It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 170th chapter 1 hand grabs broken fairy

The mainland, the northern area, the Yutong House.

The jade scorpion suddenly opened his eyes, and the two sharp eyes were shot.

He hopped in the direction of the Western region, it seems to be able to see more than 10 million miles.


"There is no immortal robbery talle of thousands of years ?!"

"This time, which small doll is can't stop? Improve the fairy?"

"Good terrible fairy!"

"This fairy is too powerful, but at least ten times more than before,"

"Look, the Tiandao does not allow someone to become a fairy!"

The jade scorpion muttered himself and sighed.



There is a sea area, namely the endless sea.

Endless sea, the sky is dim, and the sun is not seen all the year round.

On a island, a high tower covered by the skull.

The five-meter high human format is sitting in the master, the empty eyes, the soul flame is likewise, slightly beat.

It is the master of the evil people - a ghost candle.



In the eyes of the gods, the soul of the two groups became dramatically.

The original white soul flame, slowly red, finally, becoming red.

"The fairy robbery? Is there a person who has been robbed?"

"This seat is going to see, who is you?"

After that, the ghosts reach out and look forward.


Air shock layer ripple.

" ..."

Followed by,

A fried.

The ghost candle is retreating, the soul flames, and urgently jumping.

I don't know if he is trembling or amazed.

"Do you have a mysterious breath?"

"Just touching it, put me hurt me?"

"Who is it? Is it so horrible?"

"I hope that he doesn't have to ferment, or if you are afraid that you will affect this big thing!"

The ghosts muttered.

As such a scene, there is a surrounding world.

this moment.

Whether it is in the cultivation, or the old ancestors who seal the source, I opened my eyes at this moment, revealing a shocking expression.

They are looking at the direction of the Western region.

"This fairy robbery, actually dozens of times!"

"Look, it is not immortal at all!"

"Fortunately, the old man is suppressed, it is not broken, otherwise, we will win the soul!"



The Western Region, the south side of the Demon, Sun Hao residence.

Sun Yan looked at the sky, and he looked at the eyes of the eyes. After seeing her look, it couldn't help but let go.

"Look, if you are not afraid of thunder!"

Sun Hao muttered himself, buried, and continued to start eating meat.

In this way, I saw other people's eyes and gradually relaxed.

"The son here, I am worried!"

"But this time is a fairy, not ordinary thunder!"

"That is still different! What kind of robbery is he robbed, in front of the son, still not ?"

A few people in Luo will have a burst of sound, relax, and continue to eat meat.

Mu Jia four ance looked at the sky and looked at all people, and the look of the face is uncertain.

They inhibited the inner fear, learn a few people, and began to eat meat.

The meat of their chopsticks, fell into the pot from time to time.

This time, it is scared.

This is a fairy!

Can the son be resistant?

One of you, it is calm!

If you fall, I will die, I will die!

Thinking of this, Mujia Fourth Ancestors full of her face, and I hope to the sky at night.

On the sky, in the dark clouds.

"call out……"

A figure consisting of electric shelters, running in an emergency.

He is the thunderman.

This time, there is a man who has a fairy.

He can call the thunder, naturally stronger tens of millions.

"Sample, I still dare to spend the fairy, don't you want to live?"

"Today, let you taste what is called with the sky!"

"This time, I have to fly your soul, the bones are not available!"

"As long as this task is completed, this year's performance is completed, haha ​​..."

"Hey, this time will not encounter no existence?"

In this way, the thunder robbery is hysteresis, and there is an uneasiness on his face.

Subsequently, he quickly shook his head, "it is impossible!"

"I don't have the few things around you, I know that they just reached the flying misery! How can I get into the immortal?"

"Who are you? First eat me a hammer!"

After that, the thunder robbery took out a radiant hammer.

"Zi ..."

Thunderstandings, in the hammer, there is no power to destroy the earth.

Look at it, it makes people feel the heart.


Thunder giants screamed, aligning the ground, it is a bombardment.

"Zi ..."

Black cloud scattered, glaring, illuminating the whole world.

A thunder beam, shocking the sky, the waves roll.

"call out……"

Terrorism, like a tsunami, is generally pressed.

Mu family four ancestors have a big change, and the dark road is not good.

"It's over!"

I can think of, only these two words.

Seeing, Thunder will fall.

At this time.


A figure, hurry out.

She is in white, and her clothes are fluttering.

A beautiful face, showing a firm smile.

She is the phoenix.

She looked at the radiance of the sky, she didn't have a rush, reach out of the right hand, and grabbed the sky.

"Zi ..."

Thunder is straight into the phoenix, and it is struggling in the dream.

Every time you jump, you will explode power to destroy the earth.

" ..."

The four weeks of space, such as the same lens, inch, and then closed again.

Everyone looked up at this scene, could not be blown by the scalp, cold sweat DC.

Waiting for the robbery?

It's really unheard, I haven't seen it!

Mrs. Lady, it is terrible to come to this extent!

Huaiyi, can't imagine.

"Don't struggle, useless!"


The Phoenix is ​​gently grasped.

" ..."

A fried.

The whole thunder robbery and all the bombed.

Turn it to hundreds of millions of electricity, put the phoenix.

She closed her eyes and bathed in the electric mood, revealing a pair of expressions.

After a while, the electric mandrel is exhausted, and all the phoenix is ​​absorbed.

She stands half the air, closes their eyes, quietly feeling.

At this moment, the world is like still.

Everyone is watching, staying at the phoenix, full of dare, can't believe.

"What? Turn the fairy?"

"It's amazing! This means, you can't imagine!"

"If the dream sister follows the son, it is not the same! This flesh, I am afraid that Xianlong is still more than!"

The five people of Luo Liu looked at the phoenix, shocking.

Next to them, Mujia Sizu is stood in the same place, and it is difficult to calm.

I grabbed the thunder and swallow the body of the thunder.

This is really a long time!

How did you have seen it in a million years?

Lady resort, horror, unimaginable.


Mujia four ancestors took a few breaths, which gradually calm.

Everyone is watching, I am staring on the Phoenix.

I saw it.


Huangru dreams open his eyes, two sharp eyes shot.

The eyes directly penetrate the dark clouds, sweeping to the thunderous giants.