It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 175 Let the old man with a bow? Have a beautiful

Yu Yu Dongfu.

A fairy wind, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, and his mouth was so good.

He is a migrant teacher to honor the jade, and it is also one of the nine fans of the nation.

"Wang Xinglou Exhibition Tianpeng wishes the predecessor!"

At this time, the cave is coming.

"Come in!" Yu Yu said.

There are outside the cave.

Exhibition Tianpeng's chest is hysterested, but I can't believe it.

Subsequently, he opened a big step, crossing the cave barrier, walking into the cave.

When I came to the center of Dongfu, I saw the jade son disk sitting in the ground, a smile.

The kind of kindness is like a spring breeze, which is very comfortable.

"Meet the seniors!"

Zhou Peng, kneeling, facing the jade scorpion, respectfully.

"You find a old man, what is the so-called?"

The jade scorpion scored long, smile.

"This time I came to find a predecessor, I was taken by a peerless fairy!" Said Tian Peng.

"Singerless cactus?"

"Since I found a peerless cactus, why also come to find the old man?"

Yu Yuzi muttered his own words, there is no half-point change on his face, "What is it?"

"Seniors, peerless cactors want to dress up with God, appear in front of the world!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"God attache? This name, I have never heard of it."

Jade scorpion dark.

"This is what you want to make your husband's stick? I want to be beautiful!"

"Is it that God's fascinating a lot of disaster, use this way to marry the old husband? Come to the sky in the sea?" Genius a second remember m.x / 8/1 / z / w.c / o / m /

"This abacus can beat really, the old man will not let you succeed!"

The hearts of the jade scorned, but there is no performance on the face.

He looked at the show Tian Peng, smiled and opened, "God enrichment? How did the old man have you heard?"

"Seniors, God's fascia people are actually the names from other cultivars, which is like this ..."

Then, the show said that Tian Peng said a sentence.

Yu Yuzi is listening, but it can't believe it.

Save the Jiangyang and kill the land.

Save Yaochi and clear the four will!

, , saving the West ...

Which thing is not an earth-shatter?

This family, there is still these characters?

If you have a few such characters, why will the ethnicity will fall?

This is not the old man who is going to fight against the magic and evil people.

What is the difference between this?

Hey, the stupid pigs do this!

"Seniors, of course, you are looking for God, nature is not free!"

"I have a treasure to give you, but also hope you promise!"

"If you do well, I can also take you to see the peerless cactus, you can get a shocking! Be Xuanxian, no problem!" Said Tian Peng.

I heard these, the jade scorpion almost laughed.


Little guy, what can you take out?

Also, what is the triancore?

Are you sick? The nine fairy, which old man has not seen it?

Even if it is a bell ion,

I don't dare to call the peerless cactus!

You still have a peerless cactuary?

Ha ha.

The jade scorpion does not change color, smiling, looking at Tianpeng, "Huobao, what is the treasure?"

"Seniors, this!"

After that, Zhibaopeng took out a pair of pictures.

This pair of picture, named the high map, is the Luo Liu smoke and change it yourself.

This picture has just taken out, in the eyes of the jade, it will be flaws.

"Seniors, this is the heavy treasure of my star!"

Zhibian Peng took the picture to respect.

"Heavy treasure?"

"Is it difficult to have a mystery?"

The jade scorpion will take a picture and slowly spread.


He stupid stands.

"Xianwu, it is a fairy wood!"

"Luxury, too luxury!"

"It is worthy of Wang Xinglou, actually as a paper chapter in Xianwu, is really a general force to match!"

Don't say anything else, the price is the price of this paper, worth 10,000 fairy!

The painting is completely opened.

The jade scorpion opened his mouth, muttered himself, and shocked.

I saw that there were two blurred shadows in the drawing, and they were overlooked in the mountains.

That kind of calmness is extremely sharp.

At this moment, the jade scorpion is uncomfortable, just like a peerless cactus.


The rhyme is like a sea, running out.

Intensive, enveloping the entire cave.

At this moment, the jade scorpion eyes widened and the breathing was not smooth.

The heart seems to jump out of the eyes, extremely uncomfortable.

Become a fairy, who has never had this feeling tens of thousands of years.

Writing yourself, although you can also bring a rhyme.

Compared with this painting, it is like firefly and the sun, and there is no way.

"This pair of paintings, it is a peerless cactus to paint!"

"This kind of forbao, each pair value is at least hundreds of thousands of fairy!"

"And, there is no market!"

"He, even said to give it to me? Didn't joking?"

At a time, Yu Yu feels like a dream.

He looked at the show Tian Peng and said: "You confirm to the old man?"

"Of course!" Shi Tian Peng nodded, "As long as the predecessors call themselves, walk the world! You can get this treasure!"

Self-proclaimed God

This is obviously a giant pit!

If you dare to claim to be god, you will be destroyed by the evil magic!

If you don't say God, this is not going to go, isn't it slippery from your eyes?

Do not!

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I think so, the jade scorpion nodded.

"So, if the old man does not agree, do you want to take the scroll back?" Yu Yu said.

"Yes!" Zhu Tian Peng nodded.

"However, do you think you have this thing?"

After that, the jade scorpion right hand, a barrier, and instantly took the sky.

Zhibao Peng's whole body was imprisoned and could not move.

"Hurry to pass the letter!" Zhu Tianpeng yelled.



Two stones, uncontrolled, fly into the cave.

These two people are following the two old people who follow Zengpeng.

"Fang Bo, Zheng Bo!" Shi Tian Peng was shocked.

"Less master, I ... we ..."

"Don't say, in front of the fairy, we are not opponents!"

Speaking of this, Zhen Peng looked at the jade scorpion, "Seniors, are you want to kill people?"

"Do not……"

The jade scorpion smiled slightly. "I haven't courageous, dare to kill the family!"

"The old man is only sleepy here, I have a hundred and eighty years, the array is automatically broken, you can restore freedom!"

"However, at that time, the old man thought that it would be strong, no longer in fearing you!"

"Little guy, stay well, don't struggle!"

After that, the jade scorpion is flashed and instantly disappears.

When he appeared again, he has come to the south side of the North Early Mine.

He holds the painting, and his eyes blooms so far.

"Haha ..."

"With this favorite, the old man becomes Huang Xian, the day can be treated! In the future, become Xuanxian, not, the land fairy is not impossible!"

"Annual, with this picture, the old man can come in save you,!"

The jade scorpion looked at the mountains that came from the Taijie Mine, secretly nodded.

Suddenly, the jade scorpion faces.

The paintings in hand, trembling dramatically, seems to be from him.

"not good!"

The jade scorpion extracted fairy and started suppression.

After a while, the scroll gradually stopped and calm down.

"Good guy, there is still temper!"