It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 181, there is no fairy, can't imagine

"Dream, go!" Sun Hao shouted.

"Gong, wait for me to wash the bowl!"

The Phoenix is ​​very fast to pick up the desktop.

"If a dream, the dishwash is not worried!"

Sun Hao went to the Huang as a dream, and she took her little hand.

The fiber-optic jade refers to the softness, which will not let people go.

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Sun Hao took a pack of fairy crystals and raised in front of the phoenix.

"Gong, you have to activate the boat nucleus?" Huang asked.

"Yes, this boat will belong to us in the future!"

Sun Yu looked at the boat, pulling the phoenix, walked into the boat.

The two came to the control center, and the eyes stared at the sampling of the diameter of one meter.

Although the entire fairy boat is not big, it spent on with Mohashi nearly ten days.

If you turn on yourself, I am afraid that I have to have half a month.

It's too much time!

If you build a big, you don't need it.

It's better to sell it, it's better to sell, it's better to sell.

It seems that the happiness is still reasonable.

"I don't know how many fairy cars is activated?"

Sun Hao put the fairyland on the ground, pick up the boat, put it in the fairystack.


The Xianjing is blue and flourishing.

Nine color light, a way lit up.

After a while.


A sound.

The nine colors, there is no shine on the scratch.


Sun Hao is gently sent, the boat is pushing into the eye.



The boat nucles the nine color light, just like walking the snake, lit up on the line.

The thread of the wire, spread throughout the boat.


As with the car started the engine, the whole boat slightly fused.

A barrier and cover the entire boat.

The Phoenix is ​​like this scene, the eyes are wide, and a face is high.

"This is a big array of boat, I am afraid that Xuan Xian is not broken!"

"The son is made, it is not ordinary fairy!"

Huang is looking at Sun Wei, full face is worship.

Sun Yu looked at the pack of Xianjing, a bit of meat pain.

There is only half left!

More than 25,000 fairy crystals were activated.

This consumption, too big!

I don't know how to turn on, how much is needed.

I think so, Sun Hao is moving, and the heart is sinking into the hairdress.



Brain a shock.

Then, a shadow appeared in Sun Hao.

This figure, like a sleepy animal, is a bit strange, I haven't seen it at all.

It is a stupid head looking at yourself.

"The master is good!"

This sound,

Stunning Sun Hao.

"You are?" Sun Hao mentions.

The rejuvenated guy immediately opened, "The master, I have no name yet, I am the spirit, it is created!"


I created?

When is my power?

It can also create an apparatus.

It turns out that I am so powerful!

Sun Hao was shocked, and it took a long time.

"Are you a boat?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes Master!"

"From today, it is called Natai!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you, the owner gives the name!"

The appearance of the instrument, Sun Hao can't wait to go to a few.

"Natai, then you introduce your role!" Sun Hao said,

"Master, my role is to control the entire fairy, just need your mind, I can go in!"

"Where to go, you just need to think that the order is good!" Natray said.

I heard these, Sun Hao nodded.

In this case, then we will worry.

I only need to lying there, eat food, chat with the beauty.

That day, it's just too comfortable.

"So, can you make a space jump?" Sun Hao asked.

"Of course, this is the most basic function!"

"In addition to the space jump, there is also a distant smoother!" Naté said.

"What is the discriminant?" Sun Hao did not understand.

"The owner, the shadow is fascinating, it is to make the fairy boat, confuse the opponent!" Said Naté.

When I heard this, Sun Hao was shocked.

A boating, there is still this ability, it is too powerful. First https: // (www) https: //m/.x81zw./com/

"The owner, but these capabilities need to consume Xian Jing!"

"The master, the energy is not enough 2, please charge it as soon as possible!"

"If energy is lost, I will fall into sleep, I need a huge energy, I can wake me again!"

At this time, on the Natar face, it is said that it is worried about the color.

"Is it a fairy?"

"Not bad!"


Sun Hao took out one hundred piece of Xianjing and sent into the boat core.

"Master, full, current energy 3."

"What? 100 pieces of Xianjing 1!"

Sun Hao's face is painful, takes out thousands of fairy crystals, full of energy.

Look at the remaining 15,000 pieces of Xianjing, sigh.

"Tell me about me!" Sun Hao said.

"Master, every 1 energy, you can make a full power consumption!"

"Full speed exercise, equivalent to the flying speed of Tianxian! The shroud can resist all the attacks of Tianxian!"

"Space jump, depending on energy consumption, different distance, the farthest can jump 10 million kilometers!"


Sun Hao heard a few words 10 million kilometers, and suddenly stayed.

This distance, there is no way to imagine.

I didn't expect my own fairy, and I actually gone to this extent.


Sitting in the fairy in the future, even if you encounter what Tianxian, you don't have to be afraid of him.

However, how strong Tianxian is?

I have no concept.

Looking for a chance to ask if a dream, she should know.

"take off!"

Sun Hao's idea moved.


The flying boat is off, and it began to raise fast.

Between the blink of an eye, stopped in the height of the meter.

"Rendering surrounding scenes in my mind."

This idea has just been formed.


Sun Hao is like a hundred million eyes, sweeping around.

Looking at the four scenes, Sun Yu's mouth rose.

"Full-speed flying!"

Sun Yu looked at the north, the idea was moving.


Square scene, rapid retrogression.

Only a quarter of an hour, I came to the blood-Phone nest.


Sun Hao hurriedly stopped, his face was shocked.

The fairy boat speed is actually this horror.

Thousand kilometers, just take a quarter of an hour?

this is too scary!

I spent a day when I flew over, I spent a day.

West House Xiancheng is a place of his home, it seems to have more than 20,000 kilometers.

It takes 2 days to fly.

If you use Nec, just one time.

The speed is several tens of times.

That is to say, speed up to 10,000 kilometers.


Sun Hao took a breath.

The aircraft in the past is weak, and it is weak.

"Try the space to jump!"

Sun Yan looked at the full value and could not help but nod.

"Received, the owner, you want to jump there?" The Northern sound sounded in the heart.

"Where is it?"

Sun Hao wooed, then, the corner of his mouth was yang.

"Direction: Oriental, position is not limited, consume 10 energy to jump!"

"Yes, the master!"