It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 185, Tai Chuan Mining, Life Force Zone

Beibu Xiancheng, a tea building.

"What is going on, since the arrival of Chewers, this family has not seen the figure for a few days!"

"You still don't know this?"

"How, have insider news?"

"Of course! I told you that Fangjia dug in the fairy!"

This is out.

"... ..."

A slight watching.

Many people stand up and surround them.

"We all have heard, continue!"

"Hey, that way! You must not tell others! Otherwise, I will not guarantee!"

"Tell you, I heard that everyone dug out Wu Lingxiao!"

This is out.


Like a snorkel, I am in the top of the cultivator.

"What? Wu Lingxiao Jin ?!"

"A black fairy gold, the value is 10 pieces of Xianjing!"

"That's just the next product, this five spirits, but China's , each piece is worth the hundred Xianjing!"

"Hundreds of Xianjing? Even if it is half of the fairy, the wealth is so much?"

"No wonder, Chew Shecai, it turned out to be a five-spirited fairy idea, look like, the family is fierce!"

The discussion sound continues.

Not far from a table.

Two men and a woman heard these and secretly nodded.

Subsequently, three people looked up and disappeared.

When you appear again, you have come to the northern part of Beifu Xiancheng.

They are three, not someone else, it is Chen Xiu Ming, Mu Bing, and the Three Three people. First WWW. (X81zw) m./x81zw/

"I heard that this family's mine is next to the primary mine. They will not dig into the gear mine?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"It's very likely! I am afraid that they have dug out ominous things!" Xiao Jing said.

This is out.

A few faces have a fear.

"Otarian? What is the specific?"

"This is unclear, it is unknown! Maybe it is a kind of taboo, maybe a certain resentment, maybe some existence ..."

"This is the second!"

"There are more horrible inside, no one knows, because it is inside, it is dead!"

"Moreover, this is too early mine, there is already existed during the ancient times, in the history of immortality, there is no record!"

"There is no record reason, but there are two: one, it is the ancient History officials who don't dare to record, and they are recorded, maybe traces are wiped by some kind!"

"No matter which reason, this too early mine must never enter! Don't dig it!"

"The son pointed to our coming here, look, worried is existing in some existence!" Wen people said.

"So, this too late mine is also afraid." Mu Bing asked.

"Yes!" He said that he nodded.

This is out.


Chen Xu Ming and Mu Bing poured a breath.

The son means, that is a shocking, unimaginable.

Even the thunder giants must be taboo.

This is a generous mine.

It happened even.

This is not too terrible, it is not too terrible.

"Look, the son let me wait for the family to continue to exploit, then we will go to the Taijie Mining now?" Wen people asked.

"Don't worry!"

Chen Xu Ming slightly shakes his head, "Now, the conclusion, for the time, we will go to the Queen door first!"

"it is good!"

Several people rushed to the sky, turned into three sides, disappeared.



Northwest of Beifu Xiancheng, in a mountain, the refinement door is located here.

this day.

Take the very disciple standing on the square, majestic solemn.

I look at it, my bit is my head.

Under the sun, it is bright, it is very dazzling.

"All standing, give old spirit!"

The main entrance released the people and opened his mouth.

"Today, Chen Zen is the elder to inspect our work!"

"Never have any leaks!"

"It's good, there is a chance to see God's fascia, get a shocking!"

This is out.

A disciple, a bienntrical, and the brilliance is full of face.

"What? God attaches people? It's great, if you can see God, this life has no regrets!"

"I don't have to see God, as long as I can listen to God, this is enough!"

Low voice discussion, constantly sound.

All children are watching, they are at the top more than two thousand elite discies, the face is exhausted.

These elite disciples are all listening to people who have misplaced people.

The same strength is the same, this is only a few months, so far exceeds everyone.

Even the main owner is not their opponent.

"Okay, you are quiet!"

Under the item release, it is quietly quiet.

They stand in place, waiting quietly. ~ 8 ~ 1 ~ Chinese network ωωω.χ ~ ⒏ ~ 1zщ.còм

Shortly after.


Three Changhong, rapid.

Turn into three people, falling on the square.

The person headed is Chen Xu Ming.

"When I met Chen Zen, I met the old and old, I met Mu Long!"

Under the leadership of the item, all disciples have worshiped, respectfully.

Chen Xiu looked at this scene, his eyes were light, and he careped up with a hand, arrogant.

"Get up!" Chen Kao said.

"Xie Zer!"

Everyone stands up, and a face worships the three people.

This is the red man before the gods!

It is said that Chen Zero is only a nine-class disciple, and the talent is very general.

Almost die in the hand.

Since encountering God, it flew away.

This is only a few months, there is already the strength of the semi-fairy!

Now, the evil family will go around and will go around!

I don't dare to touch the master of Chen League.

It's a model of my generation!

"Three adults, banquets are ready, please!"

The gesture made by the item removal.

When I heard this, Chen Xiu sounded his mouth and was preparing to promise.

"The master of Chen Zer, the son is right!"

At this time, the sound of Mu Bing is incoming to the ear.

When I heard this, Chen Xu Xiaoming was hysterested, and the ear was revealed on the forehead.

The son is more important than the sky, and it is not easy to go.

Thinking of this, Chen Xu Ming hooks, revealing a righteousness.

"Xiangmen, the banquet is free, the son told me to wait, there is something to do!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Yes ... Yes, Chen Zer, please come with me!"

Under the leadership of Chen Tao, everyone came to a secret room.

After sitting, Chen Xu Ming opened the mountain, "I heard that you have dug to the red sputum, take it!"

"Yes, Chen Zen is the master!"

After that, the items took out a red lamina in his arms, and he handed to the Chen knife.

Chen Xu Ming took the next, holding in hand.

Red crystal is shining in the light, shining, very good.

"What is this?"

Chen Xu Ming took the weight in hand, not satisfied.

This thing does not contain spiritual, and does not contain fairy.

I thought it was ordinary spar, and I saw it in an eye.

"Wonder, you will see it!"

Chen Xu Ming put the red crystal stone to the stone.

"it is good!"

Wen people will take the red laminated stone and start the weight.

Suddenly, I was fried, and the stone fell into the ground and cracked.

Next second, the transition protrusions.