It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 176, out of the trouble, 5 Legsukin

Yu Yu Dongfu.

"Leight, this is the ban on the fairy, I can't stop it at all!" Fang said.

"Don't worry, you can break it!" Shi Tian Peng face, showing a smile.

"Can you break? Do you have no jokes?" Fang said.

"of course can!"

After saying, Zhibaopeng took a pair of drawings.

As soon as possible, this painting roll is a lucky cat.

"Seniors, please help to break this ban!"

Shi Tian Peng said, right hand pressed on the picture.

Dantian fairy, stretched, flowing into the body of the cat.


The lucky cat lights up in an instant, and the dance is flying in the painting.

Subsequently, the lucky cat waves the paw.

"Hey ..."

If the response is made, the split is broken and instantly collapsed.

Two old people widened their eyes and did not believe.

"Okay, don't be stunned, let's go!"

"Yes, less master!"

The two old people followed the exhibition Tiandeng, walked out of the Yuxi Cave, standing at the door.

"Leight, this master's mission is not completed, how is this good?"

"Since the son is not anxious, then we have time!"

"There is always one day, since he does not agree to be a god, there will always be someone else!" Said Tian Peng.


Two old people nodded.

"Less Lord, last time we are owed, so many fairy crystals, do you want to go back to the son?" Zheng Lao said.

This time, Zhibao Peng nodded.

"The mission is not completed, the heart is deepened! However, now the most tight now, or first put the fairyland!"

After saying, Zhou Peng's right hand, summoned the hairdress.

Three people rushed to the sky and flew to the Xianzhou.

"Little Lord!"

At this time, Fang Lao stood out.

"Fang Bo, you have something to say, there is no other person here!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"Leight, there are still a few months to the decade of assessment! We are in the inventory of the Penglai continent, only more than 5 million fairyland! Leave a million, still far away!"

"This will go on, there will be 5.5 million pieces at the end of the year, I am afraid that I can't share my family!"

"Fang Bo, don't worry!"

Zhou Tian Peng smiled slightly, directly took out four boat keys, and saw two old eyes on the eyes.

"This thing, this year, this year's performance, we will surpass everyone!" Zhibant Peng smiled.

"Less Lord, if this is the case, I am afraid that other people will use the conspiracy!"

"Don't worry, any conspiracy, in front of the absolute strength, is a joke!" Said Tian Peng.


Two old noddles.

Indeed, with the son, it is sufficient to sweep the whole family.

"Let's go, we take the Trendy Treasure to take the Xianjing, first put the debt to the son!"

"As for the rest, we have used the boat core for booking borders!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"Lear, you are ready to buy a boat core to sell?"

"No!" Shi Tianpeng smiled and shook his head,

"This is in a planet, people who can afford it, can't!"

"Waiting for this time, I have to take all the boat core, take back the mother stars!"

"Less Lord, this is afraid of not proper!"


"The son is waiting for the treasure, and will set off the bloody rain. It will be a disaster for me!"

"This is reasonable!"

Zhou Peng nodded, "In this case, then don't sell it!"

"How is the performance of the performance?" Zheng Lao said.

"Don't worry, there are still a few months!" Said Tian Peng said.



A vibration sounded, and the old man took out the letter of jade, and the eyes were bloomed.

"Little Lord!"

"Fang Bo, you said!"

"Fang Jiajia digs to the five spirits!" Fang said.

"Wu Lingxiao Jin?" Asked Tian Peng asked.

"Yes, Less Lord! I heard that it is a huge five-spirited gold mine, the number is much, can't calculate! Conservative estimates, a minimum of 5 million fairy!" Fang said.


Zhou Peng widened his eyes, but he couldn't believe it.

Even the Wang Xinglou, the fairy crystal earned in Ziyang in one year, there is only hundreds of thousands of pieces.

And such a mine actually has a value of 5 million fairy crystals, which is equivalent to the ten-year income of Wang Xinglou.

If you are receiving, if you are selling, the light can be done in the fairy crystal!

However, this huge mine, can someone can swallow?

This is to pass out, and it will cause a bloody rain. ⒏ ⒏ ⒏

"Less Lord, I mean, such a big mine, Fangjia can't swallow, not as good as we ..." Fang said.

As soon as this is, Tian Peng looks like a monster.

Do you not be a person who is a party?

Do you still play a square idea?

"Do not!"

"We only acquire it, others will let others fight!"

"Zheng Lao, immediately transferred to the Pengle Continental Headquarters, let them call all Xianjing!" Said Tian Peng said.

"Yes, less master!"



Sun Hao residence, the backyard.

A boating up to 100 meters, 10 meters wide, 15 meters high is placed there.

This flying boat is all of these Tianzhu and Mohashi.

Now, the Si boating has been made, and all built-in spaces are carved. First WWW. (X81zw) m./x81zw/

Compared with the general flying boat, it looks very small, but inside, there are nearly 100 rooms.

Have a study, kitchen, living room, chess room ...

In addition to these, it is a cultivation, cultivation room, refining room, alchemy room ...

In addition, it is the iron room, engraving room, textile room ...

The rest is ten rooms.

It can be said that it is full of dangling.

Mohashi followed the sunny room, looked at these unheard of rooms, not from the eyes.

Mo Hao looked at Sun Yun back, and worship.

After a while, he followed Sun Hao to the main control room.

"Next, the big array is checked by me, you are optimistic!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Mohao Stone is concentrated, and death is staring at Sun Hao.

I saw that Sun Hao took a trick and began to engage it.

In the hand, in his hand, the spirit is like a snake, and it is very fast.

An ancient line was pulled out by Sun Hao.

In the entire primary control room, dense linear, all of the lines.

These lines, interconnect, exudes an amazing power.

Troubled for a knit.

Mohao Stone opened his mouth and did not close it for a long time.

"This ... What is this big, even if it is not activated, you can make me daunt!"

"If activated, I am afraid that the immortal will not break!"

"Gongzi], incredible!"

"As long as you learn the son, it is enough to cross the entire refining world!"

Mo Hao is muttered, and in his eyes, it turns out very strong.

Yu Guang swept away from Mohao Stone, Sun Yu's mouth, and a lot of arrogance.

Your carmithokes, engraving, are all unpoxians, and the cultivar sees, but also surprised.

Now, the protection boat is completed, only the last step.

That is the production boat core.

This boating is only available for yourself with your dreams.

The boat core, naturally it is best.

These days, I have a very good idea because I have seen Xuan Tianzi.

This idea is to connect all the patterns, all the lines, all the lines.

Of course, there is also your own innovation.

I don't know if I'm going well, will Weon will have more?

"If you dream, give me the best wood!"

"Yes, the son!"