It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 178th chapter, this is the dragon!

When I saw it, I showed that I have come to a pool next to it.

Sweep in the sky, the show Tianpeng is not a pupil.


This is called Jauxi?

Old days!

Is this not a dragon?

Look at it, it is also a dragon.

They are grabbed by the son, ready to eat when the jaundice is usually eaten?

"Less ... Leight, this ... this is the dragon!"

Fang old voice, face is white, give Zhu Tianpeng to kick.

"I know!" Shi Tianpeng nodded.

"Leight, this is only afraid of the dragon who prepares the Tute of the Tu Fu ..."

This is out.

Shi Peng pupil contracted.

The things happened in Xifa City, he is naturally clear.

Not a saying that Jiu Sheng old man moved?

Is it not a nine elderly people at all, but a son?

The son looks early, they are not pleasing, ready to eat them?

No, it has already eaten them, now there is only one left.

Think of this.


Zhou Peng took a breath, and the body trembled vigorously.

Eat dragon, since the ancient times, I have never had this record!

Even if my mother, the strongest of the family, I don't dare to eat.

Because the dragon is behind, there is a horror existence.

That existence, terrible until the extreme.

I haven't eligible for this person, even standing in front of him.

The son is very random, I really don't know, or is it completely afraid of the terrorism?

No matter which kind.

The master's strength is unimaginable!


Zhou Peng once again pumped a few mouthfuls.

After you suck there, then you will calm down.

"Exhibition, you see, it is still living, very fresh! It tastes delicious!"

At this time, a voice wakes up.

I saw the sound, but I saw that Sun Hao was pressed on the dragon.

Let it call, and it is impossible to break free.


Dragon will focus on Zenpeng.

"Exhibition, save me, save me!"

"This is the dragon, I will never forget!"

At this time, the two sounds passed into the Tianpeng ears.

I heard these, Zhibao Peng shook his head.

I have this thing, can save you in the son?

"There is no such thing as this!" Said Tian Peng.

"You don't save me, you won't have a good end!"

"I know this, I will definitely pull your star building!"

"Come, hurry!"

A road roar, introduced into the Tianpeng ears.


" ..."

A sound.

The hammer will pull the dragon to the original place.

"Leight, damn, this dragon will dare to threate us!"

"Just, in front of the son, what can be turned out!"

Zhen Peng shakes his head,

"It is right, the dragon has this thing! If the dragon master knows the matter, we will be able to hit the star building!" New 81 Chinese network update the fastest computer: https://[email protected]@@


The two old people change, "Less Lord, what should I do?"

"There is no way, you can only take a step, but remember that the dragon meat is not able to eat!"

"Otherwise, there will be a dragon atmosphere, and the dragon secret will be induced!"

"In my female stars, there are many dragons that have been subjected to humanoid, and if they are seen by them, the consequences are unimaginable!" Said Tian Peng said.

This is out.

The two old people changed, and the body kept shaking.

"Leight, the son is so enthusiastic to give us dragon meat, if you don't eat, the son will give up angry, just afraid ..."


Zhibu Peng's chest is hysterested, and a sprint is a bit.

That's it.

Once you don't eat, it will be surprised.

If you are eating, it is likely to let the dragon discovery and give a devastating strike to the hunts.

Do you have a truth?

That is the point of breaking the son.

Don't use the son, it is rolled into a slag in a minute.

What is it?

"Bonology, can you do tofu today? I like to eat the tofu you have made!" Shi Tian Peng said.

This is out.

Sun Hao looks.


no problem!

"There is no problem, then I will do a yellow squatting tofu today!"

Sun Hao finished, it began to move with the Phoenix.

Set up a large pot and burning the fumes.

Huangqi marinated to her, fried incense.

Foreign focus, aroma overflows.

The film is golden, which is coveted.

After that, remove the yellow meat, boil the water, and put the tofu.

The sauce ginger onion garlic, add boiling water, put the yellow squat and tofu in the same boil.

Cover the lid and wait quietly.

"Dream, go to the wild vegetables!"

"Okay, son!"

The phoenix is ​​going to go fast.

After a while, a pot of unstened herbs was taken.

See this scene, Zhu Peng head is fried.


Do not die medicine?

One pot?

Is it used to cook?

This ... this is too extravagant?

Even if it is a star building, it is not dead, and there is only a dozen strains.

Only enchanting, the party is eligible.

Although I am a child, but the gap is too far more than the enchanting.

Don't say that you can enjoy it.

Now, there is such a pot of not dead, seeing the quantity, at least hundreds.


Hundreds of non-dead gods were eating.

When you are today, can anyone do it?

Even if the dragon is terror, I see this scene, I am afraid that I will be shocked!

Don't say anything else, the light is this. ~ 8 ~ 1 ~ Chinese network ωωω.χ ~ ⒏ ~ 1zщ.còм

The whole world, no one can compare with the son!

"Less ... Less Lord, a lot of deaths, this dragon meat we still don't eat?"

"Less Lord, go down, all fall, fragrant, too fragrant, this is not good!"

"Less Lord, I will eat for you, even if you die, I am dead!"

I heard these two sounds, and Tian Peng's hair was black, "Hey, who said I don't eat!"

"There are hundreds of can't die, I am afraid of eating a piece, although I am dead!"

"Less Lord, are you not afraid of the dragon?"

"I am afraid of a fart! I will not be terrible on this big ship tied to the son!"

"Less master"! "

"Listen, I have any instructions in the future, I can't say a word!" Said Tian Peng.

"Yes, less master!"

Three people have been empty, and the face is exposed.

Among the eyes, it also revealed a firm.

Mohashi looked at the three-person face change uncertain appearance, and the corner of his mouth.

I want to eat the first dragon when I eat the first dragon.

Now, the dragon meat is too much, and the strength is growing.

The light is a realm, it has reached eight steps and a half fairyland!

A few people in Zengpeng, there is still a lot.

If you are not a son, you will definitely get a meal.

However, it seems that there is no chance.

When they eat dragons, they will definitely crush themselves.


Mo Hao was reliably sighed.

"It's good to be good, old, go to the Ling Girl!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

Mo Hao is preparing to act.

At this time.

"Bonology, at home?" Outside the courtyard, came to Su Yi Ling's voice.

When I heard this, Sun Yu's mouth is yang, "I come in, I'm, I'm!"

"Yes, the son!"