It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 171th chapter of the immortal, quenching fairy


Thunder robes are trembled, and it is cold.

He hopped his eyes like a dream, quickly recovered his attention.

"Fu ... the lady's strength, this is terrible?"

"I ... I actually dare to shoot my wife? Don't you want to live?"

"To ... Sorry, lady!"

"I'm wrong!"

After that, the thunder robbery is a dream, and it is deeply.

"You don't stare at me, I understand!"

Thunder robbery took out the hammer, in the unparalleled pain, took out a colorful thunderstand.

"This is the lift I gave you, don't blame me, please!"

After that, thunder robbery throws a colorful thunderstand.


The light flashed, and I didn't enter the Phoenix.

This colorful thunderstand contains all-color electricity, its power, and the phoenix of the 16th color Thunder, I don't know how much it is.

Colorful Thunderstandings, rapidly fusion with Dantian.

I feel that everything in Dantian is, the Phoenix is ​​like a touch of attention.

Originally, I hope that the thunder is a giant, and a few thunder.

Unexpectedly, it directly put this kind of unparalleled, give yourself?

This feels like dreaming.

Thunder robbery is afraid of yourself?


How can thunder giants would be afraid of themselves, it is afraid, but it is a son!

All this is created, and the bonus is given.

Thinking of this, Huangru dreams to Sun Wei, thank you for your face, "Mon, your kindness, I am willing to pay back in ten days!"

The clouds are in black clouds.

Thunder giants see that the Phoenix is ​​not staring at him, Chang Shu is angry.

He secretly patted chest, carefully took a foottet, and walked forward.

Step step into the whirlpool and disappear in the sky.

When he appeared again, he came to a space.

This space, shining, thunder.

Look at it, it makes people feel bad, horrible.


Thunder giants halfway, send out a notger roaring.

"Heaven, why, why do I have encountered my life?"

"How is it all people around him?"

"I have achieved this year, still 0, how can I go back to see the master?"

"Only five months, old God, please send me more than a few killedrs!"

"Even if I violate the regulations, I have to die!"

Thunder robbery is full of bitterness and shouts loudly.

His voice shocks the whole space is .

"No, there is no way to take it, you will be lucky next time!"

"So horrible place, can not go again!"

"There is no place to live, there is a round of 100 miles, I want to draw a penalty area, so as not to make mistakes!"

After that, the thunder robes waves the hammer and draws out a large circle.

A invisible waves, direct penetration space, covering the sunrite of Sun Hao residence.

Since then, in this area, there will be no thunder.



Tiango continent,

Dali Mountain, Yutong House in the northern domain.

The jade scorpion opened his eyes.

He looked at the direction of the Western region and was full of confusion.

"Nothing? I'm not hit?"

"Should there be a hundred and eight ways to thunder?"

"Do you say that the person is killed?"

Thinking of this, the jade scorpion pumped a breath.

"This fairy robbery is horrible!"

"Fortunately, the old man has become a fairy!"

"Otherwise, even if the strength is, I am afraid that I can't spend the fairy!"

Yu Yuzi secretly sighed, standing up.

"I have to do a preparation, disciplinary, insist on for a while, to save you right away!"

After finishing, jade scorpion took out the papers and started to portray.



There is a tower of a honeglass of the sky, a tower covered by a hub.

The ghost candle looks at the direction of the Western region, the soul flames are slightly jumped.

I do not know how long it has been.


The soul of the ghosts in the eyes of the soul.

"Only fell a thunder?"

"This is still a person?"

"I didn't expect, even a thunder robbery couldn't resist!"

"I am worried about this seat!"

The ghost candle is finished, the figure is flashed, and the instant disappears.

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Sun Hao residence, on the sky.

The Phoenix is ​​standing there, closes his eyes and quietly feels the changes in your body.

" ..."

A sound.

Ling roots directly crackled.

Infinite fairy, through the meridians, full of whole body.

The body is crazy and is crazy.

The Phoenix is ​​a dream, and it is transforming to the fairy.

Being a cactus, get off the fetus, incarnation of the fairy.

Ling roots are stored directly in each cell of the body and can be called at any time.

In addition, it is true to control the avenue.

It is only necessary to condense the soul, it will make the acknowlet.

Drinking so many Wu Kao tea, my soul, is already very powerful.

I am only afraid that the whole Ziyang star, in addition to the son, it is yourself.

The idea is coming, the avenue can make it.

a long time.

The Phoenix is ​​quenching is completed.

"Now, destroying the avenue has been great, it is already a yellow fairy! Take the strength, Xuan Xian, no more enemy!"

"I only need to realize the destruction of the avenue to the peak, then I will step into Xuanxian!"

"At that time, the strength will be more important than now! There is also enough strength to return to the ancestral mountain!"

"Do you want so much now? Accompany your son, this is the most important thing!"

The Phoenix is ​​as murmured and secretly makes decisions.

On her, exudes a layer of glory.

It looks like it is beautiful, it is suffocating.

There is a feeling of a tastefulness between the supreme.

For a long time, she opened their eyes and flew down.

Everyone looked at the phoenix, and the face had a bit awe.

Sun Yu looked at the phoenix, and his eyes were flashed.

If the dream looks now, it is more beautiful.

Body, there is more dusty.

"If a dream, just now?" Asked Sun Wei.

"The son, just now I saw the lights, and stopped, this is nothing!" Huangru dreams.

what? prevent?

This is said, such as dreams

That voltage, but tens of millions of volts, or even hundreds of millions of volts.

Moreover, current is also as high as 20,000.

How strong, I can't imagine.

It's just as a dream?

If a dream is strong, there is no way to imagine.

When she arrived at the beginning, even the thunder would be scared.

How long can this, can you get a thunder?

The growth is fast, you can't imagine! ⒏ ⒏ ⒏

Don't you say that she got a lot of her ancestors?

should be!

"If a dream, amazing!" Sun Hao said.

"The son, the award!"

The Phoenix is ​​sitting next to Sun Hao.

"Don't worry, continue to eat!"

Sun Hao voice, wakes everyone.

"it is good!"

Looking at the small half pot fairy meat, everyone will continue to move the chopsticks.

Luo Liu smashed small mouth to eat Xianlong meat, from time to time to see Sun Hao.

The essence is essential, it is impossible.

There is a son in the future, face the fairy robbery, don't be afraid!

Mujia's four ancestors trembled, holding the fairy drain, and shivering from time to time.

These days are seen, the previous 100,000 years.

I want to come now, or I feel like I doing it.

"Big Brother, even thunder, the giant is afraid of the son, you said ..."

"Don't say, scare death, the realm of the son, not I can wait, eat your meat!"

"Yes, big brother, but I shaken this hand, can't control it!"

"It's so old, you have to calm down, you need to remember, in the future, the son is the first, you can't scream!"

"yes, Sir!"

Mujia Fourth Ancestors got the sympathy and reached a consensus.

Mohashi looked at Sun Hao and took a few breathles.

"Gong, you actually scare the thunder giants!"

"What is your identity?"