It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 174th chapter is not revenge, otherwise the dragon is in danger!

Seeing everyone worried about the expression, Luo Liu smiled slightly.

He looked at everyone and asked: "What did this son kill fairy dragon?"

"The son seems to say: Da Huao, I still want to be in my hand?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Yes, this is this!"

"The mean of the son is obvious: Dragon is all in the son!" Luo Cow said.

This is out.

Everyone stood in the same place, I haven't calm down for a long time.

It turns out that every action, every sentence is deeply understood.

I don't understand myself, I can only see the illiterate.

It's too dull.

"Luo Lord, you have a feeling, let me have a feeling of Mallon!" Chen Kao said.

"Very polite, trouble Chen Dao, old, Xiaobei, you will go to the northern field right away, it is not going to slow!" Luo Cai said.

"Yes, Luo Lord!"

Chen Kao Ming three people walked out of the attic, rushing to the sky, turning into Changhong, quickly disappearing.

"Master, then? Is it? Is it?"

Su Yi Ling thought of Xianlong meat, the belly didn't consciously called.

"Do not!"

Luo Cow smashed his head, "If you have anything to do, you will be good here!"

"Master, where are you going? I will accompany you, I am powerful now!" Su Yi Ling said.

"I have to go to the first thing to complete the son!" Luo Cai said.

"First? Do you want to find a nine elderly?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Yes!" Luo Cow nodded.

"Master, is the nine elderly people die?"

"Dead you a big head!"

After finishing, Luo Liu smashed the Suiling.

"Master, why do you still hit me!" Su Ying wronned his face.

"Hey, you should fight! I dare to check my son! The son is not missing, I can be wrong!" Luo Cow said.


Su Yi Ling nodded.

Luo Liu smog, "Yao Chi Palace is handed over to you!"

"For the teacher, it is two years, it will come back for ten years later!"

"You stay at home, don't waste, you must work hard!"

"Do you understand?" Luo smoke said.

"Master, the world is so big, where are you going to find?"

"I have my own way, okay, I am also a teacher!"

After that, Luo Cow smashed the sky and disappeared in the sky.



Ziyang Star, somewhere in the sea, a palace forest.

In a hall, singing and dancing is flat, so hard.

Above the main position, sitting, it is Ziyang Star Dragon Lord - Qingyi.

"Dear love, dry cup!"

"The main, the cup!"

The cup changed, a festive atmosphere.


At this time, a communication troops quickly came to the ground.

"What is so confused?" On the face of the green face, it reveals a short.

"Report the dragon master, Jin Shuai messenger to report, said the Jin Shuai soul light is broken!" The Communicator said.

This is out.

"Teng ..."

Qingyu immediately stood up, his eyes fierce shot, "What do you say?"

"Golden Soul Light is broken!"

Around, a dead.

The change of green eyes is uncertain.

a long time.

"The generation!"


After a while.

Several men came with their bodies and quickly.


One of them, worshiping in front of blue, crying.

"Say, what is the specific situation?" Qingyu said.

"On the main, things are like this ..." The first WWW. (X81zw) m./x81zw/

A man stands up and says it.

"What? The family is anti!"

The greenness is all over, surrounded by porcelain cans, and a cracked into a powder.

His fist is gripped, he is angry, and his face is full of face.

"What about the priest? Is there anything?"

"On the main, the priest has been calculated, but it is almost killed, it is already dead!"

"Before the priest died, told the next, and Jin Shuai has been eaten by the people!"

"What? Is it been eaten by the people?"

The green mouth is slightly pumping, anger, and the chest looks like to support.

"Is there still?"

"Also, the priest warns: Wang Long is not a revenge, otherwise the dragon is in danger!"

"what did you say?"

Qingyu hits the fist and angry.

"Don't revenge, or the dragon is in danger!"

I just finished this.


A group of cyan flames, flying out from the hands of the Qing Dynasty, and fly to the man's eyebrow.

"Do not……"

Shouting can something to stop.

" ..."

The man burned into ashes and died on the spot.

This scene, strongly stimulating everyone's eye.

Everyone squatted in the ground, Sithers tremble.

"Long people are ambition, destroy oneself?"

"I have a dragon, passing on the ancient, has always been leading the three worlds, suppress Jiuzhou, password, the world is not good!"

"Today, eat a few small sects of others, will this killer in my family?"

"You said, this hatred should not be reported?"

Qingyu is like a knife, sweeping on everyone.

The sound is like thunder, and the ear is resounded.

"The newspaper, the newspaper!"

"Deceive me Dragon, these anthrapes must be cleaned!"

"Dragon Lord, let me have the army!"

"Dragon Lord, this is over!"

One of them, stood out, revealing the indignation.

Youth waved, quietly down in four weeks.

"People, must be slaughtered!"

"Although my family is strong, people are not enough!"

"The order of my post: blow the thunder, summon the three army!"

"But the Ziyang Star Dragon, no matter where it is, it must be in the campus within one month. If so, be!"

The sound of the green, spread all the ear.

"Yes, the dragon is!"

The commander quickly returned.

Follow it.


A low sound blows.

This kind of sound has special frequencies, only the dragon can hear.

This sound is based on water, the land is root, and the rapid spreads to the entire Ziyang star.

Ziyang star somewhere.


A dragon that is cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes.

"The dragon is summoned, the war is here!"

"I don't know what is going on?"

"Must hurry!"

He turned around and changed into a man.

Going out of the cave, straight track, disappearing the horizon.

As such a scene, it is staged in many places in Ziyangxing.

At this moment, Ziyang star is surging.



Daxi Mountain is located in the south of the North, and the water mist here is like a fairyland.

This day, a boating is docked over the sky.


Three figure, falling from the sky.

These three people are not someone else, it is Zhenpea three.

Zhou Peng's right hand, Flying boat closed in spiritual space.

"Lear, you see, that is, Yu Yu Dongfu!" ~ 8 ~ 1 ~ Chinese network ωωω.χ ~ ⒏ ~ 1zщ.còм

An old man pointed to a mountain peak and said.


Zhou Peng looked at the mountain peak, the eyes of the eyes were flashing, "I think I will take the cave, just for the cacto! I didn't expect Yu Yu's still!"

"Less Lord, then we fly?"


Zhibu Peng didn't sway directly.

"Let's find a cacto, fly directly, it seems very rude!"

"We must go on a step by step, so it is a devout!"

"I want to see us when I want to see us!"

Zhu Tian Peng said.

"Yes, less master!"

Two old people nodded together, followed by Tiandeng, went to the mountain.