a while.


Pour the cold air sound and turn around.

For a long time, they will calm from the shock.

Especially Mujia Fourth Ancestors, the chest is like a heavy hammer, it is difficult to recover.

"If you dream, please take out the big pot!"

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​in the right hand, and the two-meter caul is present in front of everyone.


A huge stove, the earth is shining.

"This ... this is made!"

"The items used by the son are all fairy!"

Mujia Fourth ancestors opened the mouth, muttered for a long time.

"Dream, fire!"

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​a dream, a pile of wood, presented everyone.

Mu family four ancestors were picking up, and the face changed again.

"Lying in the trough, Xianwu! And even I can't see the fairy!"

"No, this is used to fire? Too ... too waste?"

In Mujia Fourth Ancestors, Xianwu ignited the beef fire.

"The fairy is just a firewood?"

"It's also right, only a fairy fire can you stew the fairy meat!"

"Too fragrant, what is the son?"

"I didn't have eaten things for ten years. At this moment, I didn't want to eat this."

Mujia Fourth azu stayed at Sun Yao action, and it was difficult to calm.

Today, I finally opened my eyes.

In the future, see the spirit, and it is difficult to turn up any waves.

"Everyone, don't worry, so good!"

Looking at a pair of expressions, Sun Hao faces, showing a lot of arrogance.

I have no cooking, even if the other party is the ancestor, what is it?

"Dream, go to the wild vegetables!"

"Yes, the son!"

The phoenix is ​​finished, and it starts fast.

After a while.

The Phoenix is ​​returned.

Seeing something in the basin.

Mujia four ancestors widened eyes,

"One pot is not dead, in the son, is it a wild vegetable!"

"Don't you come to eat? Heaven! The son is too extravagant!"

"I can't stand it, I can't stand it! Although we live for more than 100,000 years, with the son, this gap ..."

"Today, I finally know what is called big!"

Mujia old ancestors muttered, Zhang opened his mouth, did not spit a sentence in half a day.

The five people of Luo willow smoke are not good.

Shocking model, words can't be described.

In the eyes of everyone, the Phoenix is ​​poured into a large pot.

Cover the lid and bored half an hour.


The freshness is spread, and it is lingering in the nose.

Deep sucking a sigh of breath, the heart is refreshed, the sputum is over, and the thunder is like thunder.

Everyone swallowed the mouth, revealing a look of looking for a look.

After a while.

"All right!"

Sun Hao opened a big pot.

The hot gas is transpired, and the aroma is coming.

Milk white soup, strongly attracting everyone's attention.

I can't imagine that I will be the first to eat Xianlong!

No, second!

I think that the son has already eaten!

"If a dream, take some stools!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

But see, the Phoenix is ​​a dream right hand, and more than a dozen stools are surrounded.

"Today, we will eat a big hot pot!"

"Don't finish it, you can't go!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

"Come ... Come, don't be stunned, eat!"

See Sun Wei's hands, others follow.

Su Yi Ling has already waited for anxious, put a piece of fairy meat and feed it into your mouth.

Quine chew, small mouth swallow.


An endless fairy, like a chaos, in the meridians.

The whole person seems to be fry open.

Su Yi Ling's face change, quickly transferred, introducing this force into Dantian.

She opened his mouth and shocking the original place.

It's just a small mouth, and the film of the realm is born.

At this moment, she even rose two realm and reached the seven products flying!

"Is this the power of Xianlong?"

"No, light is Xianlong, absolutely can't do this level!"

"Just now, the son seems to put a lot of fairy medicine, and there is no death!"

"This big pot fairy meat, I can't imagine at all!"

Su Yiling muttered, shocked.

Others, not.

Everyone is fine, chewing, and dare not.

The most shocking, is that Mujia Fourth Azu.

Their body slightly shakes, the meat on chopsticks, almost shakes.

"Old ... husband, I can ... I can eat unsatisfactory fairy meat!"

"From ancient times, who is this extravagant?"

"Who is this domineering?"

"All this is the son!"

Mujia four azu looked at Sun Hao, worship, and feared the essence, it is impact.

Mu arrogant, swallowed up.


A shock, like a dragon.

A shaft of fairy, such as a rapid flow, in the Mu Youfang.

Muo's face change, quickly call the skill, introduce these fairy to Dantian.

At this moment, he lost its strength and recovered quickly.

I can't take a moment.

He returned to ten steps and half-haired again.

"A fairy meat, let me recover completely?"

"Moreover, in the body, it is all overdone?"

"This meat is completely unimaginable!"

"Bono, you first help me Mujia transformed unparalleled land, give me a vitality!"

"Now, help me wait for the restoration, this is a good kind, Mu arrogant is hard to forget!"

"Gong, you can rest assured, eradicate the evil people, revive the peak of the people, I am equal!"

Mu Our eyes, showing a firm expression.