It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 183 is obviously robbery

Northport, Beibu Xiancheng is over.


This day, hundreds of boats stopped half of it.

Every foot boat is written, there is a piece of wood.

"That is the cheap boat!"

"So many flying boats, are they all dispatched?"

"What are the big things in the northern domain?"


A cultivator looked at the sky and his face was shocked.

On top of the boat, a man flying in the same costume and flying.

They hold the long sword, the temperament is protrudous, standing together, and a sinister.

Finally, it is a group of men and women in a chappy.

The person headed is a middle-aged man with a yellow hair.

He is the price of Chai Jiajia.


Chai Shijin waved, with hundreds of people walked into the Xicheng City of Beifu.

Along the way, I saw it, I have retired, and I'm afraid.

"The housekeeper of Che-shek is leading tens of thousands of children, I am afraid of being a big event!"

"That is also said! But, no matter what kind of big things, it is not the qualified knowledge of these small characters!"

The onlookers look at their backs, whisper discussions.

"That direction is a family, will they go to Fangjia?"

"Is it going to attack the family?"

"Unlike it!"

For the inside of the body, Chai Shi has not cared.

He took a few people to go straight.

Just went to the door of the guest.

"Gure ..."


Fang Jia's houseman - Squid people came out.

Square is full of laughing, standing in front of Chai Shi, holding a fist, "Wutai's master, what the wind blows you?"

Chai Shi rushed to the corner of the mouth, and he said: "Long Wenfang's famous master name, pass this place today, specially visited!"

"The house owner is polite, I can take the temple, you can get your great god!"

"Chai Master, please go back!" Square said.

"Ha ha……"

Chai Shi will smile, a spring breeze and the god, "Fang Master, eat too much to support it, Chai just to ask the cup of water!"

"Chai Master, you can't understand this,"

When the two guys took a answer, there was something in the words, listened to the crowd, and the clouds in the clouds.

Finally, the two stood in the same place, and they did not move.

The two do not have no move, but in use the gods.

"Chai will talk straight! Since ancient times, the heavens and the earth have been honest, and there is a family, it is difficult, you have a family, want all to swallow?" Chai Shijin said.

Squid, he listened, his face was slightly changed, but it quickly recovered.

"Chai Master, don't believe in rumors, being picked up, and finally become a piece of chess in others, this is not a good thing!" Squid said.

"Fang Master, you are a three-year-old child, no verified, Chai Mon dare to open the river! If the firemade does not say wrong, your family has dug to 12 pieces of five spirits?"

This is out.

Squid is so difficult to keep calm, and the mouth is slight.

Seeing this scene, Chai Shi rushed to the mouth,

Continue to open: "Fang Master, the current Tianlo Forces, I want you to be very clear!"

"The three major people in the Holy Land, now, completely become two major people, Xuanyuan family and Mujia like the day, and my house is already marginalized!"

"Western Yaochi Palace, steadily sitting the first forces in the Western Region! No one can shake!"

"Now, in this northern domain, even if it is a Queen, a six-class zone, because he listens to the god, now you can't press it."

These words heard the squid ear, and the face changed again.

If Chai Shijin said, although there is no positive pair of refining doors, it is indeed compressed. ~ 8 ~ 1 ~ Chinese network ωωω.χ ~ ⒏ ~ 1zщ.còм

In this way, the first family in the North Fair will be a laughter.

"How do you want?" Squid said.

Chai Shi will smile, "It is very simple, you and I join hands, put this mine together, divide it, I am six you fourth, how do you see?"

Squid frowned, and then looked at Chai Shijin, said: "It's important, Fang can't do the Lord, wait for me to make a decision after I have lost my old business, how do you see?"

"Yes, do your decision, remember to come to me!"

After that, Chai Shi passed through, with everyone, the head did not return.

The people who look at this scene are not solved.

Square, right hand, with everyone, return to the government.

Fangjiafu, in a secret room.


Square fist, his eyes shot two cold and glanced.

The old man is trembled, and his face is full.

Squid, finally stared on a woman.

This woman is not someone else, is a family genius - Fang Xiaoxiao.

Fang Xiaoxiao's face is slightly changed, hurry, "father!"

"Is it clean?" Squid to open.

"Father, my daughter personally handed her hand, there is no living!" Fang Xiaoxiao said.

"Then why Chai Jia will know that this is clear?"

"I know this, only us, who is inner ghost?"



He moved.

I appeared in front of a long time, reaching out of his neck, "Eat things outside!"

"Home ... home ... Lord ..."

The elders are like a chicken that is screwed, crazy struggles.

"Hey ..."

A sound.

The old old neck was twisted, after convulsions, didn't move.

" ..."

Squid loses the long and old, and the eyes are swept to other elders. "Who will dare to eat outside, this is the next!"

"Yes, the owner!"

The old man is trembled, and it is ambiguous.

"Father, do we really want to cooperate with Chemencai?" Fang Xiaoxin asked.

"What is the way? Chai Shi is in the elite disciple, and it will be!"

"We have already been pressed by the deficient door. If you fight with the Chai Home, you will die in the future!" Squid said.

"Do we want to return five ancestors?" Fang Xiaoxue asked.

"Hey, that traitor is our family and the ancestor, he is no longer the people of the square!"

When I heard this, Fang Xiaoxiao sighed.

The look is on the face, and it is full.

Since the return of the blood, the family is not smooth.

The referending door has climbed up. New 81 Update the fastest mobile phone: https: /

They, because they listened to God's fascinating songs.

And yourself, I didn't hear anything because of dizzy.

Otherwise, the square will not fall!

If you know, you will kill yourself, you will not grab the soul bead.

Thinking of this, Fang Xiaoxiao face, ugly.

If so, then it can also be accepted.

The most unacceptable is:

The three-way old man is sent, and the tract of the gods is to return.

All the way to eat in the Yaochi Palace, when bombardment array, the meridian is broken, and it is broken.

The second road has lost weight in the Cangxiate, and the old is old.

Three ways in Holy Land, Xuanyuan, who have been thrown out of the house, and several elders have been suffering from the veins, and they have become a waste!

I thought that everyone didn't fall, I didn't expect, a few days ago, the furniture pulse was dug a fairy!

For this news, it is not disclosed, and you will take your own, kill the miners.

did not expect.

This only has a few days, and Hujia came to the northern field.

This is divided into six or four, which is obvious to rob!

"What should I do? If the five ancestors are just fine!"

Fang Xiaoxiao sighed.

She touched the neck a pendant, muttered: "Wuzu, are you still okay now?"

"However, we have to do two hands!" Squid said.