It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 169, I actually sent it to swallow the avenue?

"too delicious!"

"This fairy meat, it is definitely the world!"

"Nothing can be better than this!"

"I blame my strength too weak, digestion is too slow, eat a piece of meat, I have to eat for so long!"

"Unlike the son, eat meat directly!"

Su Yi Ling looked at Sun Hao, and his face was worship.

Suddenly, her looks, looking at Sun Wei's mouth, the whole stupid station.

I saw it.

Sun Hao launched a piece of dragon meat and swallowed into your mouth.

The swallowing appearance, such as swallowing the ground.

In this way, I saw Su Yi Ling's eyes and I was shocked.

Her eyes, rapid changes.

There is only one person in the world.

Or, she is a heaven and earth.

At this moment, she reached the unhabonomic man-made one.

Su Yiling feels that you can swallow the beast and can swallow everything.

She closed her eyes, opened the bloody, and was swallowed.


Surrounded by the aura, rushing, to the Suyi Lingku.

These aura, after entering into the body, quickly change, and chemically make a fairy.

"Hey ..."

It's just a breath. She has the realm of the realm, and the sound snoring, and breaks through a small realm.

"So powerful?"

Su Yi Ling opened his mouth and shocked his face.

"Come again!"

Then, she started to swallow up again.

This kind of man is extremely rare.

The naked eyes cannot be perceived, rushing, quickly enhances the strength of Su Yi Ling.

It has been reaching 10 steps, which is stopped.

Become a half-fairy, you need to feel the avenue and mobilize the avenue.

Although I can mobilize the cold avenue before, but it is borrowed the way of the picture.

"I actually confessed to swallow the avenue?"

Su Yiwei opened his eyes and exposed a surprise that could not be suppressed.

Devouring the avenue, belonging to the unparalleled road, more difficult than the fishing avenue.

The legend, the swallowing magic power is to swallow the avenue, but the shortcuts are not able to compile with the swallowing avenue.

Moreover, swallowing the magical work will have a strong side effect, which makes people become murdered and cannot control their own emotions.

This is why the cause of swallowing the power.

And I actually sent it directly to the swallowing avenue, although I haven't gotten, but I have opened up at least.

Since then, just eat to eat ..., then you can improve it quickly!

This is too suitable for yourself!

It is a son to deliberately point me!

Bono, you are so good to me!

Su Yi Ling looked at Sun Wei, and it was grateful to face.

Then, Su Yi Ling clambles a piece of dragon meat and chews the small mouth.

The fairy has passed the meridians, flooding into Dantian, gathered in the babies.

"Hey, this is?"

Su Yi Ling should go to its own Dantian change, the whole stupid station.

I saw that the Yuan baby in Dantian has become a monster that is like unicorn.

Unlike, this monster, a big mouth with a bloody.

"Nothing" - ! "

Su Yiling's entire stupid station, full of dare not believe.

Unexpectedly, this time, it is not only to swallow the avenue, and it has also been born out of the spirit!

And, still the ancient beasts - !

This is the same, it is simply unimaginable.

Since then, cultivation is not bumpy, even if the fairy is coming, it can swallow it!

Su Yiling, has been astonished, and it can't calm for a long time.

"Gong, thank you!"

She looked at Sun Wei, her face was grateful.

"Oh, you are one, it is really S."

Sun Hao looked at the appearance of everyone to eat meat, shook his head.

"Dream, come, eat meat!"

After finishing, Sun Hao gave the Phoenix, and sent a few pneaky meats to the Phoenix.

"Gong, you eat!"

The Phoenix is ​​also helping Sun Hao.

She clauses a piece and swallowed directly into the belly.

Fantress, quickly chaos in the meridians.

Take a little guidance and poured into Dantian.

These fairy, all the god swallowed.

The god of god is like a dry, urgently needs the moisturization of fairy.

The film is swallowed, the Phoenix is ​​a film, instantly collapsed.

At this moment, she reached three steps!

Being a cactus, you need to feel a road to Xiao Cheng.

And yourself, after being swallowed, destroy the avenue, and I have long.

As long as the fairy is full, it can become a half-step half.

Subsequently, it is a fairy robbery.

The fairy robbery is better than the nine-color thunder, and the power is 100,000!

Not a quantity at all.

Once you have passed, you are not ordinary cactus, but Huang Xian!

Maybe today, you can become a cacto!

Huang is dreaming of that a big pot fairy meat, put it again, and feed it in your mouth.

After the Phoenix is ​​swallowed, he swallowed 10 pieces of fairy meat.

"Hey ..."

A sound.

The realm of the truck is broken in her body.

At this moment, her realm reached four or more fairyland.

The Phoenix is ​​excited, the body is milled.

There is no hesitation, put it again, swallow in the abdomen.

After the Phoenix was swallowed, she broke through and reached five steps.

At this moment, most people are still eating the second piece of fairy meat.

They chew in detail, see if they look at the phoenix dreams, and they are envious.

A few moments.

" ..."

A sound rang.

In this moment, Pho guys, fairy is full, reaching ten steps and a half.

There is only one hurdle between the immortal and half fans.

This hurdle, that is the fairy!

During the past, it was a fairy, and it didn't fall, or it was either a dust.

In her breakthrough.


The dark clouds, instantly cover the sky.

The whole world is fast darker.


Emergency wind burst, whistling.

The whole world is shameful.

"Zi ..."

Horror current sound, from the black cloud, echoing in the world.

Every sound is shocked.

Mujia four ambition is looked at the sky, his face is panicked.

"This ... this is a fairy!"

"Scorpio, how many years have not seen a fairy!"

"Is it her?"

Mujia four ancestors said, all on the phoenix, look, look.

Especially Mu arrogant, that is slightly smoked, the body tremble.

I have seen my fairy!

That terror, now think about it, I am afraid.

Just a blow, you will move the square round into flat.

Without any treasures, you can resist this power!

Naturally, that ferry is also a smoke.

Seeing that fairy robbery, Mu arrogant decided, no longer broke through.

Therefore, for so long, it has been suppressed and does not realize a road to Xiao Cheng.

Now, the fairy robbery, and yourself, sitting with the people of the robbery.

Don't you say that you are also within the range of fairy?

Now I want to escape, I can't come here, how is this good?

Muo's face is panicked.

"Booming ..."

A fried, heaven and earth roar.

The ground dust is .

Whoever, no matter who it is, this moment is awakened at this moment.