It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

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"Mo Hao, do you follow us?"

Zhou Peng looked at Mohao Stone, and his face did not understand.

"The old man has a business to talk to you!" Mo Hao said.

"Business? Let me listen!" Said Tian Peng said.

Mohashi did not speak, directly took out a boat core, handed to the front of Zhibao.

"Is this?" Shi Tianpeng is puzzled.

"I portrayed the boat core." Mo Hao said.

"What? You!"

Zhibian Peng took the amount of the boat, and his eyes were flashed.

In the hands of the boat, although not activated, it is also extremely extraordinary.

This thing, once activated, get the female star, is also the top existence.

Although it is too far from the son's nuclear!

However, the son of the son of the son, every certain will pick up a hurricane, there is no absolute strength, it cannot be easily taken out.

Mo Hao's arrogance, just can make a buffer!

So thinking, Shi Tianpeng nodded.

"Let's talk, how to cooperate?" Said Tian Peng said.

"It's very simple, 10,000 fairy crystal!" Mohashi stretched a finger and said faintly.

"You robbed, the son only sells a thousand!" Fang is old point to Mohao Stone, an angry.

"Oh, the son only sells one thousand?"

"Then what you mean, the son is worth a thousand? You are like the pit son, wait, what day, how do you say, how is the consequence?" Mo Hao said.

This time, the old forehead is cold sweating.

"We don't have the intention of the bra son, the son of the son, every one is too incredible, take it out, will set off the bloody rain!"

"Even if you are looking at the star building, I am afraid that I can't keep it. When I arrive, I will hit it, I will definitely break the son's heart!"

"We bought the son nuclear, there is no intention of selling, after the absolute strength, then conduct auction, then at that time, 90% of the fees, all the people!" Said Tian Peng.

When I heard this, Mo Hao was slightly, "I still have a little conscience! Say, business is still doing?"

"Do it! However, now there is no Xianjing on my body!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"What? No?"

Mohashi is black, "" You can see the star building, how can there be no fairyland! "

"Master Master, no need to worry, no half a month, a group of Xianjing will transport it, when we talk about business! How do you see?" Shi Tian Peng said.

"No problem! Older is something, go first, remember to contact the old man!"

After that, Mohashi lost a piece of jade jade.

Then, he summoned the boat and started from the sky.


The boat started, leaving a blossoming white cloud, lost his trace.

Looking at the boat back, Zhibao is secretly nod.

"Leight, this only a few days, old stubborn will grow this level, this is completely compared with the top of the female star, there is no unfortunate!" Fang always said.

"Yeah, although Mohao Stone is stubborn, it is a way for the array, the will, the average person can't compare with it!"

"Don't say, stay in the son for so long, talent increase, do not become a monster!"

"This is better, we have a chance to buffer."

"Let's go!"


Mohashi summoned the boat.

Three people flew up, set up a boat, flying towards Northeast.

"Leight, do we go to the North Domain?" Asked Fang.

"Not bad!"

Zhu Tian Peng nodded, "The son needs Xie Tie, we must help the son to get!"

"Lear, you have to put the five spirits, give the son?" Asked the old.

"Not bad!"

Speaking of this, Zhen Peng's sigh, "The mission is not completed before the son, the heart is confidential, this thing, no matter how, must be completed!"

"Yes, less master!"

Two old ages.



Sun Hao residence, engraving room.

Su Yi Ling looked at a piece of carvings, between two difficulties.

The Master said that there is something in the north field, and the son is now calling me to choose a statue.

What indicator is missing!

Listening to Master, the son is deeply frown, and it is extremely worried.

What happens, I am afraid I can't imagine. ~ 8 ~ 1 ~ Chinese network ωωω.χ ~ ⒏ ~ 1zщ.còм

Look, Chen Zer is still not found out, otherwise, the son will not call me!

Now, the key is, I am on me.

If there is no choice, I am afraid ...

The more you think, Su Yi Ling is more flustered.

"Master, if you are me, what should I choose?"

The Su Yi Ling faces, full of bitterness.

"Don't be greedy, don't be greedy!"

The Su Yi Ling has a word, widened his eyes, and the eyes are four sweep.

After sweeping two laps, suddenly, Su Yi Ling eyebrows, went to a statue, pick up, a broken arm.

"This should be the most worthless money!"

"The son deliberately put it here, I want to let me choose it!"

"It's absolutely true, I didn't expect, I also have a smart day!"

Su Yi Ling took this arm, walked to Sun Yanyu, "Gong Child, can I choose this?"

See this arm, Sun Hao looks.

This group of cultivators is really blame.

If you don't even have a good statue, you don't even have broken statues.

I deliberately smashed a few pieces inside, she didn't choose.

But choose a arm?

This arm is fixed, it is not careful, not cleaned up, falling inside.

", Fuyuan +1000."

I heard this, Sun Hao nodded.

Since there is a blessing value, what chooses you love.

"Of course!" Sun Hao smiled nod.

"The son smiled!"

"See it, I am going to be right!"

"Great, Master, I am not stupid!"

Su Yiwei revealed sweet smile, happy face, "Thank you gongzi! That Deling will go back today!"


Going out of the hospital door, Su Yiling tactivated the residue, rapidly flying towards the mountain.

Although something is paid, this thing is there, and I don't know anything.

Going back to the mountain loft, Su Yi Ling put the gate. New 81 Update the fastest mobile phone: https: /

Put the broken arm on the table, towards his hands, and a face is tangled, "this ... What does this mean?"

"Master, if there is you, how much?"

"Chen Zer is not there, the old heard is also left, and the Mu Shi Shi is also left!"

"Now, let me leave, how is this good?"

"Right, is the four predecessors not suppressing the realm? I will ask them to help?"

Su Yiling's eyes were light, just raised, and received it back.

"No, the four predecessors are suppressed in the realm, in case of being born, it is compressed, is there a fairy robbery?"

"No, no, absolutely can't go!"

Su Yiling sighed and sat down.

The eyes stared at the arm and tangled his face.

"Since the Master does not know where it go, then I will go directly to Chen Zen Lord!"

"He is in the northern field, it seems to go to the Queen, I will go directly to the refusal door to find it!"

"Just give this to Chen Lee, I will definitely solve it!"

"That's it!"

After finishing, Su Yi Ling walked out of the house.


Turn it into a Changhong, go straight to the northern domain.