It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 172 I have to break through

After a few pieces of Xianlong meat, Mu arrogance, the fairy, rushing.

He reached the edge of breakthrough and immediately became a cactus.

this moment.

Muo's face has changed, and the dark road is not good.

When the fairy robbery, he just saw it, it was horrible, and there was no way to imagine.

Even if you just have a lot of fairy meat, the flesh increases more than ten times.

But I want to spend the fairy robbery, far less.

I am afraid that I will be smoked to smoke myself.

"You must hurry away, find a place to press!"

I think so, Mu You stood up.

For Sun Hao, respect, "son!"

"Old proud, what is it?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, I have an urgent matter today, you need to leave immediately, bother Yaxing, please forgive me!"

Muo's face is anxious.

Looking at Mu Youyi's face, Sun Wei sighed.

I still think about how to give them a gift.

It seems that it is impossible.

"Since the old proud is there, then I am not waiting, slow!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

After Mu You, I went outside.

"Bonology, since the big brother is something, we may need us to help, I will wave!"

Mujia old ancestors, one by one.

Sun Yu looked at Mujia Lao Zu back, frowning did not show.

Good blessing value, that's it!


Seeing Sun Hao's gods, the Luosi smoked is picking.

She looked at Sun Hao, secretly shocked, "Not good, the direction of the North!"

I am afraid that the northern field has even happened!

In this way, Luo Liu is suddenly tasteless.

"I still eat!"

Luo Liu smoked a look, Su Yi Ling immediately stopped.

I bite half a meat in my mouth, I can't understand, "Mujia old ancestors have something, why can't you eat? Such delicious fairy meat!"

"Bonology, today we will say a letter, come back again!"

Seeing Luo Liu smashed, Chen Xu Ming also stood up and hold boxing.

Hey, you ...

Sun Yu looked at a few people, Zhang Zhang, unable to open.

Luo Liu smashed Sun Hao's god, in the heart, the dark road is not good.

The son also looked at the northern domain, and the face is so ugly!

I want to have a northern area, I will not be slow!

"Remember to come often!" Sun Hao said.


Looking at the back of everyone, Sun Hao sighed.

All things have not been sent, they all run.

Turned back, just saw Mohashi standing up, touched a circular belly, a pair of meetings.

"Is it full?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, the son!" Mohao nodded.

"If you dream, what about you?"

"I can't eat it!"

"In this case, you can only fall!"

Sun Hao looked at the big pot of meat and sighed.


Nine days of gods ran quickly,

Don't stop granule.

"Yes, give you a bowl!"

Sun Hao took a bowl of nine days, other, poured into the pond.

Wan Qi Shen Lotus vibrates, countless roots must spread, wrap a piece of fairy dragon meat, caught crane.

"This this……"

Mohashi looked at the demon lotion, the face has changed, muttered, and did not spit a word for a long time.

He can confirm that this demon lot is never ordinary demon!

It is likely to meet the immunity.

This horrible immortal is just a servant of the son.

So, is the son is not a fairyland?

The more you think, Mohao Stone is afraid.

The son is not imagined at all.

This person is, which is his apprentice!

"It must work hard, must work hard!"

"Bonology, there will always be you asked you!"

Mo Hao is dark and dark, a firm look.

"Don't be stunned, come with me, continue to make the boat!"

"Your iron ine is not working, just build my wood!"

"If a dream, take the biggest wood!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

The Phoenix is ​​nodded, and the right hand is paid.

The sky is transparent and transparent, spreading around.

A giant wood with a diameter of 20 meters, drilled from transparent . ~ 8 ~ 1 ~ Chinese network ωωω.χ ~ ⒏ ~ 1zщ.còм


Falling into the ground, shocking dust.

The giant wood is full of 100 meters long, and I can't look at it.

Mohashi saw this wooden strip and the whole screamed.

"This ... this is the first piece of fairy, wrong, absolutely no fairy!"

"Such a big fairy, how much is the value? 100,000 fairy crystal? Not only, Millions of Xianjing can not buy!"

"The son is a fairy, all worth a million fairy!"

"The son is too ... too much money!"

"I want to be like this kind of fairy, the son has a lot, so it seems that the Wang Xinglou is compared with the son!"

"No wonder, Zi Tianpeng in front of the son, that is the bikay!"

"This world, the son is the richest!"

Mohashi has a shock in the heart, and it will calm down.

"From today, you can engrave this wood into a boat!" Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, this can only engrave hundreds of rooms, remove the control room, array channels, hull, I am afraid only to engrave more than 100 rooms!"

"If you still remove the cultivation room, engraving room, refining room, etc., the rest of the room, only less than 50, you can only live 200 people!"

"This way, will it be a little small?" Mo Hao asked.

"Enough, I just need to bring 2 people!" Sun Hao said.

"That line, son, then draw a sketch first, you feel that we can press this carving, how do you see?" Mohashi asked.

"Good!" Sun Yi nodded.

"The son, I will go back to the sketch first, and strive to be completed in two days!"

See Sun Yizhen, Mohao stone tactivated the residue, and going quickly.



The lower mountain trail east.

The five people of Luo willus, run fast, catch up with Mujia Fourth Azu.

"Seniors, why are you from caught anxious?" Luo cigarette asked.

"I have to break through!"

On the face of Mu, it is panicked.

"Do you want to break through? Seniors, do you want to achieve a cacto?" In the eyes of Luo, it is full.

"You still laugh, the old man must find a place to suppress the realm, otherwise, you will die!" Mu You said.

"Seniors, there is no need!" Luo smoke said.

"Why?" Mu You did not understand.

"I saw it just now, the thunder giants are afraid of the son, you only need to be robbery, and will definitely!" Luo Cow said.


Mu You frightened, secretly thinking.

In this way, the son is robbery, it is really safe.

However, there will be a thunderstorm.

That thunder, once you are in your own, you will also pine bones!

"If you can't, even if you stay in the son, there will be a thunder, and the old man can self-defeating!" Mu You said.


Luo Cow smashed.

Indeed, the immortal robbery is not a person who can resist.

"Seniors, then you can't make a failure?" Luo Liu asked.

Mu You suddenly stupid.

The suppression failed, it will be undoubtedly!

"Seniors, don't this."

"We have a few lofts under the foot of the mountain, you live directly at the foot!" New 81 Chinese network update the fastest computer: https://[email protected]@@

"If the compression failed, immediately ran to see the son!"

"If you want, you only need to resist the first thunder!"

"At least there is also a hometown hope, in case success, you are a cacto!"

Mu You listened to these, the eyes of the eyes were flashed.

After some thinking, Mu Mu nodded, "OK!"