It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 182, Tadu, horror


The hairdry is ringing.

A layer of layers transparent, emerge in the four parties in the fairy.

The air is distorted, as a heat wave shock.


Between the blink, the hairdress disappeared.

When you appear again, you have come to another place. ⒏ ⒏ ⒏

Here, the weather is gloomy and there is no half sunshine.

In the air, there is no arms of stunning.

If there is something, don't care, I can't detect.

Sun Hao looked at the four parties through the fairy, and he could not help but frown.

Where is this?

How can there be such a place in the continent?

Do you say that you have jumped out of the mainland and came to another continent.

Think about it, Sun Yizhen is a hemp.

Although I am not a cultivator, I have seen a lot of books, many legends have heard of it.

Some continents are completely different from Tiango mainland.

Such as a continent is only dead, there is no half-point machine, this continent is only suitable for the ghost or the undead survival.

There are still some mainland, suffocating the sky, only suitable for evil.

The people enter this continent, just like the fish leaves water, death is late or later.

"What is the son?"

The Phoenix is ​​lightly holding the sunny right hand, worried about it.

"As a dream, it seems that we jump to another continent!" Sun Hao said.

"There is another continent? The son, let me see!" Huangru dreams.

"it is good!"

Sun Hao is moving, surrounded by scenery, straight into the phoenix.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, the face is shocked, and the body is not shaking by autonomy.

"Public ... Bono, this ... this is a taboo, run!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream voice, that is difficult to describe fear, full of whole body.

Sensing the expression of the Phoenix, Sun Hao is shocked.

Even dreams, I am afraid to have this level, I have faced it, it is completely dead.

"Open space jump, goal, Tiango Continental Mountain!"

Without any hesitation, Sun Hao opened the space jump.

"Master, wait!"


The fairy boat began to concentrate, and the waves layered were all over the quartet.


However, the space just opened and immediately turned off.

"Not good, the owner, there is unknown existence that is being swallowed energy!"

"Space jump, you need to double! Please confirm if you want to open!"

"Current energy 89, 88 ..."

When I heard these scratched, Sun Hao did not hesitate and confirmed directly.


The fairy boat started again.

Layer air waves, spurred on the boat. First WWW. (X81zw) m./x81zw/

Seeing it, it is a successful jump.

At this time.


A roaring, shocking world.

A windy wind, like the flying knife is generally on the hairdress.


On top of the shield, made a burst of metal.

The ripple of the space is hopped and disappeared.

This time, the space is jumping, and it failed directly!

I haven't waited for Sun Hao to react.

At this time.

"Boom! Boom ..."

A loud noise, shocking the whole world, all is humming.

Sun Hao looks away in the distance through the fairy, not from the scalp.

I saw that the two giants were moving.

No, it should be said that two is like the giant feet of Tianzhu, and I will go back to myself.

What monsters are this, I can't see it.

Because its body is too high, even the fairy boat can only be at its feet.

The fairy boat is now from the ground, but there are thousands of meters.

If so, it is also better.

Every step in the monster will step on the earth.

The stone is sputtered with the dust, and the impact is high.

Terror shock wave, like a star fall.

Row the mountain in the sea, destroy the earth.

"There are currently 54,53 ..."

I heard these sounds, Sun Hao's heart beats vigorously.

"Does Natray, what do you solve?" Sun Hao asked.

"The owner, only one way, that is, use the division of the smoother!"

"Calculate the use of space jump energy, plus accident events, currently, at least 80 energy, please charge as soon as possible!"

I heard this, Sun Wei did not hesitate, took out all the Xianjing, and put it on the sampling.

"60, 59, 62, 61 ..."

The numbers are constantly changing, fooled, increasing.

"Fast, hurry!"

Sun Hao kept shouting.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Shicking, there is more and more.

The horror is getting closer.

Sun Hao heart, dramatically beat, as you want to jump out of the eyes.


Sun Hao is tight, and the sweat is rolling up on the forehead.

I saw it.

The sky is full of clouds, straight to the hairdress.


Among the clouds, the birds continue.

One is just a big bird, and it is covered with the sky, and I am a sharp boating.

Surrounded, instantly black.

I don't see five fingers, I can't see everything around.


Like hundreds of millions of birds hit on the glass, the whole fairy boat is not shaking.

The big calendar seems to cracked at any time.

"Boom! Boom ..."

The giant stepping on the ground sound, getting closer and closer.

The monster is shrouded, and there is nothing around it.

Like the eyes are covered with the eyes.

No wonder, as dreams are afraid.


Sun Hao issued a sound of the screams.

at last.

The boat core seems to hear him, at this moment, it will be charged.


On the hairdressing, lit up his eyes.

The darkness is dark, and it disappears instantly.

Those who strange birds, rushing to the sky, there is a clean and clean.

Survival of the hairdressing, the earthquake is ripple.

The whole hairdress disappeared in the same place.

When you appear again, you have already returned to the south side of the Demon Mountain.

Sun Hao looked at the sun, Chang Shu Yiqi.

It's just a few breathing, this feeling like a hundred million years.

It's too uncomfortable!

That place, too dangerous, it's terrible!

This world, extremely dangerous, or not to mess.

Fortunately, I escaped. If so, the consequences are unimaginable.

In the future, this space is jumping, never chaotic!

Sun Hao wants to be in the dark, peace is mood.

Tagged to the phoenix.

I saw it.

The Phoenix is ​​like a full of fragrant sweat, and the hair is just washed.

She died of her hands and killed the Sun Hao arm, the body was soft, and they directly fell in Sun Yuzhi.

"I ... we actually live?"

"It's too incredible!"


The Phoenix is ​​in Sun Yuzhi, crying.

Hold him with his hands.

"Gong, I thought we would die in it!"

"If the dream has not repayed the son, it can't be so dead!"

"The son, it is very weak, and it is unable to protect you!"

The phoenix is ​​tears.

Sun Hao shot her back, "it's okay, like a dream!"

"I blame me, I can't control the boat! I will not be chaotic!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, don't blame you!"

After Sun Hao, the Phoenix is ​​gradually resumed.

Looking at Sun Hao, full of worship.

Can be alive from the taboo, it seems to have this record.

In this life, in addition to the son, I am afraid no one.

Yes, there is yourself!

Monster, what kind of existence you are, even if you have any contraindications, you can end your good luck!

The more you look at, the brightening of the worship of the Phoenix, the more grand.

"If you dream, can you talk to me?" Sun Hao asked.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, looking forward to the four weeks, a face alert.

"Bonology, taboo, is terrible than life isas!"

"It is said that every life planet has a taboo!"

"People entering inside, no one is coming out, even if the fairy emperor! That can't!"

"It can be said that it is the imperial arm!"

I heard these, Sun Yizhen frightened, full of face.

Xian Di, Listening this title, is incomparable!

Even the imperial place could not come out, he actually lived.

This is really incredible!

Do you have a high person? Is it harder than the fairy?

Can you blow an emperor?

I bother!

This idea is still good.

In case of death, don't know how to die.

It's a king!