It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 179, I am could not stand the test

"The son, what you have made, it is really fragrant, I am coming!"

Su Yi Ling came to come forward, and the two were red.

"According to the girl, you don't have to be polite! You can come to me very happy!" Sun Hao said.

Can get the franchise value, I can't come every day.

Sun Hao looked at the eyes-fledged panel in the darkness, see the franchise value of the above has reached more than 64,000, and nodded without a smile.

Look, the franchise value has reached 70,000 today, there is no problem.

These days, Su Yiling contributes many.

"Gong, thank you!"

Su Yi Ling came to come, after seeing the show Tianpeng, not from the look, "exhibited?"

"Su girl is good."

Zhu Tian Peng nodded.

His eyes were dead and stared at the pot of dragons, and they were swallowed from time to time.

Su Yi Ling compared with him, there was too much.


Sun Hao opened the lid, heated and evil, and the aroma was overflowing.

Hot soup, like milk.

The white tofu is tumbling in the hot, and it is disseminated from time to time.

There are hundreds of non-dead gods, and they are mixed with soup, and hundreds of different fragrances are wrapped in the drain, which makes people full of fluid, spit overflow.

"Eat it, don't be stunned!"

This start.

The first picking of the chopsticks in Su Ying, putting a piece of dragon, sent directly into the mouth, not implying the hot temperature.

"Let's, let's ..."

The tongue is a bratone cell, which is active.

Like a greedy, mad swallowing.

Hundreds of merits, just right.

A shaft of fairy is poured into the abdomen, divided into 10,000 warmth, through the meridians, poured into Dantian.

Finally, it was swallowed by the Tantian.


At this moment, the stomach is more hungry.

Without any polite, Su Yi Ling once again clamed a piece of dragons and sent into the mouth.

Next to her.

Zhen Peng looked at the pot of dragons, excited to shake the body slightly.

"This ... this is a long meat stewed from hundreds of unsteads!"

"I didn't expect it, I ... I show Tian Peng actually have a day!"

"Bao Yun Shanggun gift!"

"No, Cheng Meng Gongguan!"

Zhou Peng looked at the grandson, showing no grateful eyes. New 81 Update the fastest mobile phone: https: /

Then, felt the dragon meat into your mouth and start chewing.

Fragrance, play, soft ...

Dragon meat, exudes the fragrance of tofu.

Bite a bite, full body cell, all active.

An unbearable self-esteem is full of full body.

"too delicious!"

Zhou Peng closed his eyes and quietly feeled every tasty.

In the future, even if it was killed by the dragon, there was no regret!

"Hey ..."

At this moment, the realm barrier, the response is broken.

Zhou Peng instantly broke through the four-step half-fairyland.


"A small piece of dragon broke through!"


It took half a day to react.

Seeing everyone, he worked hard, he quickly recovered excitement.

Looking at the whitening tofu in the pot, I don't want to pick up with a spoon.

"... ..."

Tofu entrance, whitening smooth, a tofu unique fragrance, full of mouth.

"too delicious!"

Zhou Peng closed his eyes and quietly feeled every other taste on the tip of the tongue.

"The son, finally eat you tofu!"

Exhibition of Tian Peng shame, excited.

At two old people next to Tianpeng, it is even more excited, it is like, there is no time.

Sun Hao looked at the change of the people, and there was a smile in the corner of his mouth.

In front of the cooking, you have a lot of strength, let you have a deep background ...

Finally, I don't want to worship in front of food.

Do you want to open a cultivated restaurant?


That's too dangerous!

In the event of a big name, become a special chef, you can't cry!

Waiting for yourself to take the way of cultivation, do it again.

Sun Hao nodded and looked at the value on the Fuyuan panel, and his eyes were flashing.

After a while.

Everyone touched a circular belly and a pair of meetings.

So many people who are not dead, which is digestive?

"Are you full?"

Sun Yu looked at the small half pot tan meat and asked.

"The son, too full, this, I don't have to eat in five days!" Said Tian Peng.

"Bono, you have to eat too good! I can't eat it!" Su Yi Ling smiled.


At this time, the duck called sound.

Nine days gods quickly run.

Sun Hao took a bowl, other, all poured into the pond.

"Bonology, eat full, thank you, we will leave!"

Shi Tianpeng stood up and bleached.

"Exhibit, you will wait for me for a while."

Sun Hao came from the woodcarving, from the inside, from the inside.

"Exhibit, I have five unactivated here!" Sun Yizhi gave the boat to Zongpeng.

"Thank you gong!"

After picking up the boat, Zhen Peng's eyes, the essence is flashing.

"You are Welcome!"

"The son, then I will say today!"

Seeing Zhan Peng's several people have to go, Mohashi also stood up.

"Well, go!" Sun Hao sent three people to leave.

"Bonology, eat white drink in you here, very embarrassed, didn't give you a gift!"

Su Yi Ling came to come, rushed to the mouth, revealing two shallow wine nests, face, a red cloud.

"According to the girl, you will be too seen this! You can come, you will get on me!"

Sun Hao opened the franchise panel and looked at the top of seven thousand blessings, secretly nodded.

Today, then you will get a hundred thousand this integer.

I think so, Sun Hao is watching directly to Su Yi Ling.

"Thank you gong!"

"The son, I will go down the mountain!"

Su Yi Ling owed to the gift.

"According to the demon, wait!" Sun Hao shouted.

Su Yiling's body is hysteresis.

The son deliberately left me, is there any test?

How is this better?

My brain is stupid!

Don't test me!

I am couldn't get tested!

Who will help me!

Master, why are you going? If you have you are just fine!

"Gong, what do you tell?"

Su Yi Ling is full of face, showing a poor expression.

I really hope that the son can say it directly.

"Nothing to tell, prepare to send you a small gift!" Sun Hao said.

I heard this, Su Yiling was relieved.

It's really scared.

It turns out that it is just a gift.

This is better.

"Thank you gong!"

"You don't have to welcome, please come with me!"

"Yes, the son!"

Su Yi Ling followed the sun, and the eyebrows were wrinkled.

"If the son makes me choose, I must choose the worst, don't be greed!"

Think of the last time with the Master, I still remember.

This book gives yourself a gift, maybe there is other indication.

Soon, the two came to the engraving room.

Sun Hao pointed to the inside, "The Ling Girl, this small object, you can choose one!"

I heard this, Su Yiling's eyes were light.

Sure enough, then what else is hesitant.

"Yes, the son!"

Su Yi Ling took a big step and took into it.

"Little doll, choose the old man, save you into the fairyland, invincible in the world!"

"Blowing less, there is no energetic in the world! Hey! Little guy, choose to choose this seat!"

Such a sound is not passed to the Suiling ear.

Su Yi Ling's mouth rose, shook his head slightly, "Seniors, the son let me choose, it is test, please don't fight!"

This sound, surrounded, and disappeared.

I have been mixed around the son for a long time, and many big people will talk to themselves.

Unlike the previous, use the perpetration to use the percentage.

"What should I do?"

Su Yi Ling was in the engraving room, and it was difficult to make a decision between it.


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