It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 177th chapter of the son is too late.

Sun Hao residence, the foot of the mountains.

There are several stars here, it is built by Luo Cow.

One of them, the ground floor is in the secret room.

The five people sitting together.

Su Yi Ling put his mouth, looking at Luo Liu smoke, asked: "Master, why are you in a hurry? Xianlong meat has not finished eating!"

"Yeah, Luo Lord, the taste is simply a taste!" Wen people said.

"Eat a bite, let me break through a few realm, it is too terrible!"

"So many people who are not dead, it is really unique! I didn't expect that I can eat, I can't eat it, this life is no shackle!" Chen Xiu Ming's eyes, exhausting.

"I think it should be a while again!" Mu Bing said.

"Do you have not seen the son?" Luo Cow said.

This time, a few people exposed the color.

After a moment, Su Yiwei was flashing, "Master, I saw that Mu family's seniors left, the son was very worried, afraid that they broke through the failure, I want to persuade them to stay!"

" ..."

A tyrannical, tapped directly on the Sudi head.

"Master, why do you hit me?" Su Yi Ling wronned.

"As you think, don't know what you think?" Luo cigarette shook his head.

"Luo Lord, what indicates that the son?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"In fact, this time, the son has two things to indicate!" Luosius smoke said.

"Two pieces? Is there?"

Su Yi Ling grabbed his head and blurred.

"The first one, the son said the fishing thing, do you remember?" Luo Liu asked.

"I remember, the son wants to find us fishing!"

Su Yiling first raised his hand.

" ..."

Luo Liu smashed a tyrannical brewed under Suyi's head.

"Master, why do you hit me?" Su Yiling wroned.

"How does the usual teacher teach you? Did you motivate your brain, is your brain?"

Luo Liu smashed, revealing a look of hate iron uncomfortable steel.

"Luo Lord, isn't it? Is there anything that is deep?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"of course!"

Luo Liu bowl heart.

"When today, other racial tigers, the people are risks, but they are fighting!"

"For these, the son knows not to know?" Luo Liu asked.

"The son is everything, these naturally know!" Wen people said.

"The son fish fish, is it?" Luo Liu smoke continued.

"That is also said, naturally the dragon four will be with Xianlong!" Xiao Jing said.

"Everyone thinks, the son finds people fishing, is it to find us? Can we catch Xianlong? Will our fishing avenue?"

The Luosi smoke, asked everyone's dumb.

"Luo Lord, you don't play my dumb, let's talk directly!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"it is good!"

"Since the son is in danger of the nation, he is in the moment, and it is impressed that it is referring to the fairy who will fish, lead the overall situation!"

"The family is a plate of sand. When today, only the immortal, can integrate the forces!"

"Gongzi cleaning,

After the layout, it is not convenient to come directly! "

"Do you understand?" Luo smoke said.

This is out.


Pour the cool sound, this starts.

The son is deeply deep, and it is so deep!

If there is a Robin master, who can enlighten?

"The teacher is very powerful! I thought the son just looking for us fishing? I am a stupid!"

The Su Yi Ling is exposed to a smile, and there is a red.

"I didn't think of a little bit, compared with Rooli, too far!"

Chen Xu Ming is low, and it sighed.

The words and Mu Ice are also blushing, ashamed.

"What is the second?"

"Second, that is, there will happen in the North Domain!"


Everyone widened his eyes and couldn't believe it.

When do you have a big event in the North?

At this moment, even if Chen Xu Ming is also confused.

"Luo Lord, is there this indication?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Chen Daoyou, you still remember when you eat, the son stood up and looked at the northern domain direction, and the brow is lacking?" Luo Kai smashed.

Chen Xiu Ming secretly thoughtful, then suddenly nodded, "Yes, there is this! It turns out that the son has happened in the northern domain!"

"Luo Zhibo, amazing, your understanding, no one can!"

"Yeah, Luo Lord, but, the son is in the northern field, and what is the big thing?"

"The northern field is so big, how do we find it?"

When I heard these words, Luo Liu smashed his head, "This is why I am rushing!"

"Don't care about the son, I am in a hurry!" Said Luo Cow.

"In this case, everyone think about it, the son is a line!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"it is good!"

Then, the five people exposed the colors of bitterness and started thinking.

Everyone thinks what it will say.

Several hours later.

The five people stand there, the look is wilting.

"The son is too late, it is difficult to understand!"

"Yeah, what should we do? Go to the son?"

"Wan million!" Luo Liu smashed the strict words refused, "the son cleaned, could point out in the northern domain, it is already damaged by the heart!"

"I will wait directly to go through and ask, will save the son of the son!"

"Northern Domain, need us to handle it!"

Speaking of this, Luo Liu smokes in Chen Xu Ming, "Chen Daoyou, Northern Gufu do not join the town evil union? You ask them, have there anything happened in recent recently?"

"it is good!"

Chen Xu Yumidi, directly took out the communication jade, and issued a message above.

After a while, he received a reply.

"how about it?"

"There is no big thing, but but there is a little thing in the Queen!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"What little thing?"

"Recently Receptual door dug a red ore, and they have inexplicably disappeared, and there are fewer days per day, and dozens of people!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"What? This is a small thing, it is a big thing. Do they know what the red ore is?" Luo Liu asked.

"I don't know!" Chen Xu Ming shook his head.

"Like This?!"

Luo Liu smashed, revealing the color of thinking, "In this case, Chen Daoyou, trouble, you immediately, go to the Queen Door, investigate the matter!"

"Right, the seldon is excellence, I will know this ore!"

"Little ice, your strength is infinitely close to the cactus, trouble you go before!" Said Luo Cigarette. New 81 Update the fastest mobile phone: https: /

"Yes, Luo Lord!" Everyone nodded.

"Luo Lord, there is still something wrong with it?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"please say!"

"Now, Dragon's Xianlong is eaten by us, I want to be very fast, the dragon will know this thing!"

"With the personality of the dragon, the wealth of the army will be clean, and the mainland is clean!"

"Don't this matter?" Chen Kao said.

This is out.


Everyone took a breath.

Dragon is acting, your heart is hot!

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Once dispatched a big army, for the people, it will be a disaster.

Seeing everyone worried about the expression, Luo Liu smiled slightly.

"No matter, but the son did not let us manage it!"

"If you have to be, the son will also be arranged, we only manage your own things!"